Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Day in the Life of a Year Nine...Short Interval, According to Me...

So, there was interval. Simple. We all walked to the auditorium, where lunch was given by the catering class of Tamaki College. Absolute great choices, I haven't had a chocolate yoghurt in a LONG time! That's because, I usually have berry-filled yoghurt, like strawberry...yeah, that...

We sat down and then talked and ate our food. Some of us talked about the classes, some talked about the students from the other schools. At least that's what I've heard. But anyway, this special thing happened to my group and another group. Or a couple of other groups, I don't really know. I don't really remember...

I continue to look like a weird person, yelling and waving at Stanley to come. Want to know the weirdest part of being weird at that moment? He was...just...standing there! Yes! Talk about a...a, uh...Stanley MOMENT! I laughed about it afterwards.

Outside, into the cold, but I amazingly felt some warmness going throughout the groups. Or that could've just been me just trying to warm myself up. I had a chat with some other people from my class. The others surprisingly weren't as cold as I was. Hmm.

My group and some other groups were now under some shade. It was still cold. But that was pretty cool, too, because we laughed about it! My group's leaders, Chasity and Danielle, walked off somewhere, inside a building. Could this be the biggest ditch ever??

No. Slipping everywhere, I find them just getting something from a vending machine-type of machine. We went back outside. and we played two separate games. At least I thought it was two separate games, my "group" was small, and we didn't know what to play. Luckily, a student leader told us about a game called "Ninja", including hands and other hard stuff to remember.

We had fun! It was fun! I didn't lose this time! But, sad part was, interval had finished...

Myth Buster! One Drawing of Two...

This is just part of one of the tasks I need to do for this week about myths and legends (our inquiry topic). 

This task, which you can see below, had to objective to find the 5 W's (Who, Where, Why, When, What, but just include How) about a specific story. Ancient story, if I might say. 

The story I picked from the choices was Gilgamesh, and hopefully, just hopefully, the 'What' part in the drawing will tell you his story. Because he's in ancient history with "his story". Get it?

Acquaintance and Friend...What's the Difference?

Hi! I'm gonna (sorry for saying that) say this quickly to move on with some other work. This task is from our Skills for Adolescence (adolescence means the stage of growing up; between childhood and adulthood).

We were talking about the difference between acquaintances and friends. To read more, read the drawing! I think I've done this before...last year...maybe this is a "Throwback Thursday" kind of post. Except it's just happening once in a while...

What is Adolescence? This Drawing Reveals Some...

Yesterday the Year Eight Homegroup started on Skills for Adolescence, meaning, if you, the reader, didn't know, means skills taught to students our age, close, or even at (ahem, ahem, me, ahem, ahem) the age of teenager years, where we are becoming adults.

This is a drawing describing some parts of being an adolescent (tweenager-teenager) in this drawing.

Riddle Me Late!!

Hi, there!

Now, I know what you're thinking, I'm a bit late. But that doesn't mean I have to wait another week, or else that would be chaos. I used the schedule tool, one of the best short lessons I've been taught in a long time. So, last week's riddle that I left was...

Imagine you're stuck in a box with no windows or doors. How do you get out?

Did you get it? Here's the answer...

Stop imagining.

There you go. That's the answer. Now here's this week's one!

What question can you never answer?

To give a guess, or if you know the answer, comment below! It helps!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Forgetful Post! With a Seecreet...

Well...where should I start with what I will call a "normal" post?

Maths. Earlier today... <click there to see my perspective of this...

I was with my group, Equals Ten. You know, Brodie and Tanisslous. Weirdly enough, we're still in the same group! But anyway, back to the point. We were doing our normal maths tumble as it said on the maths tumble. Free Rice Maths Timestables. Yep. That. But of course there has to be some flaw to that moment...

I remember it like it was just earlier today...

Tanisslous: Hey, Willy...guess what we're doin'...
Me: Oh...I don't know...I haven't seen the site, yet.
Brodie: Well, Willy-
I look at the site...
Oh, dear. This would mean Tanisslous would do something to distract me, or, even BETTER, make me lag behind him. Doesn't this remind me of anything, me?

But LUCKILY, Brodie was onside, actually seeing my point of view. Tanisslous was being sad, covering my screen AGAIN and letting me get the questions wrong AGAIN, and confusing me with the questions AGAIN, and...

So anyway, Brodie stopped him, and to end this part, Brodie and Tanisslous (who TEAMED UP) got more rice bowls than me, and from what I can remember, they were two-hundred-and-something more rice grains than me.

Now, here's where I COME IN TO GET BACK AT THEM USING MY BLACK MAGIIIC!!!! Coincidentally, I use cards!

So, after losing the race, and changing over to Number Knowledge Practice, the three of us then returned to the game where I can use my magic...okay, this is where the forgetfulness comes in, heh. I forgot the name...sorry...but you have to make 30, or at least get a number in the thirties.

We started. I had five playing cards, Brodie had five playing cards, and that other guy had five cards (<- you know why I did that, don't tell him I did that). We decided the picture cards (the jack, the queen, and the king). I had two picture cards, a ten, and two threes. So, two picture cards = 20. Then plus a ten of diamonds or hearts = 30, plus one of the three = 33, then get the other three to minus three = 30. This would look like:

10 + 10 = 20 + 10 = 30 + 3 + 33 - 3 = 30

I got thirty! And weren't Brodie and Tanisslous surprised I got it. Again. Because this wasn't the first time I did this...I don't think I talked about that one before, not that I remember...oh well, a quick backstory (harp). The first time we played this game, guess who kept getting thirty?? Me! And then they accused me of using black magic to get thirty.

Now back to reality...I got thirty!

And again!

And again!

And again!

And aga-okay, I think you get the point. Or the points, in which I kept getting! Ohhh!

No, I'm kidding, that was pure thinking and luck on my side. But this is the weird part. I was so good on my cards, but then when they gave their cards to me...I was struggling, for all we knew. I couldn't get thirty, on their cards. Then, because I grabbed their used cards, I couldn't make thirty! My mojo had gone! Noo!

At least we learned something today. *Use black magic to your advantage, and like me, you'll never realise how powerful you'll be in maths!

*No one's looking, do it! Use your mind in a totally different
*This is absolutely, totally, under any other circumstances, a joke. If you feel you have been a bit aroused in a bad way by the way the author has written with their words, please remember anything you find offensive on this blog is completely, no matter what, untrue or a positive joke.

A Day in the Life of a Year Nine...Science...

So, moving on, the group had just came out of the building. I bang the door on my way out. Bad luck's a pain, isn't it?

A bit of a chat with another group while walking, and the next thing you know, we're at the science classroom. Our teacher was Miss Bunce, I believe her name was. And for today, we were going to do an experiment, which looked fun, but was informative too, and we learnt something while having a go. So, me and Stanley sat together, in the front table, near Miss Bunce, and then, after giving a look to what it looked like, and it was big, she came to us!

And we went through the process together. There was something that went first, I forgot the name. Then the dishwasher-liquid-bubble thing used, just a bit, and then the food colouring, in which what was supposed to be a few drops, ended up being a lot of food colouring. I mean, it was my first time in a while that I did this...

It erupted and for once I saw toothpaste-like foam just burst into my vision. Spectacular. Now here's what we did while we waited...

We took photos...well, actually, a LOT of photos, in fact, I took a video! While waiting! Genius! I haven't done that in a long time...

