Monday, 23 February 2015

The Pool Picnic

It was mid-February. Sunny morning. The whole school was preparing for the Pool Picnic/Fun Day at the YMCA Pools in Panmure, to set a family-like scene for all of us for the year, to bond with each other. Of course family were coming, silly. I was feeling pumped, excited for the day..

Acting candid while the class
takes a photo...
Room One came into the hall. They were the Year Eight’s buddy class. I didn’t have one, exactly, but I did go with Stanley. I sorta felt uncomfortable. I didn’t know why, but after a quick picture, we went off with our buddies to the bus, and the bus we were going in was a bit farther than previously thought. The invisible invaded my nostrils as I walked past.

In the bus, seated, we take a picture once again. I was literally almost steaming. So hot. Subsequently, we are on our way to the pools. Waving at people who weren’t paying attention to us, we were getting excited by the minute. Arriving at the pools, we changed into our swimming material.

Student Councillors wait
for their teams...
Outside, in the hot sun, we were boiling. I was certainly going to get a sunburn after this. After the rules and instructions were said, we moved onto the duathlon. The Student Councillors were the leaders. The objective was to go in the pool, swim from one end of the pool to the other, get out of the pool, and take a run through the Panmure Basin, halfway, or until we reach to Whaea Petra.

When we finished, it was morning tea. Shantai blamed me for leaving almost every other person in my team behind, but I made reasons up for the members, like one had asthma, another one was going to pass out, all the rest. But actually it was hard work. At morning tea, I threw a small leaf-like feather into a tree, and it didn’t fall down. It stayed. Swoosh! went the tree. Amazing.

There's a squid! Help!
When morning tea finished, the syndicate had some fun for free time in the pool, but craziness was brewing. Brandon, who happened to be nearby, suddenly grabs hold of me. Mehi tries many times to get him off me, but fails each time (because of me D:). He was a squid. Actually, we were playing “Squid” apparently, where the squid (Brandon) grabs hold of the bystander (Me) and while the fisher (Mehi) helps, other squids (TJ, Cypress, Marcus, Bruce) grab hold.

Amazingly, besides Mehi, no one helped, especially the teachers! But if you put it in a way...Everyone was all over me...but seriously, everyone was literally all over me. After that weird and unforgettable (in a bad way) experience, and feeling uncomfortable and invaded, we go up to the hydroslide. The dark hole, possible leading to a tonne of screams and delight.

At least no one was going to grab hold on me there! Phew!

Slipping while trying
to stand up
With the feeling of passing out, because it was my fourth or fifth time going down, I see Ms Aireen holding an iPad mini, taking pictures, and few other people, such as a lifeguard, Mrs Korma, and a random student. Body systems running low. I need to lie down. Instead, I lie on the hot, burning pavement in the sunshine. Moving on, I feel pieces of peebles on my body, almost piercing onto me.

Walking back to my towel, lunchtime is getting closer by the second. In the meantime, I lay down again. This time, it was a more burning than relaxing sensation on my whole body. Brodie and Tanisslous snicker as I exclaim wrong sayings related to a totally different and wrong topic. Then, as I’m burning my skin off, lunchtime comes along. Luckily, I get full on some sausages. That sounded wrong, but continuing on.
The aftermath...dun, dun, dun!

Lunchtime came and went. Fast. Then, as I could see it, I had a water war. Which I continually died in. Many times. But at least I hit someone with a ball. On the head. While I was having my fun, the unbelievable happened. Ms Aireen...threw...a tennis me. Amazed I didn’t get hit, the water war continued. But as the fun started, it ended quickly. We were going to change at this point of time.

Changing back into our uniform, we all sat on the wet, green grass waiting for some more instructions. The next thing you know, we get up with our buddies and go to the bus. With the chlorine in our body system, we were sure to be suffering by fatigue, and to many people’s point-of-view, I looked high. Red eyes, weird hair, raspy voice. I thought I felt normal.

But that’s what they all say (get it?).

With the swimming pool day over, we were as tired as worn out batteries, power taken away, left there to watch over. After the day I would also say I was tired, worn out, but other than that, so happy we were all so happy throughout the whole day. I’ll never forget it.

But that’s because Brandon was a squid...

He was gone...for now...

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