Sunday, 25 October 2015

How Bizarre! | 2 Weekly Post (Part One - Week One)

Week one! Whoo! Back to school, what a hoot. And as usual, I would come to school at a late time. 

White Sunday! (Second Part)

Hi, again, reader. Sorry for the late post, there was just some distractions getting in the way.

White Sunday at Church had just started, everyone came into the church and the children and teens and adolescents went outside. Fast forward a few minutes of making a few jokes and laughing and getting ready, we're inside!

And the service begins...with a bit of a preaching and a bit of singing, my group went up first. Briiiiiiilllllliiiiiaaaaannnnt. My Mum introduced the group. Some other people began with a little dance routine with a song. Then it came to me. In case you didn't know, during the school holidays I was practising a sermon, and I was told that I wouldn't need to do a sermon, because I had a verse already memorised.

My mum told me I needed to do my sermon, because another family had to go to a funeral.

It was saddening :(

But, yes, I did my sermon, people were listening and paid fine attention. I forgot some parts but it was alright. Fast forward and I was in a skit! In the skit there was this girl who had been bullied a lot, and I was an encouraging her and telling her that good things will happen later on and stuff like that. It was cool, it was really giving the nessage out there.

Later on, I would realise that a LOT of people would come up to me after what I'd done. After many skits from verses from the Bible, and a lot of singing and praying and praising and preaching, it was finished. I'm just finished it off here because who knows if I can make a part three, you know...

I was sitting down, waiting for the food. And then, while I was alone, someone came up to me. We started making a conversation, and got to know each other. After a few minutes, a few more people came to me. Before you know it, a group of other tweens and teens were bombarding me (respectfully) with questions that I could answer one by one. I'm used to that.

Sort of. Maybe a little used to that. Oh, well.

We ate the food minutes later, and again, I was bombarded (respectfully) with questions. One of the funny questions I answered was if I was a vegetarian or not. I held up a bit of corned beef (I can't believe there's no corn in corned beef) and said, "Yeah, I am. I don't eat meat, at allll..." in a sarcastic tone. We all laughed. We actually laughed a lot, actually. And we didn't know each other! I mean, as in, I hardly knew them personally and they had just met me on that day...

And to end things off, me and my sister (I don't know why I can't really tell you her name, but some of you might already know) were going to get dropped off by my Dad, and while waiting in the car, the most strangest thing caught my eye......a teenager, who was a teenager but looked a bit young for his age, was reversing a car. I was shocked and surprised, and jokingly yelled, "No! Wait! Just think this through!!" and with that we laughed.

At least he didn't reverse into a rubbish bin, like this other person. But I'm saying that as a joke. But it really happened. Oh, well. I hope you understand.

And that, reader, was my White Sunday. With a big time gap between these two posts.

Vocabulary Tasks - From Week One

Hi. It's Willy here. This is a presentation that I finished just now (I'll do the CREATE task below). The presentation is filled of vocabulary tasks related to the Blooms Taxonomy thinking skills, and three words that I used that relate to this term's topic. I'll do the CREATE task in a separate post. Trust me, I will.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Riddle Me Thursday (Sshhhh.....)

Hi, again, reader,

This is a Thursday right here, okayyy...I did not use the scheduling thing on Blogger to change the date of this post, and it won't be worth it because when this pops up in my teacher's email, it won't be emailed on a Thursday, it'll still be emailed on a Sunday. It's our little secret, reader...

But welcome back! To the second Riddle Me Thursday for this final term! Last week's riddle was...

Two fathers and two sons go on a fishing trip. They each catch a fish and bring it home. Why do they only bring 3 home?

The answer, if you knew it...was that the two fathers were a grandfather and a father. The two sons were the father and the son, because the son is the son of the father, AND the father is the son of the grandfather. Do you see what I mean? If you don't, it's alright, here's this week's riddle:

I can bring tears to your eyes; resurrect the dead, make you smile, and reverse time. I form in an instant but I last a life time. What am I?

Think about this riddle, and if you can guess your guess, comment below! But make sure you comment your guess before Wednesday...