This one was just to show the result of the experiment, and just one fact, if you accidentally add too much food colouring, it may look different! Just putting that in there.
 And look at this beauty! What do you think happened next?! Did I take a taste at the elephant toothpaste? Or did I not? That's the mystery...

Quite a good one, right? Just imagine me saying, "I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna do it!" and then just me moving back saying "No, I don't do that!".
 Then this picture/gif right here. Just nothing else to take a picture at. Well, I forgot the entire class. And what a failure in posing every (what could be) second. Literally. It was one second, click, another pose, with no tongues, click, and then the realization that I took a picture poking my tounge, well, there you go...

These two are my favourites. So, just after we took the previous picture, Chasity came along...she and Stanley urged me to take a video...I did, and this is what happened.

On the left, you see me trying to lay one of my "once-in-a-classtime" joke, which ended up being "dry" as they called it. The ending was not planned at all. Then the one on the right shows Chasity and Stanley doing a high-five, and I wanted to do one too, but you know, safety gloves on! And did I have safety gloves on? No, so in a way, I listened well, and avoided a warm disaster...

Then, after taking a video and lots of pictures, the whole class talked about what happened in the experiment. Now, since I am writing this a day after it happened, my brain's fuzzy. The chemicals were used, and together, formed a reaction, a foam-like substance that replicated oxygen? I really forgot some words...

And with that, we were out of class, an-OH! Flippin' shoot! Gosh...dang! The bell rang, piercing my ears! I was trying to replicate what I actually said when I was scared for my life! From the bell! It was quite humorous, as the funny part one else was surprised by the bell...

So, in the next post, I'll talk about the what can be called the short interval...

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A Day in the Life of a Year Nine...

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I experienced what could be the perspective of a Year Nine! At a college!

Today was a Year Eight Open day for Year Eights from a variety of schools (Glenbrae, Glen Innes, Panmure Bridge, Point England...and other schools I forgot, or maybe I already did them...agh, who cares) go to Tamaki College to experience "A Day in the Life of a Year Nine", and they got through different classes, in these so called "periods". There's five periods, I believe. And when they said it's just forty or something minutes in a class...

They weren't kidding! Especially you, Miss Kyla, you were not kidding about that, right? Right?

Okay, let's move onto my perspective of a Year Nine. First of all, before the first period starts, and even before he even steps foot into the auditorium, guess what happens? And I am not joking because coincidentally...IT HAPPENED TO ME! WOW! GOSH! But yes, guess what happens next...

He gets a nose bleed. Quite strange, considering the fact he was never feeling hot or warm. In fact, he was cold! It was raining! So, without further ado, the new Year Nine goes into the toilets for what seemed like a couple of minutes, sorting out his nose. And blood. Eew.

But he goes back int-oh, nevermind, I'll just switch it back to me, this is getting hard for me to do it as a Year Nine (you know, because I'm a Year Eight, this is quite hard). So, anyway, to start the day, I have a minor bleeding nose, which ended in me doing that thing where you stuff toilet paper up your nose. You know what that is right? Like, it stops the blood, covering your nostril?

This is one of the re-enactment images
to be shown in these series of posts...
Chasity, PAST friend (you'll find out in a moment for five), laughs as always at the sight of me (there you go, that's why). I sit down, and well! Wouldn't you know! I ended up by myself on the seats! Everyone who I sat next to, walked away! Wow, being a Year Nine can be difficult, in a funny kind of way. I then find Cypress and Stanley, who were in my group (lucky for once?), and when called up, guess who was one of our guides.........

Chasity. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaat. And I meant that long great actually. You know (flashback), I should've known I would be in her group.

And guess where we went first? Physical Education. That one subject that literally makes my heart pump. Literally. I have a heart syndrome. Excessive exercise makes it worse. And heat. But that couldn't stop me fro-oh, no, wait, it did. It actually stopped the whole thing. Everyone was looking at me, as I tried to find a rubbish bin to put my bloody toilet paper piece in.

It was a game (which I forgot the name of, sorry) that included running, touching, sitting, and cones. Two teams, two sides. Each have to get ten cones (or at least, the most cones) to their side in order to score a point. I forgot who won, but that was probably because I was being the worst guarder ever, and also, losing my breath. Oh, no, the game ended. Because SOME people were, don't look at me...even though I do cheat a lot, does not mean I cheat during sports...

Or do I?

No, I don't, really.

So, after the game abruptly ended, we played this other game called chain tag (I forgot the actual name...maybe I lost blood??), where apparently, out of all the people to choose as the second tagger, and let me tell you, I was just going to ask if two of our leaders (Chasity and Danielle <and forgot to spell name right but I know her!) could play. My hands are in the air, and I was chosen to be a tagger.

I laughed it off, but then got tired and only had like, what, three, two, four people on me?

I don't know. I had a nosebleed, it wasn't gonna get any better after that. Now, I better go onto another post to write about the next class we went into...SCIENCE...

Faith - A College Task about Values...

Hi, there. My name is Willy and today I’ll talk about a value that then became a deep one for my thoughts and personality, that is now a great value! One value that I have that I am glad to have This means that I have full trust in something or someone who I would believe will do something good later on. This value that I chose is important to me because having faith in something that you think will turn out good will result in you gaining the feeling of trust, knowing that when you trust in something/someone for something else, you will definitely take hold on that trust. I, personally, think that values such as having faith can boost your personality and help your life in school, home, and in the community. I bet I use this value quite often, actually. Sometimes, when a friend says they’ll help online later on, I can trust them, and also, when they say they’ll complete their work, I can trust them! I have absolute faith in them! And when an event comes into mind, I can have faith that it doesn’t get interrupted by any sort of interruption. This value, to me, was from many people I’ve encountered so far, including teachers, family members (especially parents), and friends...why? Because of them, I have faith in them to give me faith!

That’s all I need to say about faith.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Keen To Read??

A Day in the Life of a Year Nine...

Ever wondered what a Year Nine feels like on their "first" day at college? Want to know what college students do to learn, interact, and adapt to college life? Going to college next year but unfortunately can't picture what it'll be like?

Stay tooned for tomorrow... 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Dear Fictitious Diary...Early ANZAC Task

Hi, everybody.

I just completed an Early Finisher's ANZAC Day task for now. This task, and believe me the document was a big one, had a bundle of tasks and keys to do, and I chose this one. The "Dear Diary". I have no idea why it's called that, but I know the objective. For ANZAC Day, this task is said to write a letter in the scenario where you're an ANZAC soldier who has survived three days after landing on Gallipoli Shores. Miracle! Now I had to write a letter...

Dear Diary,

It's horrible. It's disgusting. It's cruel. It's somewhat blinding sometimes.

Three days here, and already I'm traumatized! I never knew what I was in for, I was on foreign soil, thinking this would be a great opportunity to seek the outside world. That all took a turn for the worst as just when I landed here, gunshots were fired and dear me, wasn't THAT such a bad scene to look at afterwards??

Many good men wasted under the gunfire. Especially most of my friends. Never said anything to them before we came to this land. Not even shore what this land is, but if you ask me, it's quite worse than you can ever think.

Now I'm sitting in one of the trenches, dirt flying everywhere, surrounded by bloody men, really older than me, walking around, no, sitting down, screaming. No, wait, it seems as if they're just trying to talk over the madness happening over on the other side.

No one I can see I can recognize. No one. Even with these men beside me, I'm still alone. In the dark. I never know what's coming towards me. I hope to come home to my family, but that's if I can stay alive for longer...

