Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My Bio Poem...

Good day to you, reader. This is my bio-poem. Possibly my last one for Tamaki Primary...sorry. This is what the class was doing for the classroom to display on the walls. The ones I read are pretty good! This is my one, really, uh...I don't know, informative?


Intelligent as he can be, wittier than the internet, creative with paints and words, taller than the school
Son of Mel and Fili, brother of Martini and Abigail
Loves life more than the next guy, new journeys, and school
Who feels mostly tired after running, happy in several moments, and calm when perfect
Who needs his mind in learning, his humour in fun, and his words for inspiration
Who gives his all in everything, witty sayings to his friends, and advice for help
Who fears a world of darkness, heights, and cruelty
Who would like more peace in the world, a change in people’s spirits, and forgiveness for the incidents in the past
Who loves perfect moments, funny and unexpected events, and jokes that no one gets but adults!
Aspires to be anything he can be, as along as he can love it as well.
Who comes from Auckland, New Zealand, and lives in Auckland, New Zealand

Sorry, people, my last name is not allowed.

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