Monday, 19 October 2015

Water Bottle Rocket Experiment!

Hi, reader!

I'm going to make this a bit quick. Now, last week, on the first day of Term Four, I didn't mention before because I've been editing a few things that I needed to do, and thankfully I can, using my time wisely, and this is my last term at T.P.S, so I might as well make this my best effort!

By the way - it was related to our Inquiry Topic for this term - Earth and Beyond - The Night Sky. I've heard that parts of the school are focused on different topics, so, for example, my class is doing The Night Sky. Room 6 (or, the Year Sevens) are studying The Final Frontier.

I don't know if that made sense, but anyway...Room 10 did an experiment to start off the term. In the video below, which was edited by yours truly, and filmed by Mehi and Maopa, friends by the way, you will see what happened before, during, and after the experiment. We followed a scientific method, in different steps and levels!

And, just so you will know, the result of the experiment was that in the first two (of three) attempts, the bottle rocket flew up in the air for a short time. It didn't fly like a rocket per se, but it flew a bit!

I'm not blogging this because I forgot to blog about this almost a week later than expected or that I didn't do a presentation on this. If you can read this, you deserve a chocolate fish.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

The 2 Weekly Post - The Final Season...

Next week marks the start of the what could be the final ever 2 Weekly Posts for this blog right here.

Here's a snapshot of what might happen next week...

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Riddle Me Thursday! A New Day!

Okay, so since this is pretty much Thursday, and I can't seem to get my mind to get used to Wednesdays, I might as well change the day. It's now on Thursday. Don't worry, don't worry, it's just one day forward. So, the riddle from last time...

What happens when you throw a blue rock into the yellow sea?

Now, for this riddle, which is not of my own, by the way, was placed on a form. A Google form. I said back then that there would be a range of guesses that you, reader, can choose from. The choices were:

The rock turns green
□ It burns and causes an explosion (the rock being Earth, and the yellow sea being the Sun)
□ The rock sinks.
□ It dies. A blue rock refers to the rockfish, and a blue fish would die in yellow (toxic) water.

There were a couple of people who replied with an answer, and really did put their real name...I expected at least one person to enter deeznu-

So the people who, miraculously got it correct, were Aireen (or Ms Aireen, since she's my teacher, I've still got manners after three terms!) and Evanjaline (if you don't know, she's a student at Hay Park School, and commented on my blog before!). They got the riddle right by answering that: The rock sinks. There was another guess, submitted by Cypress, that the rock would turn green. 

Better luck next time, Cypress!

Anyways, going onto this week's riddle: Two fathers and two sons go on a fishing trip. They each catch a fish and bring it home. Why do they only bring 3 home? Remember, these could be tied with different types of people who are related. Think about it, it'll take a certain type of clock to figure it out!

Get it? Clock? Certain type? That will help you if you find out what kind of clock I'm talking about.

SNAG Golf (Or Snag Golf)

Hi, reader! Another post! And I might as well make one since I could forget about this...but anyway, Room 10 had just had KiwiSport. The sport for this time was SNAG (Starting New At Golf) Golf, which sounds like Starting New At Golf Golf. Cool name. For the session everyone split up into small groups, and we all practised throwing these sticky tennis ball-like balls at these targets.

There were different stages, and it was quite hard, but I got ONE in!! Or two, I don't know...I only remember getting a ball into this cone while also in an awkward position!

The video below shows what it looked like. Twenty-nine seconds seems like a reasonable amount of time, right?

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

NZ (New Zealand) Shake Out Day

"Everyone, everywhere should know the right action to take before, during and after an earthquake."
Hi, there, again! Finally on track for blogging now!

Room 10, and probably Tamaki Primary, have today learnt a little about the upcoming national (meaning over New Zealand as it is out nation) event that is...New Zealand Shake Out Day! Tamaki Primary is going to participate, along with almost probably ALL of New Zealand, participating in this annual and national event, where we all practise the earthquake drill:


And little known (or not really little known) fact, the whole world is participating also, not just New Zealand. Over 40 million are also participating. So, yes, this day is PRETTY important. Important for you, me, EVERYBODY!

