Monday, 30 March 2015

Anne Frank...

Hello everybody, MY name is Abraham Burnley, and this, is WIlly's presentation (which I presented myself, because Willy was a bit too shy!). It is to do with his hero which he had done for the term (Inquiry Topic's Heroes), Anne Frank. This presentation was a bit good, if you ask me. Go on, ask me. No, don't. I can't, sorry, the presentation.

This presentation shows the outcome of his LOONG and painful research. I tell you, he did ask for help from a few people, and not only that, he was helping people a lot for most of the given time. And this is the final product.

Because of me (sadly), he got a merit. Sorry, Willy.

Anyway, enjoy the presentation! This is almost like a Sequel to his last presentation that he did last year all to do with the World Wars One and Two.

-Abraham Burnley

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