Friday, 9 October 2015

How Come I Didn't Say This Before!

My nan's staying with my family!

She's my Mum's mum. Or mum's Mum. Or mum's mum. I don't know how to put a capital in that sentence, I've struggled with this ever since I was 5! Or five, urgh! Let me get to the points, me!

Anyway, my Nana is staying with my family for a couple months, but the main reason, or one of the reason's she's staying is because there's a special event happening with my uncle (the same uncle I talk about sometimes on this blog) later on this month. It's going to be great, because she's my uncle's mum as well. My uncle is my mum's brother, by the way.

Dang, I never knew trying to explain family connections and members would be hard. You know what I mean. This one ti-nevermind, I'll talk about this later. Or maybe never. I don't know, it'll depend on what happens. But anyway, the last time she came was in late 2011. And she left in 2012. I had to shed a tear, but it was alright, I knew she'd come back someday! She came back with lots of stuff, and she'll be returning to Samoa next year.
But I'll be alright, trust me. I may not talk about on here next year, but I will be alright. At least I know when she's going this time!

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Willy I said...

By the way, I thought she was leaving in April...

What a mistake.

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