It will happen tomorrow. October the 15th. 2015. Remember that, reader! It may be important!Also, the drill occurs at a specific time, too. Yes, it does, believe it or not! The whole drill starts at 9:15am and we will, again I say it: DROP COVER and HOLD. Specifically, and as the site says:


DROP down onto your hands and knees (before the earthquake knocks you down). This position protects you from falling but allows you to still move if necessary.

COVER your head and neck (and your entire body if possible) under a sturdy table. If there is no shelter nearby, get down near an interior wall (or next to lowlying furniture that won’t fall on you), and cover your head and neck with your arms and hands.

HOLD on to your shelter (or your position to protect your head and neck) until the shaking stops. Be prepared to move with your shelter if the shaking shifts it around.


We're going to practise this drill tomorrow because it is a chance for everyone in New Zealand to practise what to do if an earthquake happens - because literally, it can come anytime! And so that if an earthquake happens, and we know what to do, we can DROPCOVER, and HOLD

As of now, there have been 1.2 MILLION New Zealanders signed up and prepared for the national drill, and it's going to be great! The main aim for the amount of participants is 1.5 million, so let's hope more people sign up!


October 15th.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

White Sunday!

Hi, there, reader!

It was a good day today. Not only was it the last day of the school holidays, but it was, once again, White Sunday! Now, I hardly make a post dedicated to this day, it's usually just part of another blogpost "series" of some sort (like the 2 Weekly Post) and since it's my last year here at Tamaki Primary, I might as well make a post about White Sunday now while I can.

It was morning. And I was waking up to a sun-shiney day! But there wasn't that much blue skies, just light grey clouds...but they had a silver lining, it made the sunrise cool! Changing into my suit that I could still fit, I was ready to get to church. Prior to White Sunday, I had practised this little sermon I was working on, but I was told that it would be cut off. Soo, I forgot about it. Then I had to memorise a verse in Samoan, and we all know it's hard, am I right, people...

People? Oh, nevermind, then. We arrived at church, and to my surprise, for the almost third time in a row, we came early. Hardly anyone else arrived, except for some other people, but it was obvious they'd come too. Don't ask me why, it's like last year. I looked at this clocked, and kept on wondering if it was correct or incorrect. It said 8:30am. We came past 9:00am. Yet I saw another clock say 8:00am the last time I saw was weird, but luckily my Mum had her phone out!

Minutes later and the other people started arriving. There was the band members, some family coming in, some of the children walking in. This was going like last year. I'll keep mentioning that every time I feel reminiscent of...last...year...

Moving skip a few minutes, I was talking with someone about nervousness, and how it would go away if we would pep-talk to ourselves. "You got this!" I say, which is what the other person would usually say. When they say it, it works! When I say it, it sounds awkward...moving on, we're now outside! This was the part where we would sing a song and walk in, then be seated. After that happened, it started.

I'll talk about it more in a next post as I need to stop typing so much, it's almost 9:41pm now, so I should just stop, man...

Friday, 9 October 2015

Hi, Reader...'ll never, umm...this is my, uhh...woooww...I...whaa...I can't even, uhh...umm....what?! Oh, my go...wh...wh...what?! I don...this is...I-I-I...oh, goodne...this isn' heart's beating a lot, I mean...

Wow...this is unbelieva...ble...I can't stop breathin...I'm smiling a lo...a lot...I can't believe this, I mean, gosh, dang it, it feels good. It's, although paradise looks a lot like

This is...this.......this post right here...filled with hardly any proper sentences besides this my 1000th post, reader. I would thank a lot of people, but, uhh...oh, my gosh, mate...

I'm a bit speechless, haha...


But really, ten minutes later, after I've caught my breath, and controlled my emotions, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for at least taking a look at my blog. Thank you, my friends, for always complimenting my work and wishing me luck to bring my up to here, thanks for the support and all the praise and kind messages, thanks for the faith.

