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2 Weekly Post (23rd Feb - 27th Feb)

It was a bit fuzzy, but I'll get there.

Monday 23rd February. It was a day of normality. Maths first, reading second. For maths we were doing simple tasks, using our number knowledge to figure out problems, not to forget word problems, which have absolutely been a pain in the past, but thanks to Ms Aireen for a tip last year, I was sure to know what I was doing. There was one task that seemed almost weird, as it was to write a story. In a maths worksheet. See what I mean? This is the exact kind of weird I get everyday. Anyway, the task was to write a story that included the feelings. The feelings throughout this story were to be:

- Excited at the beginning onwards before the middle
- Sad in the middle onwards before the ending
- Happy (not excited) at the ending.

Here's how my story came to be, and just to clarify, this was out of the top of my head at the time:

At the start, a woman is walking in a park, where she drops her scarf. A man comes along to pick up the scarf, give it to the woman, and they fall madly in love with each other.

Despite their love for one another, the woman sees another man, and with that, she writes and gives a letter to the other man of their break-up...just days before their wedding day.

The letter angers the man.

But soon after, the man he woman was with breaks up with her, and in an attempt to be with her once lover, fails...

It may seem that it's over, but the couple rejoice after forgetting the past, rekindling their love for one another, and they lived a happy, honest, life.

The End.

Sounds a bit cheesy, right? Well, I got that off a music video, but moving forward. I didn't understand much of the, um, activity, such as the "write a story to match the feelings" one, and soon later I would almost struggle yet succeed through the activities and maths work.

And if you thought maths was a difference, READING had a new activity. It was called, Developing Your Comprehension. I posted these a while ago, two actually. This task, which is a great activity for thinking and expanding your knowledge, was about, well, developing your comprehension skills, obvious enough. This week's comprehension task was all to do with inferring...

Continuing on, of course, after a normal Morning Tea (I think...?), there was some Writing. Oh, how I loved the suspense of trying to finish your week that was supposed to be finished last week, which was the Recount about our Swimming Picnic Day. I posted that a while ago. A WHILE AGO. Wow, time goes fast, doesn't it? Anyway, I was practically finishing it off during the day, then blogging it at night with pictures.

Tuesday. The 24th. February. I should've known we were doing another maths activity form task like yesterday (or on Monday). Instead of starting again, I continue on the one from yesterday. It was good to let the vibes out onto paper. Then there was the next task. Dang it.

If I could just reach inside my memory box thing (because a big part of this idea is to gain more focus in remembering and recounting a little), I can remember doing a bit on writing just before KiwiCan. Uh...the BUSH! Yes, the bush. Gosh, the laughter from those who thought wrong...the Bush was our next turning point in Recount writing.

We were planning, using our senses. Hear, sight, uh, feelings (double meaning: feel "touch" and feel "emotion"), taste, and smell, I think. Those were our senses. I was getting a good start, some places were full, some places were just a few ideas. I was too late, because then, KiwiCan started.

KiwiCan. Amazing. Using positive (well, almost, in my perspective of things) language while working in a team, CO-OPERATING! Oh, and the activities were fun, also. Points were astounding. SO sad it ended so quickly. Oh, KiwiCan, what would we do without you...

To jump forward ahead of some later moments and night, it was Wednesday! My favourite day of the week! Although, there was a test. Spelling. Aww, the hard part of it was actually spelling. I didn't know what miscellaneaous, no, micellanous, no, ARGH! GOSH! Dang it, I can't spell it. Anyway, while the test was going, there was suspicion going around. One person looked like they were clearly looking at someone else's test, and I saw it myself, because they were RIGHT NEXT TO ME!

But so on and so forth (I know it doesn't make that much sense), there was writing, and we were doing the Bush, once again, only this time we were moving on to the next step. Planning. It was a bit tricky, considering I was helping a few people at the same time, but it all came down to a perfect understanding. I had brought and gotten inspiration from the people I helped. A leaf, gliding through the winds. A devastating crash resulting in a night in a bush. A lone visitor, stuck in a nightmare in a loop.

I chose the third option, if you didn't know.

Skipping along the paths of time, it was Thursday. Ooh, what an exciting day it was. I blogged about it earlier, but I'l explain it briefly. There was an Amazing Race for Technology, and it was both confusing and challenging at the same time. Many obstacles to overcome, but we'll get through.

Then after Technology, or the Amazing Race, which hopefully comes quickly along, the Year Sevens went for their swimming. I bet it was fun, and you'll hear more about my experience later. Meanwhile, in class, there was some work to be finished, and even more than that, the work about the Amazing Race. Recounting exactly what had happened, and not only that but to do the maths work from yesterday.

Great. Maths. I'm not that good in numbers, you least I can think good...oh yeah, Thursday night was the conversation...from that point on, I never ate in front of Mehi...

Friday. It's Friday! Friday! I don't like singing this on Friday! All I could remember from Friday was that Ms Aireen wasn't here, only sometimes, and there was swimming. I, in protest, had what I called "cryptic visions" during my sleep, which would eventually come true. I swear, it is real. For example:

In a dream I hit a friend. Then the next day shows that friend being hit by another student, don't worry they were play-fighting. At least one of them were...

So anyway my cryptic vision was about the pool, something bad would happen. So, I stepped out, not swimming. Little did I know my vision would eventually come true.

Back in class, and after some slightly bad comments about the pool, which apparently didn't have any chlorine, there was maths to be done, and done was the math! Although, I didn't suspect that it would be a bit hard for a certain person. Luckily, though, I completed the work nicely, and it was marked for once. I haven't said marked ever since...March LAST year??

After Morning Tea we had a special activity as a whole class. Class as in syndicate. Kia Manawanui. Big classroom. Look at the top blurb. The activity was art. We were, and sorry if I forget, to represent the people who have helped us in our learning journey, using korus and designs to represent them. I was having some inspiration in mind, until when I had finished the draft, ONE person decides to say it looked wrong.

Why is my life heading into the wrong way???

With that in mind, after Self Management, which was after lunchtime, it was the end of this school week.

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