Sunday, 5 April 2015

My FIRST Lunar Eclipse!

Hello, Everybody!

My name's Willy, and earlier today, and I mean really earlier (doesn't make that much sense, but you get it) today, in the early hours of today (there we go), I had that one chance of seeing a lunar eclipse happen before my eyes. This, of course, prompted me to make a video informing people about it, but it was probably short notice, as it was made past 10pm.

The lunar eclipse phase, like, the part where the Earth's shadow goes over the moon start after 11pm, and when Mum came back from work, at what I thought was 11:15pm, I think that's when it officially started. The moon at that time was...uh...I think it was full, like, an almost full moon, but, like, there was still a pa-argh, for crike's sake! I don't know, okay?! It was full! But it didn't look like it was full! There!

Agh, man! That was hard! Aww....

So, anyway, I waited for a while, time after time, minute after minute, second after second, moment after moment, millisecond aft- you get the point now, do you? I bet you do. But, hey, what do I know? I was there coming in and out to see the moon get shaded, and hopefully turn a bit red.

Because this was my first lunar eclipse. I've only been able to see those "supermoons" that happen from time to time. I saw the moon again, after I went upstairs, and the moon has drastically changed its form/shape. It was a half moon, now. If I never knew what an eclipse was, then this would've been the best thing at night to see. But unfortunately, I do know a bit about it.

I've had a thought that there comes a time where the earth is spinning, right, and soon, when it's the right time, I think, I'm clearly not an expert, the earth comes between the moon and the sun, blocking sunlight on the moon from the sun, thus making the earth's shadow go over the moon. Usually this takes a while, but in this lunar eclipse, it literally took a while. Over 5 minutes, maybe under 11 minutes if you ask me.

I come out at 5 minutes before 1am, two minutes before it has been said to start, and just to wait a minute, I ready my camera...

I wait for a moment, the go outside to see the moon. Oh, goodness it looked dark...on the camera screen, yes, but in my eyes, it looked spectacular! Haven't seen something like this in my whole life! Literally!

After a couple minutes of talking with my Dad, who frankly didn't believe me when I said informally, "There's gonna be a red moon tonight, Dad.", and by the sound of that, would you believe that? I don't know. But when he saw that moon...he was stunned out of his face. Whatever that means.

Then it ended. That was it. But then I saw this live stream from America, which was live, by the way...

Yeeah, it was confusing. Especially when they were talking about snow...get it?

So, anyway, the earth's shadow was still covering the moon. Dad was still in wonder, while I tried to tell him it was finished. But amazingly, the red part sticked around, and after a bit of curious thinking, and a funny conversation about the moon and how it looked like a banana, and I do not swear to goodness, I almost laughed my heart out.

So, in order to make it possible, I took footage of it:

Picture from, livestream of
lunar eclipse...

So that was my experience...did you see the moon?

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Ms Aireen said...

Wow Willy, it seems like it was well worth the wait to see the lunar eclipse this morning. I never really knew what it was till I read your blog post.

Its great to know that the Lunar eclipses are often referred to as blood moons because of its reddish look when passing through the earth's atmosphere, filtering out most of its blue light. They happen when the moon moves into the shadow cast by the sun shining on the earth. For a total lunar eclipse, the moon must be full, which means it is directly opposite the sun, with earth in-between.

I'm glad this was a spectacular experience for you.

Thanks for sharing Willy & happy easter :)

Ms Aireen

Check out some more photos of the Lunar eclipse my viewing the website below:

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