Now after this post, it's all going to be normal, I'll be blogging in a slow pace. I've done it, this is my 1000th post. Words can't describe this, but that's what words are for, so I'll call this amazing, and worth it. I've made plenty of sacrifices throughout this blog, of many things. Thank you for reading my posts.

I'm going to stop typing/talking now, and just keep working. Maybe I'll take a break, but we'll see.

Oh, by the way, before this post, there's an interactive story that took me eight months to make. It's probably below this post. Thank you for reading.

-Willy :)


PSST! READER! COME ON HERE! For A Story From Gracepath...

Hi, there, reader.

Finally, I can actually rely on you to enjoy one story!!

If you've been reading my blog during these school holidays, you may have noticed some posts related to a suburb called Gracepath. Or some "random" pictures that seemed off-topic from blogging. Big things happen in that small suburb. But there was one night that completely changed the suburb forever, and made it the target of non-stop crime.

It occurred on September the 9th, 2009.
Click here to begin the story.

If there's a spelling mistake in there, don't worry. I would check all the pages, but it's just too hard!

How Come I Didn't Say This Before!

My nan's staying with my family!

She's my Mum's mum. Or mum's Mum. Or mum's mum. I don't know how to put a capital in that sentence, I've struggled with this ever since I was 5! Or five, urgh! Let me get to the points, me!

Anyway, my Nana is staying with my family for a couple months, but the main reason, or one of the reason's she's staying is because there's a special event happening with my uncle (the same uncle I talk about sometimes on this blog) later on this month. It's going to be great, because she's my uncle's mum as well. My uncle is my mum's brother, by the way.

Dang, I never knew trying to explain family connections and members would be hard. You know what I mean. This one ti-nevermind, I'll talk about this later. Or maybe never. I don't know, it'll depend on what happens. But anyway, the last time she came was in late 2011. And she left in 2012. I had to shed a tear, but it was alright, I knew she'd come back someday! She came back with lots of stuff, and she'll be returning to Samoa next year.
But I'll be alright, trust me. I may not talk about on here next year, but I will be alright. At least I know when she's going this time!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Making Games Are Not My...Game? | 2 Weekly Post (Term Three, Week Seven)

This is yet another post about the weeks from Term Three. I didn’t forget about the 2 Weekly Post, I just needed some more things to blog in October…

The Cat Was Away | 2 Weekly Post (Term Three, Week Six)

Another post of a long summary of the week. From Week Six. It shows Monday to Wednesday, because that’s all I remember.

The Hui: Untold Story | 2 Weekly Post (Term Three, Week Five)

Hi. Another post from Term Three. This time in Week Five...

Talks And A Conference | 2 Weekly Post (Part Two - Term Three, Week Four)

Hi, there, reader, again!

This is another 2 Weekly Post that I didn’t post before, but now will!

Do You Remember? | 2 Weekly Post (Part One - Term Three, Week Three)

Hi. These next few posts are from Term Three. I forgot to post them It’s a bit of a ‘memory lane’ series of posts about the term that was...Term Three...

Throwback Thursday! What A Coincidence! Food Technology - Pizza

WALT - make a pizza
WALT - follow instructions on a recipe

Hi, reader!

Below is a presentation on how to make pizza. It was sometime in Term Three where we made pizza, but I forgot what week it was...dang...but yes, this is not the presentation we worked on, I had to make a new one, because the original one was just too confusing and I needed to start over, but I still gave credit to the other people in my group that made pizza, Petra and Tiere.

The pizza did taste nice. Me and Tiere ate it while in class. It was peaceful...until the bell rang.

And yes, I can clearly see that the presentation hardly has pictures related to the method/instructions, but come on, I just did this in less than ten minutes, give me this one exception of not adding pictures!

Thanks to Maopa for the information needed in the presentation.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Remember the Riddle?

C'mon, reader! I know you can do this!

Even though it said "Second to Last", it was actually the last one. Silly me, I didn't know how to schedule things back then. Now I do. Not really, I'm kidding. I'm not too organised at the moment. But, yes, the Riddle Me Wednesday post, only ONE person's submitted an answer!