Why Should People Celebrate ANZAC Day?

ANZAC Day. The day of remembrance and commemorations across two countries brought together. To stand together. This week, for the reading tasks, they were all related to ANZAC Day, comprehension activities to make us students think a lot about this day.

One of the tasks was to make a popplet or padlet (I did padlet because I didn't want to lose a popplet) to show some ideas about why people should celebrate ANZAC Day.

I went to do a LOT of research and learnt many new things about our ANZACs, the Turkish side of the story, what their name was (the Ottoman Empire), and lots more about the Gallipoli landings.

Friday, 24 April 2015

ANZAC Poem - By Mehi and Willy (me)

Hello, reader. My name is Willy and right now I present to you the ANZAC poem me and my great friend Mehi collaborated on. Truth be told, she made a prompt and I "went into the river and went with the flow". Then, all of a sudden, this came! A few "verses" giving an idea to the reader about ANZAC Day with the use of figurative language in places.

And to believe this took a day or two to write. I'm not that good in poetry!

So check out the poem Mehi and I wrote, well, typed down as we were thinking of those who lost their lives, but are noe remembered for their service to their country.

Oh, yes, there's a bit of a mistake towards the end. Instead of just the letter "e", it was "hope". And the ending was "We Will Remember Them".

Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Gift We Gave...

Good evening to you, reader!

For now I will leave you with something that I almost forgot, until the graceful Miss Kyla sent an email to last year's Room Eight, in which it was about the birthday song (which I talked about a day later, August 29th, but I forgot the actual post) me and Simon had made for Miss Kyla. Gosh, I didn't know it would actually come to THIS day!

It's so amazing!

And so was last, here you go, me and Simon (with back-up vocals from Alison and Malia) with the birthday rap for Ms Kyla! And all of it, is true.

Hope you enjoyed this light, delightful, memorable, great moment in my school life...

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Riddle Me Wednesday! First of the Term!

Good evening to you, reader.

It's the first Wednesday of Term Two...that must mean...Riddle Me Wednesday is back! Wow! Hasn't it been a WHILE! But, before I show this week's riddle, here was the last riddle from Term One...

Two men are in a desert. They both have packs on. One of them is dead. The other man has his pack open, and the man who is dead has his pack closed.

What is in the pack?

Now, if everyone can read this, someone posted a comment below that particular post. Here's their comment here:

Click the image to enlarge it. But this person, amazingly, and SURPRISINGLY got the riddle right! A parachute! Well done, Jane Marshall, if I can reveal your name. Well, it's in the picture, but, well, I will mention the're awesome!

Everyone's awesome!

And thanks for that compliment, if I can call it that. Thank you.

So, without further ado, this week's riddle...

And to quote John Lennon, even though I forgot the whole thing, but you'll get it...

Imagine you're stuck in a box with no windows or doors. How do you get out?

If you want to guess, comment below this post! Don't hesitate!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Novel Study Series - Remember: Character's Traits

Good evening to you, reader.

I might continue the Novel Study Series during some school days. But at least it'll be more reminding to you, since it makes me more grateful that I read the book. It's amazing, by the way. I should mention that.

For the evening enjoy these attempted character traits I made about the characters in the book was reading, which was Canterbury Quake. I did this for a task in the Novel Study Presentation (Bloom's Taxonomy based), in which one of the tasks I chose was to describe the character's personality traits and physical traits using adjectives, similes, and metaphors.

So, here we go...and I do apologise in advance of reading the rest of this, I'm still working on my describing skills...

Here's the characters and their given traits and descriptions:

An artist. Active, but trapped under the forces of Mother Nature. Mixed emotions spring to her mind while in her diary, becoming creative in her own private way. Confident like a lion, but is building up on her roar to the crowd. She doesn't seem to help the fact that she is pretending to cope in the earthquakes, quite like how a hero is hiding their actual feelings.

Tessa (older sister):
Tessa, on the emotional rollercoaster. Like a broken picture frame, cracked under the pressure of random occurrences. The would-be puzzle piece that holds her siblings together. Creative in her own way, in words, and

Jackson (younger brother):
The sugar rush in one's life. Bed wetting, sadly, like a new sprinkler. Repetitive like a cheeky parrot, and a recurring follower of his sisters.

Maddy's Mum (name not given):
A ticking time bomb if you press the wrong buttons. Always gets what she wants, even if it ends up being less better than thought. An elastic band...flexible. Can be able to be with family in a bad house, while also organizing a business in a bad house.

Maddy's Dad (name not given):
Fresh air. The slow wind blowing through the pack of cards, but too hard that it falls down. Maddy's Dad is like a train, always running and sometimes extremely late to being back to where he was. A family man, but also hard working.

Laura (distant friend of Maddy):
One half of a great partnership and confidence. Strong like a confident leader, never backing down to the naysayers. But she is a

Zoe (once bully now half-friend):
Zoe the rock that almost crushed the lone Maddy, but joined in forces to beat the impossible. An unlikely friend, who is usually not mentioned because of her supposed ignorance.

Bella (new friend):
That mouse that no one mentions, yet brings a big impact to your life. Well, a small one, but you get what I mean, right? Bella is like the new piece of the necklace that you wear, and may be with you for some time. And you enjoy it. Isn't such a gossipy person, but can be comfortable to be with when walking home.

Aunty Beth:
Can be a fun time. But when half her life has gone from bad to worse, she TOO can be an emotional rollercoaster. Her personality is not fully shown, but it may be seen as the light of the party, a bag of fun when it comes to family (before the earthquakes, though). A steaming pot under pressure. The fire becoming bigger, the problem is worse than thought.

Uncle Dave:
Before the earthquakes, he was fine and calm, just like Maddy's Dad. A firework, that would then explode. After the earthquakes. Bursting in the sky, in which everyone can see. He couldn't take the pressure of losing a house. Sad, he feels, deep inside.

So, there goes my attempt at using figurative language in my blogposts.

Ten Fast Fingers! Yes! But is it Bittersweet?

Good day to you, reader.

I changed the intro for school purposes. I don't know what else to call the thing I say first then the post, so I call it an introduction to the reader. There...

Earlier today for spelling the whole class had a warm up task before we did a spelling test. You'll never guess what the activity was...well the title says it all but just pretend you didn't see it...TEN! FAST! FINGERS! OH YES! I had not done that activity in quite a while, but it was worth the wait. Seeing almost everyone do it, focusing on actually typing their heart out...

It's just one of the moments you can't forget...*tear*...

But anyway, but to my point. I hadn't done the task in a while, yes. And I was a bit rusty at the start. Over fifty words. Wow. That was a good start...although I didn't screenshot it, sadly...uh...but that's because I was SO into the typing test! Yeah! Hmm...

Seriously, you should've been there when I hit over fifty words. "Hey. everybody! Look! I got fifty-something on the test!" I announced! And the next thing you know!

No one's actually listening. Woow.

Tiere, a friend, and AN ACTUAL GOOD LISTENER (that was meant as a joke, if you get it, good on you), was probably the only person who took notice. Out of everyone on the table. 

See, this is where that moment, the "Oh, goodness, everyone's so great and focused on the ten fast fingers, which usually no one enjoys because you're just typing and looking at scores", it then turns into, "Oh, for crike's sake! Why isn't anyone paying attention?! I got a high score! Dang it, ten fast fingers...".

