Thursday, 8 October 2015

Making Games Are Not My...Game? | 2 Weekly Post (Term Three, Week Seven)

This is yet another post about the weeks from Term Three. I didn’t forget about the 2 Weekly Post, I just needed some more things to blog in October…
Monday. I remember coming late. Yeah, I was late. Room 10 were reading this story called Iron Tamariki. I did a post about this story, which was finished rather later than expected than on time. I need to work on my work ethic…

Skipping Tuesday because I can’t remember what happened on Tuesday, Wednesday. I ran across the field in the morning, and gave my bag to Deandra to watch. I had another speech over at Sommerville, in the staffroom I think it was, and all the Student Ambassadors were now talking to each other more. Can’t believe how close we’ve gotten after the Hui. Bradley (Student Ambassador for Sommerville) wasn’t here. We were literally talking a lot, a lot about ourselves, a lot about different things. We just bonded while we were waiting to give our speeches. After saying our speeches, we left the building.

I walked back to the T.P.S grounds and saw that there was Tuakana Teina happening. For this time, we invented games for our Room 1 buddies to play. It was interesting, they had changed the game that we made up because it was confusing. It was a bit too straightforward when they told me, but at least we made something fun!

We took photos from their iPads and ran around like animals, chasing our buddies around. Oh, wait, that was Mehi's game, nevermind, heh.

And we made presentations after. Here's our one here.

Annd that’s all I remember!

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