Saturday, 21 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Getting Ready For The Evening Session...not really a significant part...

Hi, there, to you, again, reader!!

The annual Manaiakalani Film Festival happened last week on Wednesday, and so, a week later, I posted the post of the daytime session. Now, here is the evening session. It all started a bit before 5pm, when I was bringing in the rubbish bin. I was in my uniform, almost ready, and don't worry, I washed my hands after. I wasn't dirty. Pfft.

But as I was walking back to my house, I hear Stanley's voice yell at me. "Willy!"
I spin around, "What the..." I whispered, curious, and all I see is Stanley outside the window of the car he was in, yelling (at the time I didn't know what he yelled, but I found out later on) "I'm going to get a haircut!". But, as mentioned just a few seconds ago (^^^) I didn't know what he yelled out at me, so I just kept shouting, "Whaaat?!?!" "WHAT?!"

"WHAAT?!?!" then I paused....and then whispered, "Argh, nevermind..." to myself.

I walk to school at about 5pm, and you know where the entrance is, right, reader, well, instead of going through there, I walk to the far right side of the school, and I was at the back. I gaze into the distant area away from me, and I see a group of people gathering around each other. "Ooh..." I said in a concerned voice. So, I walked to the nearest tap, so no one would notice me.

And so I wouldn't be involved. I walk around for a bit (because nothing was going to happen before 5:30pm) and just checked the time and stuff like that.

I walk to the office, and I see that the door is locked. Surprising. I stand out there for a moment to talk to myself about being good at presenting for the evening. I got distracted from the "reflection in a reflection" thing. So, you know when you look through a door with a glass window, sometimes there will be another door with a glass-like window, and so when you move, you see you in the first window, then the second you in the second window, and...

Urgh, I confused myself while typing that down. ANYWAY, after waiting and talking to myself for quite some time, Mrs Kelly sees me from inside and lets me in. Dang, I realised how different the temperature was inside compared to outside. I waited in the office area, where I sat next to this green bag. It was quite dirty, but I couldn't judge what its been through.

Ms Aireen passes by and since there was no one else near me, besides the bag, I began to explore the different subjects about self-image, useful judgements, and other deep and thoughtful subjects that came about...and I said all this to a which mostly everyone didn't notice, and just "took it for granted".

I mean, yes, I know, it's a bag, it was made, not born, but it was...urgh, nevermind, if I keep going about this I'm going to talk about talking to a bag I didn't know. But just let me acknowledge the fact that I did take the time to release my thoughts down before the evening session, to just become more relaxed and...stuff...yeah...

Before long, Mehi, Maopa, and Lauren came by. They had just said that Christopher and Brandon wanted to come. I didn't believe that. Then I did after thinking through the situation. Brandon was in my film. Christopher just wanted to. I don't think he wanted to come just because he was in the film also. I think that made sense. I say Stanley went somewhere, without knowing what actually happened to him before...

He came!! He had a really cool haircut, and it was done really well, if you felt the back of his head at this point of time, it would've felt like scalp! Like the head scalp, like what you feel if his head was bald! It was decided that Stanley and I would go into Whaea Petra's car, the girls would go into Ms Aireen's car, and Tevita and Toma would go in Miss Kyla's car. I think that's how it went. Yeah, that's probably how it went.

During the ride to Sylvia Park, Whaea Petra had her radio on, and so there were great tunes being played. Now, remember what Stanley said to me? Yeah, this was going to be great. Now, knowing his "significant" "hater" *WINK* *WINK* *BLINK* *BLINK*, when Adele's "Hello" came up, I knew it was a great time.

So hello from the other siiiiiide!
I must've called a thousand tiiiiimes! (ON F.B)
To TELL you I'M sor-rehh, for breaking your heaart!!

For each line, I looked back at Stanley (forgot to mention I was in the front passenger seat, and Stanley was in the back seat), and he knew what I was thinking. Ha! So much for "E.T", huh?

To move along to the next post, we arrived at Sylvia Park.

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