So, ignoring the fact no one actually listened or even CARED, I did another test. Remember, this is all written as humorous, not depressing. Wow, I got a screenshot of it!

And I was so happy! And joyful! And wanted to laugh at the fact I actually had more words than anyone on the ta...oh, that sounded harsh. I had a lot of words completed, yeah. This time, when I announced it, people weren't focused, yes, but they were practically yelling at the amount of words they had! It was so loud, in fact, I had to make myself loud enough to hear, and it was quite funny.

I can't believe one simple screenshot prompted a whole story. Let's just say at the end I was acting all nevermind, everyone, I'll just sit here while dang it, guys.

But all in all, it was a great time coming back to this activity. As said before it boosts your speed in typing, you focus on the word you're going to focus on, you build concentration, so much, it would be hard for someone to DISTRACT you...but yeah, I love it.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

2 Weekly Post

This image was taken before my haircut...

Term Two is about to begin, and even though most of the students are happy to see each other once again for another term, there is surely going to be some struggle happening in the coming two weeks.

A new opportunity has opened up, but how would Willy take advantage of it? 

And with Winter coming early to Tamaki, how would that affect the school? 

Could Willy stop talking about this as if he's another person? 

Speaking of another person, how will he cope without Abraham Burnley making his personality more visible?

What can go wrong in the next two weeks?

The 2 Weekly Post returns at the scheduled date of the 3rd of May.

Most questions in this post may be fictional but was used to add more climax

Novel Study Series: Apply - Nostalgic Moments

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and for another part of the Novel Study Series, I take a look back a few years of what the book I read (Canterbury Quake, which I finished reading. Yes!), and see how the book's events remind me of a similar time.

The question of the task was, for Apply, Did this book remind you of anything that has happened to you? What? Why? How did you act in that situation?

Now, considering the big part of this book is earthquakes and their personal effects on the people in the book, the earthquakes reminded me of two not-so-similar situations, but they're at least close to being as big of an earthquake to Christchurch's.

One scenario occurred to me almost three years ago. Specifically, 2012. This was probably when the Big Shake Out earthquake drill occurred across the country. Everyone was prepared and the clock was ticking. Everything was quiet...then Ms Aireen (who was coincidentally my teacher in 2012) told us to do the drill in which we practised HOW MANY TIMES, and we were under the tables for quite some time.

How I felt? I tried to think what it would be like to actually be in an earthquake. Horrible.

It was quiet, we didn't laugh at the fact that we were under the tables and desks doing nothing and waiting for something to happen.

Now here's the second scenario/situation.

In 2013, March I think it was, and I still remember the time. Past 4 o'clock. A small yet hard earthquake happened from outside of Auckland, but it was still felt across parts inside Auckland. Including my house. I was just sitting on the sofa in the living room in my home...thought nothing interesting would happen...what would happen, anyway?

Then the small earthquake struck at about 4:04pm. I still remember. The sofa I was sitting was rocking me for about a second. Goodness me, was I scared right after. The loud roar bursting through the seams, and into my ears.

I couldn't move.

I just sat there, my life flashing through my eyes in that moment.

I felt absolutely shocked, mixed with horribleness. If that's a word...

So, anyway, those were the situations/scenario that went through my mind while reading the book (Canterbury Quake, absolutely great read in my opinion). Again, this ends this task for the Novel Study Series for now. See you in the next one!

Thinker's Keys: The What If Key

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I, along with fellow friends Mehi and Stanley, have completed another Thinker's Key for today. Whoo! So much learning and working, I might as well do something unrelated to learning after this one!

This key today is the What If Key. This key really, OPENS up the mind to the possible outcomes, and the event is given from the task. That pretty much didn't give much information about this task...oh, here's the scenario (<- that word literally made me frustrated trying find out what it was...I was seriously frustrated!!!! ARGH!!)...

What if people had no heroes to look up to?  Use google drawing to brainstorm possible effects of this.

Now, uh, heh. The three of us kept forgetting the task objective, so we came up with...this...

Took a LOT of time to get this done...

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Hi, everybody.

My name is Willy and...and...I have some really heart-breaking least that's how Abraham would say it...

Everybody, Abraham Burnley
leaves...for now...
Abraham, my true alter ego, and no coincidence if there was another Abraham Burnley, but this is a different one, the name is truly coincidental. Abraham, sadly, has gone to leave the suburb of Tamaki.

It's pretty saddening to hear, I know. But for some reason, he has gone back to his origin suburb, Gracepath (never really liked that suburb for some reason), in order to finish some unfinished business at his origin school, Gracepath Primary. He didn't tell me what  happened there. That was pretty harsh.

Now...he's gone.

Luckily, on the brighter and lighter side of things, he says he will be back as soon as things settle down. I'll give it six weeks, if not, maybe a term. It's just almost figuratively, a part of me gone somewhere else. And it's the serious, confident, part, so...gonna miss him for a while.

Let's just hope he comes back from the madness...

Novel Study Series: Apply: A Visit from Maddy...

Hi everybody,

My name is Willy and this is one of the tasks for Apply that I chose to do in the Novel Study Series. Here's the description for the task below:

Write an imaginative recount of a day that the main character came to visit our class.  What would happen?  How would they react to us?  How would we react to them?

It was such a memorable remember. At least for some of us it was! We were having a special visitor, coming ALL the way from Christchurch. Her name, apparently, was Maddy. Throughout 2010 to 2011 she had experienced earthquakes and aftershocks, which had changed not only Christchurch itself, but the people living there, too.

Sunny morning. The whole, and by whole I mean the Year Seven and Year Eights, sat quietly down on the mat, almost like mice. Except it was noisy and there were people complaining like horns about being squashed. Then, with a bit of suspense...Maddy came into our classroom, walking down the stairs, no trouble at all. But we all knew the earthquake had some impact on her.

Maddy sat down, looking around the class. (Now, I can't interpret how she would comment on our classroom, so I'll just make it up) "Wow..." she said, looking particularly at our ceiling fans, "Must be great up here..." she continued, "Back in Christchurch, when the 'big one' came in, it ruined the schools, some of them were so bad, they didn't have a date of when they'd sister, Tessa, was truly wrecked.

Her sister's school was ruined, so she would have to go to the far side of Christchurch just to share a school with another school, and that would be up until five o'clock, and because of that (just a quick note, she had a job before the earthquakes, where she would babysit the neighbours' children after three o'clock), she lost her job!

The class was quietly flooded in tears. Other classmates glared at each other, thinking what would happen if they were in a situation like a recurring quake.

Maddy then talked about how she once had a best friend, her name was Laura. Before the earthquakes, she said, they were always sticking by each other all the time, especially when they were confronted by this really mean bully called Zoe. But then, after the earthquakes, and due to her house being impossible to live in, Laura set out with her family to go to Timaru. Let's just say people drift apart and move on.

After a few more stories, Maddy then began to feel more homely in our classroom. Looking around the class displays once again, she never showed any signs of being affected by the earthquakes.

Because she saw hope burst in front of her own eyes. Everyone in the class gave hopeful wishes to Maddy, and a few hugs, of course. She and her family suffered from the earthquakes. They would soon see the city burst back to life.

Now I know what you're thinking, there was hardly any connections from the reality of Kia Manawanui to the imagination of Maddy and her struggles during the quake. But at the end of the day, we all have support in one another. That's how we'd react.


Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy...and I conquered my own made-up challenge!!


It feels goood! Great, even! That I read a book in two weeks! And I keep using exclamation marks to mark I'm cheerful! Yeah!