So, you know, this won't take a while...well it might, if you think about it.

If you're interested, click the link below:

If that doesn't work, try clicking here:

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Rocket For Walking In The Park? It'll be handy! | Multiplication Games for Learning

IALT (I am learning to) - practise my multiples in learning games.
Hi, again, reader!

Here's another multiplication game that I played just before. Probably after 2:00pm but before 2:30pm.

8 Times Table Rocket Dad

Well, at least it was going to let me practise my eight times tables. Here's the objection:

Dad and the kids have gone for a walk in the park. Oz and Bex have spotted some of their lost toys stuck up in the tree. Rocket Dad up into the tree and free the toys. 
See how high up you can get him get by answering the questions as fast as you can!
(Don't forget to press the ENTER key)

It was surprising. He had something that would help rocket up into a tree. It was almost like it was something he'd always bring along to walks in the park. 

But anyway, logic aside, I had to answer questions that were from the 8 times tables. It was hard, I had to screenshot at some moments, but if you just stop there, while Dad is in the air, he will come back down slowly, and if he reaches the ground,'ll just have to get him back up again.

It's not game over. The game ends when you answer ten questions, and wherever you are, either at the highest point or the lowest point, that's your score. After playing it many times, I realised something weird was happening each time I played it...

Buut, in the end, I got a good score, after countless tries to get to the top...

Popping Balloons in the Name of Multiplication!

IALT (I am learning to) - practise my multiples in learning games.
Hi, there!

For today I wanted to look onto the @Home side of the Kia Manawanui Site again, like I usually do in the school holidays, and saw the maths part of it:

Since it was 6-9 times tables (or multiples of 6 to 9), I went onto this website called Topmarks, which, if you're reading this Whaea Petra, is where I found that Loop Cards online game some time ago. I just played the game on Guest for some reason I completely forgot. This is going to be one of probably two, if not, more, or maybe two, posts surrounding this area of the @Home activity sheet.
This game is called, "Multiple Wipeout." It's a game where you pick a multiple to practise on (in this case, 6 up to 9). We'll use the seven for this one. Then, it counts down from 3. 2. 1. Begin! You are being timed, as you pick the balloons that belong in that specific multiple (e.g if it was the 7 times tables, 14, 73, and 70 are the ones to choose).
I played for a while before I realised I needed to screenshot a lot of what I was doing. My fastest time was, amazingly, on my first try, all the other tries after that were after 30 seconds. At least I was practising my tables, it won't matter about time. No, wait, it might matter. You wouldn't spend a minute thinking about what 7 x 4 is!

By the way, if you clicked on the wrong balloon that was a multiple of the times table, you would get a time penalty.

Below are some more screenshots of the game, in no particular order.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Gracepath! Pay Attention...

This post will talk more about this picture posted beforehand.

This is the actual picture:
Screenshot 2015-10-03 at 16.56.31.png

Welcome to Gracepath!!

The lesser known, dangerous safe place and a loud quiet suburb in Auckland! Here in this suburb you can find the worst kindest neighbours, the most disastrous organised of events, and the best learning environments, in Gracepath Primary, with a steady roll of approximately 250 students learning.

In the dark side, many incidents have occurred in this small suburb. Earlier in 2015, a robbery in a dairy sparked many events that then ended in a group of men who admitted to the robbery. In the past, many incidents and accidents have occurred. Below are some of the many that happened in Gracepath:

  • September 2009: A car filled individuals under the influence of narcotics and alcohol, crashed into a power pole near a mini-substation on Coperteen Road. Coperteen Road is known to have been the scene of several crashes for a long time.
  • Fires have always been a major factor for Gracepath. In 2007, a grease fire unloaded several fires during a summer drought, going across several roads, and 21 people lost their lives.
  • November 2009: A fireworks display ended in tragedy, with fireworks accidentally being set off in the wrong area, and ending up injuring up to 50 people, and smashing into buildings nearby
  • Robberies into homes and vehicles were common in Gracepath between 2002 and 2006, but cases of robberies died down to just at least 4 per year.

