Monday, 5 October 2015

Gracepath! Pay Attention...

This post will talk more about this picture posted beforehand.

This is the actual picture:
Screenshot 2015-10-03 at 16.56.31.png

Welcome to Gracepath!!

The lesser known, dangerous safe place and a loud quiet suburb in Auckland! Here in this suburb you can find the worst kindest neighbours, the most disastrous organised of events, and the best learning environments, in Gracepath Primary, with a steady roll of approximately 250 students learning.

In the dark side, many incidents have occurred in this small suburb. Earlier in 2015, a robbery in a dairy sparked many events that then ended in a group of men who admitted to the robbery. In the past, many incidents and accidents have occurred. Below are some of the many that happened in Gracepath:

  • September 2009: A car filled individuals under the influence of narcotics and alcohol, crashed into a power pole near a mini-substation on Coperteen Road. Coperteen Road is known to have been the scene of several crashes for a long time.
  • Fires have always been a major factor for Gracepath. In 2007, a grease fire unloaded several fires during a summer drought, going across several roads, and 21 people lost their lives.
  • November 2009: A fireworks display ended in tragedy, with fireworks accidentally being set off in the wrong area, and ending up injuring up to 50 people, and smashing into buildings nearby
  • Robberies into homes and vehicles were common in Gracepath between 2002 and 2006, but cases of robberies died down to just at least 4 per year.

----------------------------------------- BUT IN REALITY -----------------------------------------

‘Gracepath’ and the mentioned ‘Greystone’ are fictitious suburbs. Gracepath is based on Panmure and Glen Innes, but not for any real life events that happened in any of the two suburbs, but for the locations connected to an upcoming post. So, Tamaki Primary is the "image" of Gracepath Primary, but in no way are they two connected or similar. Besides the buildings.

Abraham Burnley lives in Gracepath. Willy (or I) lives (or live, as in I live) in Tamaki. See what I mean?

All information is pure fiction.

Gracepath may not have clouds of smoke or ash, as Ms Aireen may have guessed (and it was quite a good one!) to show that it’s not safe in the actual picture (although it did look like it in the question picture a little bit), but in all fairness, it is not that safe.

--------------------------------------- BACK TO GRACEPATH ---------------------------------------

More information about the September 2009 incident will be posted later on.

But all in all, Gracepath is safe!

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