This is the fourth time, I think, that I read a book, that suits my level, in a short amount of weeks.

Now I have a full understanding of the whole book. I'll be posting up a few posts (the Novel Study) later on in the day.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Day that Truly Shocked Me...3

Hi, everyone.

This is the final part of the see the first part, click here. To see the second part, click here.

So, my Mum had hung up on me, and I was completely stumped. Why would she do that, hang up abruptly? Might've been because she wasn't used to having Dad's friends go off without talking to Dad. Or something else, if you know what I mean. Hopefully you don't, that's personal.

My Mum comes back just minutes after she hung up, dropping off my sister, saying, 'I'm just going to the dairy, yeah?'.
'Yep!' I reply back, while taking my sister back inside.

Inside I ask her, "Where's Dad?"
"At the car wash..." she replies.
My face went blank for a second. We, as in me, my Mum, and my Dad, kept telling her they were going to the car wash, because she is SOOO curious with her questions. Even IF she knows the answer!

"Okay...where did you and Mum go?" I ask.
"To the car wash..." she replies.

My mind tells me she's no use to where my Dad could be. I thought she would know, because you never know! They could be useful! But for my sister, that is proved wrong in some cases.

My Mum comes home with some dinner and shopping. I realised my Mum and sister were at shopping, too. In my mind, it was completely blank. But that didn't interrupt me from putting the shopping away. And having dinner. My sister didn't want any tomato sauce on her plate (we were having chicken and chips, it was last minute).

After finishing, it's becoming to become late. Like, almost night-time kind of late. I'm crumbling under worry about my Dad. Where would he be at this time at almost-night? What would he be possibly doing right now?? How many questions will I ever ask about this?!?

Although, considering the fact that my Dad had not been seen, still, SOMEONE made me stay hopeful all this time, and that made me...uh...calm? I didn't know the word, but the nirvana part of that was the fact that my emails would be sent INSTANTLY and really fast, too.


It's eight o'clock. The lottery's on. I got some numbers from another site and guess what? To relieve the worry, I got one number right from the lottery! What a miracle! Although Mehi thought it was freaky...

Then she started talking about Michael Jackson. Here, let me tell you something, whenever I talk about Mehi from now on, I'll include the name "Michael Jackson" too. It's just right...because she loooooves him.

By the way, what I wrote above this paragraph were the exact things I said. Thought, actually. Didn't want it to be that weird. I asked my Mum if she knew where he was yet. Surprisingly, no she didn't. Get it? No she didn't! Sorry, serious. My Mum said that with the obvious look of doubt and depression. But I wouldn't call it depression, I'd call it something between depression and sadness, IN THE MIDDLE.

She ate her dinner, which was taking a long time, and went upstairs to do her speech for church tomorrow. And...pray.

Just going to get off the point of having a possible missing father, can you actually see what I'm doing here, everyone? How in the previous paragraphs, there had been some sort of "distraction" from the serious topic? Distractions such as small references and jokes to get canned laughter? And little informal interruptions?

Well, in my mind, I was making distractions to help get my mind off the fact my Dad had not been found by us....then, when all hope was about to be lost in distractions and funniness (emails)...I hear something, something so familiar to my hearing...keys, jingling against the door, loud enough so I can hear...

My Dad was not lost. But left behind.

My sister ran down to grab my Dad, while he was stuck in confusion, he was also feeling the Homely feeling, yeah. And just outside, as well, were people from church. So, hurrah, the story of his disappearance was clear.

He was with the church.

Oh, thank goodness. And our heavenly father for giving us such a good ending to this growing nightmare. I seriously thought he'd been out for an all-nighter...but that day where the worrying just couldn't stop. It seriously hit me and my Mum.

Don't worry if you've been hit also with this's normal now! He's been great! Just hopefully, if he comes back home after the church practise for Mother's Day...or my Mum...

Novel Study Series: Understand - Guessing a Genre...

Hi, everybody!

Today, for Novel Studies, I get into a task that has some explaining to do. Like, I really am going to explain something about the book not long from now. I am going to give the book I'm reading (Canterbury Quake, by Desna Wallace), a genre! And then explain why I chose that genre.

So, the genre I chose for the book is...and I don't know for sure...just remember that...

Historical Fiction. Why?

I chose this genre for the book because even though it brings the history back to life, in such a feely and very empathic way, it is somewhat fictional. But! It is based on true events, that were horrible to see in person, let alone on television, that occurred in Christchurch between 2010-2011.

This historic part is about how some events, like the memorials, the two minute silence, and the aftermath (cracks, liquefaction, buildings damaged) were in the past, meaning some parts of the experience were historic, therefore it was engraved in history. Although some moments were really sad.

And since the book is almost diary-like, using dates and not chapters, it's like a full-on experience to let the reader in on Maddy's (the main character) day. Or, if everything's too hard to handle, short paragraphs. But they still make it seem as though it was written in the past, and like every historical fiction, it makes the past significant events seem real when it affects not only Maddy, but her family and her life.

That's probably it for this explanation, hope you're informed on the genre I chose.

The Day that Truly Shocked Me...2

Hello, everybody.

My name is Willy and this is the second part of the day that literally shook me. To see the background story, click here.

Moving on...

I was doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, wiping the tables, all that stuff, because not only was I supposed to do that, but my Mum had been recovering from a sudden illness. Body aches and a sore throat. She was fine now, she and my sister went to the pharmacy to get her medication.

So, while my Mum was doing her bible study, and her supposedly speech for church the next day, I had cleaned most of downstairs. Because our 'guest' room was to be unchanged. I go on my netbook, begin on some working tasks, and not to forget, take a walk and stand for a while so my heart syndrome (don't worry, it's sorta normal) doesn't get bad.

A couple hours of HARDCORE working, sort of, Mum gets a phone call. She then gets ready, putting her bible and biblical books away in her working bag, then prepares my sister, who hadn't changed her clothes anyway, and set off to pick up Dad.

I look after my brother, while also cleaning up some stuff, too. The stairs looked a bit dirty, might as well vaccum it while I can.

I then get a phone call...I knew it was from Mum, but why would she be calling for?

I was a bit shocked, considering how it was such a good and normal day, all turned into such a worry. But the question was, where was he? Where could he have been instead? To my Mum's perspective of things, I bet the fundraiser was already packed up and done already. Dang it.

Then, all of a sudden, Dad's friend, whose name is Dave, came over, wondering where he went. He did come a couple of times before but it was a short visit. I told him that Dad was still gone. "Oh..okay..." he said, giving a hint of disappoint, walking away, back to his car...again. I was about to have a tear come down...

But then another friend of Dad's came by. Oh, why...

I tell him he's not here, and replies with a short "Have a good day, aye?" and I end it with a fake-happy like "Yep...".

Feeling sorry for rejecting them, I call Mum...

Uijt Jt Nz Qptu Efejdbufe up Nz Mbtu Qptu

WARNING: The following post is under the Augustus Code. If you have not read the previous post, do read it. If you did, enjoy cracking this post!

But to be simple: Get the letter (e.g J) and put it one letter down (J becomes I).

Ij, fwfszcpez!

Nz obnf jt Xjmmz boe kvtu cfgpsf J qptufe tpnfuijoh uibu sfwfbmfe b dpef, xifsf, jg zpv eje sfbe ju, zpv xpvme voefstuboe uijt nfttbhf. Ps, jo uijt dbtf, efdpef uijt dszqujd cmphqptu.

