Saturday, 11 April 2015

Manaakitanga: How Do We Show It?

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I am going to attempt to do a writing task from the apparently HOMEWORK tasks the whole class (or students with netbooks and are taking them home) has to do. This writing task I'm doing today is this:

Write a paragraph describing different ways we can show manaakitanga / caring and hospitality at Tamaki Primary.

So, here we go, and I do apologise for writing paragraphs, not one single paragraph. I'm just a talky guy, have you SEEN the 2 Weekly Posts before? And posts last year? And possibly the year before that?

Okay, let's start...


Manaakitanga. One of our school values here at Tamaki Primary. But how exactly, do we show this particular value? First of all, we show this value in our classrooms, but considering the fact that I'm in the Kia Manawanui Syndicate, we mostly use this value in our learning hub. Whenever we see a friend or classmate struggling with work, or just downright alone, looking sad, we always use our initiative and go near them to care for them. Help them, if needed.

That's one of the ways we show manaakitanga. Another way we show this value is when visitors are at our school, more specifically teachers/staff from other schools in or outside of Auckland. Student Councillors turned ambassadors not only show them around, but give hospitality to visitors. They may share a joke with the visitors, maybe even an anecdote about their learning.

The most useful and most seen way we show manaakitanga is, would you believe it, outside on the field! Or courts! Or playground! Outside during break times, or during school events, everyone is showing manaakitanga! For example, if someone lost a race or a game, someone else, who is usually a close friend, would always cheer them up, and walk and talk with them.

Even if there is like, an Athletics Day for the school, and the house teams all say they're better than the others, we all still care about each other...right? Or am I just completely not getting the point of "competition"? Anyway, we still care for each other! Whether we lose or win, everyone's caring, and a winner, at the end.

These are just some of the many ways we show manaakitanga at Tamaki Primary. No wonder why it's one of our school values!


And that's about it. Hopefully this is informative as I think it is.

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