----------------------------------------- BUT IN REALITY -----------------------------------------

‘Gracepath’ and the mentioned ‘Greystone’ are fictitious suburbs. Gracepath is based on Panmure and Glen Innes, but not for any real life events that happened in any of the two suburbs, but for the locations connected to an upcoming post. So, Tamaki Primary is the "image" of Gracepath Primary, but in no way are they two connected or similar. Besides the buildings.

Abraham Burnley lives in Gracepath. Willy (or I) lives (or live, as in I live) in Tamaki. See what I mean?

All information is pure fiction.

Gracepath may not have clouds of smoke or ash, as Ms Aireen may have guessed (and it was quite a good one!) to show that it’s not safe in the actual picture (although it did look like it in the question picture a little bit), but in all fairness, it is not that safe.

--------------------------------------- BACK TO GRACEPATH ---------------------------------------

More information about the September 2009 incident will be posted later on.

But all in all, Gracepath is safe!

The Legend Of The Drum...

Hi, there! This is the second (of two) myths that never really made it to the final cut in the Production.
Because of time.
You’ll understand…

This myth is called, The Legend of the Drum, the myth from the Cook Islands...

So, the Cook Island girl would say this...

In the dawn of our ancestors the rutu pa’u (pronounced, correct me if wrong, loo-too pah-ooh - beating of the drums) was a call for our people to gather for a special occasion. The men of Cook Islands used hollowed logs to make their drums. The Cook Island men were known throughout the South Pacific for being the best drummers in all of Polynesia.

Then I would start it off...being the narrator…

On that day the Cook Island girl and her friends spent most of the day sharing the legend about the Cook Island drum.

Legend tells of a great drum challenge that happened between two islands. In this time the islands of Rarotonga and Ra’iatea (an island of French Polynesia) were situated next to each other.

The chiefs of Ra’iatea said to the chiefs of Rarotonga, “Our drummers are the best drummers of all the South Pacific Islands. Let us show you!” and they performed a performance with the drummers of Ra’iatea.
“Kare - NO!” the Rarotongan Chief disagreed, “You are not the best drummers, we are!...Let us show you!” and with that, the Rarotongan warriors performed a short drumming performance.

“We should ask the gods who they think the best drummers are of the Cook Islands!” the Cook Island Chief announced, And so the great drum challenge took place. Both islands assembled their best drums and drummers. The drummers beat fast and furiously all day. Polynesians from every island stopped and listened when they heard the drums and marvelled at their sounds. As the day drew to a close and the stars shone in the night’s sky, the gods announced that they had made their decision.

“We are proud of all of you fine, brave men of Cook Island.” said one of the the Gods, “Chiefs of Ra’iatea and Chiefs of Rarotonga. There can only be one winner, and we all agree, that the Rarotongan Chiefs are the the best drummers of our island paradise.” and with that, the Gods left, no, wait, one of the Gods, left with a thunderclap.

The Rarotongans celebrated their success with lots of singing, dancing, drumming and feasting. The following morning, although the Rarotongans were happy with their victory, they decided to take the Chiefs and people of Ra’iatea a gift - one of their magnificent pate drums. A group of strong, tattooed, Rarotongan warriors set sail in their canoe with the pate drum, to gift to the people of Ra’iatea.  However the Ra’iateans were still angry from their loss. As the Rarotongan warriors pulled their canoe onto the shores of Ra’iatea, the native warriors attacked and killed all the Rarotongan warriors.

The gods became furious when they saw what the people of Ra’iatea had done.

To keep the people of Rarotonga safe from future attacks from the Ra’iatean people, the gods threw a large fish-hook into the island of Rarotonga, and pulled it further down south from the island of Ra’iatea.

The End.

School Holidays...Recorded...

This is usually my school holidays in a nutshell.
The crying's fake, by the way...oor iis it?

(feedback ends, thankfully) Oh, almost killed myself right there (not literally)
Okay, I hope I can start right now...
'Cause baby now I've got, baad luuck,
You know I used to have, good luuck,
'Cause I've-*sobs* Ohh, my goosh...