Tp, mfu nf kvtu lffq uijt hpjoh, xjui bopuifs uijoh up tbz. J cfu, jg zpv'wf xpoefsjoh, uibu jg zpv eje opu qbz buufoujpo up uif qsfwjpvt qptu, uifo zpv xpvme tfsjpvtmz btl zpvstfmg, ps fwfo dpnnfou cfmpx, Xiz bsf zpv epjoh uijt? Xibu uif ifdl jt uijt? Nbzcf uijt jt uif pof uijoh zpv dpvme jnqspwf po...

Epo'u xpssz, fwfszcpez. Boe bmtp, jg zpr'sf b dmptf gsjfoe pg njof, ep opu fnbjm nf xibu jt uijt, boe xibu jt xspoh xjui nf. Cfdbvtf J bn KVTU GJJOF...

Uijt qptu nbz cf b qfstpobm gjstu. Ju JT nz gjstu qptu, J uijol, uibu ibt op qspqfs xpset up eftdsjcf xibu jt ibqqfojoh. Xfmm, cftjeft uif eftdsjqujpo bu uif upq, xijdi xjmm ufmm zpv b cju bcpvu xibu bmm uijt nfbot.

Uibolt gps sfbejoh uijt!

If you're thinking of going back to the previous post, do it! You'll probably have a chance that you'll decode this message! I mean, blogpost!

The Day that Truly Shocked Me...1

Hello, everybody.

My name is Willy and my holidays have begun to become a bit more worrying than I thought. It was my Dad. Today, my friends, was the day my Dad went to a church fundraiser and did not return for almost a whole day. Now, this post may be a bit unsettling due to the name, and because this is a learning blog, but don't worry...

Oh, I shouldn't have said that. Because for half of today was filled with worry, and the possible doubt of how my Dad had SEEN BY MY MUM.

But here's the backstory before all this madness happened...

It was a good, almost sunny, normal morning. I slept Dad would yell my name because of how late it was in the morning to be sleeping (even though HE usually sleeps in the most!) and then before I would officially wake up, my sister ruined it by jumping onto my bed and trying to sleep on my bed, but my bed is know...something happened...

I pushed her back to her room because she hurt my back. Ow! Ugh! I hate it when she does that! Moving on from my injury, I did my normal routine...brushed my teeth, did some cream, walked downstairs with a bit of a groan because I knew there'd be some chores to do...

And there was. The living room was messy, the table had bowls, and guess who had to clean it all up? Me, of course, I'm a grown, young adult, I should be helping! But my sister and brother get to make all the mess. It's not fair.

Although I did get a surprise before I was gonna do the dishes, I am told, by my parents, that they're going to the church car wash in a few minutes. Them, plus my sister, who wanted to go so badly with my Mum, because she just can't let go of her. Obviously. Because she's her mother! Gosh!

So I was left at home with my brother. Who had not been a bother throughout the whole time. While they were gone, though, I did feel something bad in my stomach. By the time I sorted myself out, my Mum and sister were back, saying they had dropped off my Dad.

I thought it was okay, but I was soon wrong...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A New Thing To Do...Before School Starts!

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I had a new thought...

Why not make a new hobby before school starts? That'll be brilliant!

So, here it is. I've just gotten into this thing called letter substitution, where you replace one letter with another letter (for example replace "C" with "L") and then talk, with that letter substitution! So, read this sentence, using the letter substitution of "C" with "L"...

The cat caught in a car collision course could not catch any cones

Replace the letter "c" with "l" now, and you would say...

The lat laught in a lar lollision lourse lould not latch any lones

And see if you lan leep doing this (by the way, letters with the same sound can be replace too) for as long as it tales!

But, here's another thing that lan leep maling things interesting...

Loding...I mean...ugh, okay, loding. Loding lan be used in many situations to lommunilate with other people, to male a sentence so no one else lan see (I seriously lan't believe the letter "l" is being lhanged, <- and I'll explain that later, so many times) what you're altually writing down, let alone the falt that you lan male something of your own. Just thinl about it!]

Here's an example, with no letter substitution of "c" with "l"...

I saw the cat cross the road before the cars came crashing

It would be:

J (<-I) tbx (<-saw) uif (<-the) dbu (<-cat) dsptt (<-cross) uif (<-the) spbe (<-road) cfgpsf (<-before) uif (<-the) dbst (<-ars) dbnf (<-came) dsbtioh (<-crashing).

This code (Augustus Code or something) gets one letter then moves it up one letter, for example, A would be turned into B, and for Z, it would turn into A.

Like A = B, B = C, C = D, D = E, E = F, F = G, and so on...

I'll make a post all to do with this code, so seriously, and hopefully you read this note, READ THIS BLOGPOST, or the next post will be blurbs and random letters if you don't understand.

And a bit of a rule on the previous part of this post, letter substitution (which really is the whole post, but you know the part), when facing a word like "choosing" and the letter substitution is ""L", you would first say the sound of "L", then saying the rest of the word as if it is normal, like "hoosing", it would sound like "choosing".

I have humorously tried to make this post make more sense how many times, and this is the best I can do.

The next two posts is dedicated to these two new things I have learned...

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Thinker's Keys: The Comparison Key

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I did ANOTHER Thinker's Key. I'm starting to get the hang of this! Might as well do the next holiday when I can!

Okay, so, this key that I'm doing for today is the Comparison Key. I have done one before earlier in Term One, but this one is a BIT different. It's to make a venn diagram to show the differences between two different subjects, and the same qualities in the middle.

For this, it was a movie superhero, and a community hero. The layout's basic but I am starting to make a schedule of things to blog.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Novel Study Series: Remember: Books the Author Has Done?

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and this is the second task of the "Remember" part of the Novel Study that I have chosen to do. Luckily, it wasn't that much of a hard task. Again. This just involved a bit of a realization that the author of the book I'm reading (Desna Wallace) had made only one book...

I think I just spoiled the presentation. But go through it anyway, I put a bit more information than this description.

Thinker's Keys: Variations Key

Hi, everybody!

Today, for Thinker's Keys, and drawings, too, I have sort of completed the Variations Key, which is about making a DLO showing different ways to encourage people to do something or be something. I think I got it right. I don't know. All I know is that the situation in this case was to encourage others to become heroes in their community.

Here's the drawing!

Oh, if you have some difficulty seeing the words, here's the plain version below:

In your community...

Well! You’ve heard it here! You yourself can be a hero to many your community…

You may be asking “How in the community can I do that?!”

Well, simple, everybody.
  • Random Act of Kindness
  • Make Someone's Day
  • Pick...up...rubbish? I don't know...
But here are the biggest ones to remember...
  1. Be Watchful...

    Don’t listen to the modern lingo, like the word, “snitch”. It’s better to report than to stand there and let a ripple of trouble take it’s effect. If you see something suspicious happening around your community, report it! Don’t want something bad to occur, do you?
  2. Respect!

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Respect your own community! If they have kept you safe from danger, shouldn’t you do the same? Better yet, why not help someone in need? Respecting even strangers let alone people you know will grant you a place in their hearts for being, well, respectful!

    And last but not least (< I forgot to put that in there...)
  3. Use Your Initiative!

    Ahh, this one is unforgettable. Using your initiative is a great way of being recognizable. If something was left undone, you wouldn’t walk past’d do something about it! Like a hero would do, exactly! This would surely make you become a community hero, using your initiative, and beating the bad side, also.

