Monday, 9 March 2015

2 Weekly Post (Part Two To 2nd March - 6th March)

Wednseday now, and there was a Math Test. I think I talked about it in the other part. Yeah, two minutes left in the test, that test. Yeah...

But after the test was where things got interesting. For the Bloom's Taxonomy, our focus article was about cyberbullying and the new law coming out about teachers now having more control in the student's learning, by comfiscating a student's phone or device if they are suspected of cyberbullying/s#xting. Sorry, language like that, not on here.

There was a big dabate about this, mostly with Tanisslous, friend, Cypress, friend, and myself. I was on the side where it was a good thing, whereas thy were on the sad where it might've not been a good thing. Most of the Year Eights chose my opinion, but there were some still on the "no" side, like Brandon, for example. What I thought was a simple arguement, then went outside the class. And then all of a sudden, I think I surrendered!

My alter-ego, Abraham Burnley, does NOT surrender!

Anyway, Thursday. The second Technology session for the term. I wanted to count the Amazing Race as the first since it was Technology-based. Ha, get it? Anyway, to cut it short, my group was experimenting water colours and water paint, and how water can make the paint more...what's the word? Oh, crike, I was in the moment right there! Oh, gosh! I almost had it!

But I should just leave it there. Oh, man, I was just about to say something but, there was the Year Seven's Swimming session. I think they went, I think they didn't, I don't know, I was busy trying to do work, or, for the matter, my recount. About the Bush. At this point I was trying to describe yet also get through the forest-like bushy environment, and then hunger would strike.

So, Thursday afternoon's a blur, on to Friday. I continued on with my Developing Your Comprehension presentation, which, from this week, was about Making Connections, and while I was trying to think my ideas out, I was also helping others, too. There goes one person giving me the silent treatment just so I can work properly, and eventually it works out. Just.

And then there was the GLOSS test. I was pretty nervous, didn't eat that much breakfast that morning, because SOMEONE (you know who) slept in earlier this morning. So, anyway, Ms Aireen was giving the questions out, and still, without any doubt, I knew I was gonna fail so miserably.

Only on the decimal questions. Because it was just SO confusing! I mean, I was taught this last year (2014), yet I still don't get it, probably because I forgot! Gosh! Dang! It!

And then there was an interruption. Morning Tea came. After Morning Tea, my test was going again, but only this time it was short-lived, because the class had a-

Now, when my test was postponed again for next Monday, I realised it was going to be a sign of something. STUDY. Or would that be cheating? Since I know the question I was just on? Meh, I probably SHOULDN'T do it. After lunch, there was an assembly/pra...assembly for the whole school. The sound system was being set up by someone, and before you knew it, I was presenting. With Brandon, friend. Who was irritating Mehi throughout the whole day, if you didn't know.

But they were friends, they do that to each other all the time. Hasn't the world gone weird nowadays? I think it has, the past just hasn't gone away just yet. It'll fly away sooner than later.

So, the assembly was good, I think. There was just some few tweaks tat could've been fixed, but moving on. After the assembly, there was a pra-

And that was the end of my week. Isn't it amazing that everyday is different? Something's always, man...

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