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The Hui: Untold Story | 2 Weekly Post (Term Three, Week Five)

Hi. Another post from Term Three. This time in Week Five...

To be frank with you, reader, I didn’t remember much of anything from the week...except for doing mostly project stuff, which, if I may say, might not reveal at this moment, but will reveal it in the coming weeks before a special event. This was written in October. Continuing on, I remember another day, which, not only was it Red Nose Day…

But it was the Manaiakalani Hui! I was one of the student speakers, and, if you’ve followed me through my speech-speaking journey, you’d know it was the ‘Learn. Create, Share’ speech that I presented.

I would talk about the whole thing, but luckily I did posts on this annual event.

Then I did another “series” of posts of some of the events that happened after the speech:
1 2 1 4 1 2 3 (I still don’t know what those numbers mean, maybe if someone, if anyone, knows, they can tell me??)

But there’s some things that I never mention through the time gap of after Morning Tea and The Video. In short, we (Student Ambassadors) all laughed together and shared jokes and stories. And played games. There was this game where if you answered a question, you’d get to slap the opponent in the face…………………………..softly with a piece of paper………

Ha! You thought this would take a turn for the worst! Well, if you did think that, then trust me, it didn’t! If you didn’t, least you didn’t think about that!

And yes, we laughed and talked loudly and….just told each other funny stuff, speaked some other language, and I filmed something. I can’t upload it, but when I recorded, mostly everyone covered their face. “How are you!” I apparently shouted, as the phone shows, to the student ambassador from Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Puau Te Moananui A Kiwa.

Some other stuff happened, and after showing the video, and a bit of a speech by a man whose name I completely forgot, and another man whose name I also forgot (apologies). It was a fun day.

And we also had a group picture:

Screenshot 2015-10-08 at 13.27.16.png

This is after The Video:

It was coming to a close. The Hui was probably finished, and everyone was just chatting about, and I thought I would just sit by myself, have some guilt-free free time on this netbook right here. But, what would I do? I would just blog, of course. So, saving me from boredom, Miss Thompson told me to come sit with the teachers.

Now, I’ve got to be honest, it was quuiite hard to not listen to any of the teacher’s conversations. I mean, as a student, it wasn’t my business. But by then I was listening to so much feedback and what I would call praise from some of the teachers. I had to take it all in, smiling for a looong time! And, it was a genuine smile, so it wasn’t fake. Hmph.

Then, it was past four o’clock! Whoa! That was pretty long! Ms Aireen was going to drop me off to my home. We went outside, with Mrs Komor, and while walking to her car, I had a short conversation with Mrs Komor. It was just plain old normal stuff, nothing special. She also told me about when she would come back for a visit. I NOW get it now. I thought she would be permanently leaving. That would’ve been sad.

But it was actually going back to those times where she would come in once or twice a week.

At least she was coming in for a visit. Ms Aireen came back from somewhere, I don’t know where she went, I forgot, and she asked if my Mum would mind me coming home later than usual. I said no. Then, amazingly, my Mum actually rang me up while we were going to my home. Ms Aireen, almost immediately, said sorry, and my Mum laughed a bit.

I came home, and, bang on, started blogging. Although I still had one of Miss Grant’s markers in my pocket. Cue the Shortland Street Theme music!

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