Build Up to The Day that Truly Shocked Me

It was getting word or any sign...the worry had risen...

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Novel Study Series: Understand - Recording Myself Read a Little Bit

Hi, everybody!

The Novel Study series has begun and luckily there are some things too easy to accomplish!

This task for "Remember" (because the Novel Study presentation uses the Bloom's Taxonomy) that I chose is to record myself, using vocaroo, read a favourite chapter of mine from my book (Canterbury Quake: Christchurch 2010-11). But...

There is, one small thing about this book. You see, the book doesn't...really...have...chapters...

It's like a diary. In a diary, there are no chapters. Only...uh...entries, as people call them, recounting different days which goes on and on and o...

So, this "entry" that became my favourites, from the book, is on Friday, September 10th, 2011:

Here goes nothing...

It was short, but it really hit me with the main character (whose name is Maddy) after "the big one" had hit Christchurch, and was facing aftershocks in her sleep, hence the poem.

An Upcoming Post...

....The day, that truly shocked mind was spinning....sanity running out....

To be posted on Thursday, the 16th, of April...find out what the picture means and the labels below...

UPDATE: There's more detail once you look at the more bigger image...

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Novel Study Series

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I have recently thought of something else to do for my reading part of the homework tasks provided. Since I can't access the reading log, I went onto the class site and look what I found!

The Novel Study presentation/tasks!

Although, the book I'm reading isn't a nov...

Oh, no, wait, I just searched on Google. It IS a novel. Ahh, where would we be without Google...anyways, the book I'm reading: Canterbury Quake, is the book I'm currently reading. I'm aiming to read 11 pages per day to finish it on the last day of the holidays. Hopefully that's correct! I'll be doing the Novel Study presentation tasks on this book but not only one post, but multiple, as they're going to be different tasks.

This is going to go well...this will be well planned....I will be well during this...

I'm only doing this only because I think it's best. And it'll add more to blogposts, too. So...nice...initiative??

Manaakitanga: How Do We Show It?

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I am going to attempt to do a writing task from the apparently HOMEWORK tasks the whole class (or students with netbooks and are taking them home) has to do. This writing task I'm doing today is this:

Write a paragraph describing different ways we can show manaakitanga / caring and hospitality at Tamaki Primary.

So, here we go, and I do apologise for writing paragraphs, not one single paragraph. I'm just a talky guy, have you SEEN the 2 Weekly Posts before? And posts last year? And possibly the year before that?

Okay, let's start...


Manaakitanga. One of our school values here at Tamaki Primary. But how exactly, do we show this particular value? First of all, we show this value in our classrooms, but considering the fact that I'm in the Kia Manawanui Syndicate, we mostly use this value in our learning hub. Whenever we see a friend or classmate struggling with work, or just downright alone, looking sad, we always use our initiative and go near them to care for them. Help them, if needed.

That's one of the ways we show manaakitanga. Another way we show this value is when visitors are at our school, more specifically teachers/staff from other schools in or outside of Auckland. Student Councillors turned ambassadors not only show them around, but give hospitality to visitors. They may share a joke with the visitors, maybe even an anecdote about their learning.

The most useful and most seen way we show manaakitanga is, would you believe it, outside on the field! Or courts! Or playground! Outside during break times, or during school events, everyone is showing manaakitanga! For example, if someone lost a race or a game, someone else, who is usually a close friend, would always cheer them up, and walk and talk with them.

Even if there is like, an Athletics Day for the school, and the house teams all say they're better than the others, we all still care about each other...right? Or am I just completely not getting the point of "competition"? Anyway, we still care for each other! Whether we lose or win, everyone's caring, and a winner, at the end.

These are just some of the many ways we show manaakitanga at Tamaki Primary. No wonder why it's one of our school values!


And that's about it. Hopefully this is informative as I think it is.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Current Events: Bloom's Taxonomy! Holiday Edition!

Hi, everybody!

My name is Willy and today I did something I haven't done in a while...and I mean like, weeks. I think it's been weeks. I don't know, but here it goes...

The Current Events: Bloom's Taxonomy! It's this activity, if you didn't know, that requires deep thinking for its questions and mini tasks. I gotta tell you, it takes a long time trying to get the hang of it. 

This week's article for me is about a man who was reportedly abused and knocked to the ground by a couple of teenagers, who stole his cars, then were caught and were seen in Youth Court earlier today. Enjoy the presentation with a bit of maturity towards the end.

And by the way, since the work took most of the time, there was not enough "holiday pizzaz" to go into this presentation. Some of you may be asking what the "holiday pizzaz" is. Usually, during at least one school holiday, to make presentations more enjoyable, I add some animations or some pop-up text and images.

Enjoy it, anyway!

Well, then...

Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Short Maths Lesson

Hi, everyone!
My name's Willy and just a moment ago, or moments ago, I was practising my maths knowledge, well, I spent most of the time trying out my knowledge of recognizing which numbers were a composite number or a prime number number. That took a while. So much, a while, that my daily limit of questions ran out.

Dang it....

At least I know a bit or two. A composite number is a number that can be multiplied by more than 1, and a prime number is a number only multiplied by 1.

Thinker's Keys: The Prediction Key

Hello Everybody!

My name is Willy, coming with another Thinker's Keys for this evening. This key is the Prediction Key, where I make a labelled diagram of something or someone in what could be in 100 years time. This diagram shows that Batman's costume appearance has little difference to what he looked like before, but there are a few changes.

Enjoy trying to read the labels!s

Thinker's Keys: The Question Key? (<- get it)

Hello Everybody!

My name i-you already know what my name is...

Today I was thinking. What about another Thinker's Keys task! That gets the brain running through the day!

So for now this is the Question Key, where there is an answer, and I have to make 10 questions, related to the topic, that give that answer.

Okay, here it goes: Integrity.


1. What's one word to describe me?

Ha, nevermind, let's get serious:

1. What could be one thing we all need to work on to change one thing today?
2. How would villains change their ways in today's society to become a true hero?
3. What's Batman?
4. Fill in the blank: Other than honesty, ________ is the best policy.
5. Let's say you're in a job interview. What is one of the key things to remember when being interviewed?
6. Another word for honesty?
7. What's that word that means doing good things all the time, even when someone's watching, or not? I just wonder...
8. Finish in the blank again:
Most of the time, even when there's an opportunity to be messy (and hopefully there isn't), I always stick to what I keep doing, which is clean. And everyone's happy with that, knowing or not. That's how I show ________.
9. What's a great characteristic to have, in order to gain trust and a good reputation?
10. I wiped off some tagging off the school wall. No one was watching. Being honest, I emailed a teacher about the tagging. What did I show? NO, not snitchiness! Get your brain off the ground!

Sky Chase....

Hello Everybody,

My name is Willy and I'm just gonna go off the subject of learning for a second.

Yesterday, or today, I really have no idea where my time is going, but to be honest, this happened after midnight. Me and, well, Mehi, were discussing what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said what I thought. A singer and Michael Jackson. Who she loooved.

And then, out of the blue, I ask if she wanted to play Sky Chase, like, a one off game. This didn't mean that I would constantly blog about this learning game, nor stop playing. It's a game for sometimes.

Then we started. My name was AbeBurn248, while she was...guess was not obvious at all...


To be fair, she does love him. So, without further ado, we started on our only game of Sky Chase. Just one. Okay, I played two, but that's only because I thought Mehi's name was cutie-something-something. Anyway, we started, and I was in the lead.