NOTE: The music used in the recording is not mine.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


Hi, reader.

Something has happened at my house. It's not my family exactly, but our belongings. I won't blog for today.
It's sort of serious.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production - Part 5: The End!

It was coming to the end of the production, and I had felt tired, still hungry, tired, woozy and...did I say tired?

Summary of the WHOLE Production...

As said in a previous post, I'm here to summarize the production, but for now, it's going to be for one post. I can do this, I can summarize the whole production without any rambling. Let's go.

From where we left off...well, we didn't leave from anywhere...I don't know if that makes sense-URGH! Okay, let's just start from the beginning then!

So there was an island nation called Hawaiki, and it was a good place to live in. But then, as time went by, life got hard. Families became bigger, villages went into the forests, and people were hungry, but animals were hard to hunt. There was Kupe in one of the villages, living with his family. Rata was his wife. His son was Tane, and his daughter was Aroha. Kupe then, with his family, decided to go on a journey to a new island to practise new values for their new community.

They set off for a month before they came to Hawaii. A hawaiian chief greeted them all, along with some of this villagers, and then, the "village" performs a song for them. In reality, as a production, the Hawaiian group performed, singing "Over the Rainbow" with a range of instruments.

Kupe and his family thanked the Hawaiian Chief for their hospitality, and set off to Fiji, where a Fijian Chief shares an old tale. It was about a warrior called Tui-na-Iviqalita (pronounced, if it is correct, too-ee-nah-ee-vee-gah-lee-tah), and he catches what first felt like an eel, but turned out to be a Spirit God, who, for letting him go, gives Tui the power of fire, in which he would not feel any effect from fire, especially when walking on hot stones! Nowadays, direct descendants of Tui are known as Bete (beh-deh), or, high priest, of the fire walkers of Fiji.

Kupe and his family thanked the village for their hospitality, and as they sailed off, a performance, was performed. Great song, by the way.

The next island they went to was...uhh...what was it...oh, yes, the Cook Islands. They were greeted the same way as they were in the last two islands they visited, and a performance occurred. My sister was in that group, and even with a bit of corrections, it was still fantastic. The whole group, not just my sister. Then it was the intermission.

After the intermission, Kupe and his family continued their Malaga (which means 'Journey' by the way) to Samoa, located at the heart of all Polynesian islands. Same thing again, a chief comes out with some of his villagers to greet the family, and they share a myth. The myth is called, "Sina and the Eel". A girl called Sina like an eel, who was said to have been once a prince. The eel became more demanding, and ended up being slaughtered by Sina's cousin. Ouch. By the way, I did some posts about this myth.

For one of the posts, click here for the post. The Samoan group then performed.

When they left Samoa, they sailed into Tonga. They were greeted once more, and were told a story about the Octopus and the Rat. The ending, in summary, was that the Octopus now hated the Rat because the Rat pooped on his head...and after the myth, Kupe and the family thanked them for their hospitality

Annd they then they thanked them, and set off to the next island nation, which was surrounded by a long, white, cloud. It was Aotearoa, the land of the long, white cloud. They were greeted, and were told a story about how Maui slowed the Sun. After hearing the myth, Kupe and his family...

Decided to stay in Aotearoa, as their new land, their new community, in which they would respect the natural resources and build their new community, showing true manaakitanga, rangimarie, tutkumarie, and whanaungatanga.

They lived in their new land, happily ever after. No, that's not it, thank you for listening to this summary. This took over a day to put it into one post, but it's worth it!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Who Wants to Be A Dollarnaire?

You! Yes, you! The reader of this post! Do you have what it takes to get through this game, filled with several faults, in order to win the jackpot prize, of just one dollar? You do? Brilliant! The game's below, go on a journey to get to the major prize, of one dollar...

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Happy October...

Pictures do tell it all...the background tells more of the picture than the actual text...

One Morning in 2009...

This is another bulletin my friend Abraham Burnley reported on back in 2009.
Reports suggested someone lost blood on the road into Gracepath Primary.
Based on true events.