Monday, 19 October 2015

Water Bottle Rocket Experiment!

Hi, reader!

I'm going to make this a bit quick. Now, last week, on the first day of Term Four, I didn't mention before because I've been editing a few things that I needed to do, and thankfully I can, using my time wisely, and this is my last term at T.P.S, so I might as well make this my best effort!

By the way - it was related to our Inquiry Topic for this term - Earth and Beyond - The Night Sky. I've heard that parts of the school are focused on different topics, so, for example, my class is doing The Night Sky. Room 6 (or, the Year Sevens) are studying The Final Frontier.

I don't know if that made sense, but anyway...Room 10 did an experiment to start off the term. In the video below, which was edited by yours truly, and filmed by Mehi and Maopa, friends by the way, you will see what happened before, during, and after the experiment. We followed a scientific method, in different steps and levels!

And, just so you will know, the result of the experiment was that in the first two (of three) attempts, the bottle rocket flew up in the air for a short time. It didn't fly like a rocket per se, but it flew a bit!

I'm not blogging this because I forgot to blog about this almost a week later than expected or that I didn't do a presentation on this. If you can read this, you deserve a chocolate fish.

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