Saturday, 14 March 2015

Autumn Promo Picture...


Mrs Burt said...

Hi Willy, I just saw this and thought it most timely. We have 'battened down the hatches' here at our place as we can see the storm coming down the waterway. We think we had better take our shade sail down too before the winds get any stronger. What preparations have you made at your house?

Mrs Burt

Willy I said...

Good Day to you Mrs Burt (well, not really a good day, if you know what I mean...),

Thanks for the question,

The only preparations at my house were to just keep most things inside and secure the backyard shed, the garden's pretty safe as far as I can say, but at least it'll get some rain! Don't know about the winds...some windows shut, so rain or wind doesn't ruin the inside of the house. A bit worried about our tree, it's been a bit "shaky" with the winds, and rubbish and recycle bins secured so it won't fall down and cause another clean up.

Winds are pretty much the main concern for us. We just hope it doesn't interrupt the satellite feed. Oh, and the rain, too.

By Willy

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