Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Reading Highlight #5

If we can move along, they were heading into the night. Something awful happens, like, for say, a poisonous fog enters the forest. The four run off, affected, and to make things more worse, Mags kept falling off each and every one of them. To save them, she sacrificed herself, running into the poisonous fog and dying straight away. Sad for Finnick, she was his mentor. Oh, by the way, Mags kissed Finnick before literally running into her death.

At day, the THREE now have seen another couple of people being stranded on the beach closeby. Katniss knew them, of course, and so they help them. They're now allies at this point, I think. The...uh...six (I think) are making their way to the Cornucopia, where all of a sudden spins out of control. Most of them have almost been thrown off the Cornucopia. Most. Only one of them, named Beetee (male), was out in the water.

The Cornucopia stops spinning, and already other tributes from other Districts have tried to kill them. Wiress (Beetee's other tribute) is killed by another guy from another district, who is killed also a moment later.

But, before she died by the way, Katniss had figured out what she meant by her repeating of the words "tick, tock...". The Cornucopia was like a clock, each piece of the clock having one bad side to it, and moving around like a clock. Like, if it was one o'clock, there'd be a tsunami or something, at two, it would rain blood. It would go for quite some time, but the thing is, the disaster only happens in its own area.

She then makes up a plan that resorts in some horrible accident, leading to her think that:

- She shouldn't have trusted one of the people she did trust (Johanna Mason, cruel person)
- The games might've been over
- Everyone else is dead because of her
- She broke the game
- She's dead...

But, question she?

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