Until I had the thought, "Hey! I could blog this! Lemme just screenshot this moment while I'm playing..." and I did. But it was so tense because I was a few seconds forward from the other players, including ILOVEMJ14. I pressed the command, and it was just SOOO slow! I literally had moments before the computer players, and the real players, caught up to me...

"Oh, come on! Come on! COME ON!" I said to my netbook, slowly bringing the screenshot mouse up. "Argh!" to my surprise, it was getting hot. I did the screenshot...

But it took too long to save it! Crike sake! And the players were figuratively on my tail. I saw the map on my bottom right while I was typing the file name. They were close to me. Really close. I pressed enter, while holding my breath. "C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'MON!!" I yelled, as I was literally not pressing any keys to keep my plane going....

And then...

The unbelievable happened...

I won. I won! Oh, goodness me! I screamed with cheer (I lost my voice, so it was a bit of a quiet roar)! I won the race, without touching my keys at three-quarters of the race! I couldn't believe my luck!

Although, lucky occurrences happen during the late late hours. This one time, on New Years Day, after midnight, I threw this piece of paper 3 metres (I think) away from a rubbish bin. And it got in! Amazing!

Finally, at the right time, I screenshotted this...

Did you proud, Abraham...did you proud...

I was practising my typing and improving my multitasking. Although that ages the brain, so it's a wonder I was multitasking...

Monday, 6 April 2015

Thinker's Keys: The Alphabetiical Key

Hello, Everybody!

My name is Willy and right now I'm talking about the presentation above this desciprtion. Along with the Picture Key, there is the Alphabetical Key, where I come up with words relating to "Heroes", and then put them in alphabetical order.

It took a while, like always! And took as much thinking as the Picture Key!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Birthday Update!

Hello Everybody!

My name is Willy and right now, well, yesterday, I just forgot to tell you.

Remember that post about my birthday a few days ago? And how I said birthday pie instead of birthday cake?

Well, my question was answered yesterday, and now I can say this.

I had my birthday cake:

Well, at least part of it. My brother and sister ate the big pieces, I only got three.

My FIRST Lunar Eclipse!

Hello, Everybody!

My name's Willy, and earlier today, and I mean really earlier (doesn't make that much sense, but you get it) today, in the early hours of today (there we go), I had that one chance of seeing a lunar eclipse happen before my eyes. This, of course, prompted me to make a video informing people about it, but it was probably short notice, as it was made past 10pm.

The lunar eclipse phase, like, the part where the Earth's shadow goes over the moon start after 11pm, and when Mum came back from work, at what I thought was 11:15pm, I think that's when it officially started. The moon at that time was...uh...I think it was full, like, an almost full moon, but, like, there was still a pa-argh, for crike's sake! I don't know, okay?! It was full! But it didn't look like it was full! There!

Agh, man! That was hard! Aww....

So, anyway, I waited for a while, time after time, minute after minute, second after second, moment after moment, millisecond aft- you get the point now, do you? I bet you do. But, hey, what do I know? I was there coming in and out to see the moon get shaded, and hopefully turn a bit red.

Because this was my first lunar eclipse. I've only been able to see those "supermoons" that happen from time to time. I saw the moon again, after I went upstairs, and the moon has drastically changed its form/shape. It was a half moon, now. If I never knew what an eclipse was, then this would've been the best thing at night to see. But unfortunately, I do know a bit about it.

I've had a thought that there comes a time where the earth is spinning, right, and soon, when it's the right time, I think, I'm clearly not an expert, the earth comes between the moon and the sun, blocking sunlight on the moon from the sun, thus making the earth's shadow go over the moon. Usually this takes a while, but in this lunar eclipse, it literally took a while. Over 5 minutes, maybe under 11 minutes if you ask me.

I come out at 5 minutes before 1am, two minutes before it has been said to start, and just to wait a minute, I ready my camera...

I wait for a moment, the go outside to see the moon. Oh, goodness it looked dark...on the camera screen, yes, but in my eyes, it looked spectacular! Haven't seen something like this in my whole life! Literally!

After a couple minutes of talking with my Dad, who frankly didn't believe me when I said informally, "There's gonna be a red moon tonight, Dad.", and by the sound of that, would you believe that? I don't know. But when he saw that moon...he was stunned out of his face. Whatever that means.

Then it ended. That was it. But then I saw this live stream from America, which was live, by the way...

Yeeah, it was confusing. Especially when they were talking about snow...get it?

So, anyway, the earth's shadow was still covering the moon. Dad was still in wonder, while I tried to tell him it was finished. But amazingly, the red part sticked around, and after a bit of curious thinking, and a funny conversation about the moon and how it looked like a banana, and I do not swear to goodness, I almost laughed my heart out.

So, in order to make it possible, I took footage of it:

Picture from, livestream of
lunar eclipse...

So that was my experience...did you see the moon?

Another Story Is Coming...

The wait continues on the night of the eclipse...

Thinker's Key: The Selfi...I mean, Picture Key!

Hello, Everybody!

My name's Willy and right now, after midnight, I have done one of the many Thinker's Keys. It takes a lot of thinking! No kidding! Just thinking!

Specifically, this key is the Picture Key, where I have to make at least four different ideas related to the picture in the presentation. You'll get a surprise once you figure out this isn't just a blank presentation! Hehehe....

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Vlog for the Blog

Hello Everybody!

My name's Willy and right now...I'm waiting for the lunar eclipse to occur later on tonight. Click the video above (hopefully it works) to listen to me talk to myself.

Because there was no camera, was there?!?


Friday, 3 April 2015

I'm A Teenager!

Hello Everybody!

My name is Willy and today I turned 13! That means I'm a teenager! Oh, my, gosh! Now I can use, wait, no, I don't want to do that, not for now, at least. Gosh...argh, anyway, I'm a teenager now! Hooray!

And what a great way to celebrate the first day as a teenager by staying at home...and do nothing...while you watch television. At least that wasn't the case for me. I did stay home. But I cleaned up the mess after my sister! Yeah, she dropped the birthday pie...and spilled the I am using too much of these ellipses. So, anyway, the pie was ruined.

That was until my Mum came home from buying the food for tonight. It was not related to my birthday. Boo, but a surprise that I really didn't know about came when she told me to get something from the car. It was McDonalds, ooh. No, really, I thought that was a once-off thing, like my sister's birthday. Me and my family had food together, laughing away at some stories. That I shouldn't tell, of course :D

And when that was done, I went up to my room, to my brother, to give him half of my drink. It was half because I drank half. What? It's MY birthday, right? No, my parents just asked me if I wanted another drink and I said "Yeah".

Before you know it, we were going for a walk! Well, this got more unexpected! What? <- Click there. It's worth it. Geet iit?

So, we went to the Rotary Walkway, in Pakuranga, I think it was. We walked on the path and admired the scenery, the water sparkling in your eyes, the joy on people's faces while fishing. Hey, actually, I saw a guy catch a fish when me and my Dad walked to the edge, near the water. The fresh, windy, air, hitting my face. Such a beautiful memory to savour.

And after admiring the water, and how close it is to the Panmure Wharf, we all headed back home. Where we cleaned the whole house, for some reason. I don't know, my Mum then went upstairs to do a prayer. And she went to work. Which leads us here...

Typing this down, in a little informative way. Maybe I need to elaborate more on this post...oh nevermind, everything just went dark with the lighting...