Friday, 27 February 2015

The Amazing Race!

It was on a Thursday. The twenty-sixth. Of February. Two-thousand and fifteen. Morning. The whole senior syndicate was going into the hall for what was thought to be Technology. It was, sort of, but with a twist. And a good twist is was. The twist was that it would be a version of the Amazing Race. Year 7 and 8 style. First, we went into our groups, which would be our groups, which we would have to work with.

We were rewarded points on completing a task fully, using encouraging words, working together (or using teamwork), and using T.R.U.M.P.

And then there were the first tasks for each group. My group, no name, had the task of going to the old art room to compete a puzzle, then colour it to match it with the other completed piece of art.

We were talking about a strategy. It was so serious. Nothing could interrupt this group moment. Until Ms Aireen yelled "Go!" and we ran outside like groups of rats going for the rarest cheese in the world. I enter the old art room and already I was stumped. Another read of the clue, and I sort of got it. My group colour the puzzle pieces, then place them together.

It was a good image. The colours were creative. Some pieces were in the wrong place. The good thing was, we did the task anyway. Then we moved onto the next task/challenge. It was in the hall. We were to make a milo milkshake. Easy! I've been doing this for a while! After telling myself that in my mind, I returned to reality. My group wasn't doing so well. Too much milk in the blenders. Not much listening to the leaders. And not much encouragement from each other.

The milo didn't taste so good. At all. I'm being honest. There was ice-cream in it, and it still didn't taste good. At all. Our next activity was to the music room, if I can remember. The challenge/task there was to perform a mystery song using the instruments provided. The instruments were three glockenspiels (piano-like xylophones), three ukuleles, one guitar (3 ukuleles together...get it??), and three percussion instruments. We also needed a creative dance. Encouraging words, not so great, but good. What? I'm being honest, I was one of the leaders.

But at the end of the ten minutes, we played the song, and it was "not bad". Even with no dance and one glockenspiel left over, we still played the mystery song, which was "Savalivali". Sorry, forgot how to spell the title. Obviously because I couldn't see the title over the lyrics and chords. Onto the next course, of course (get it?). Our next task was to go to the top courts to do a challenge which involved a tennis ball, lots of strings, and a holder-type thing to hold the ball. My group, amazingly, and sadly, broke the holder.

Luckily, well, not really lucky, we continued on to play handball. Where some not-so-encouraging words were sometimes used throughout the game, but it was an old habit, you know what I mean? After a few minutes playing, we move onto our next course/challenge/task. It was a matching-teacher-card type of challenge, where one member of the group is blindfolded, which ONE othe person in the group verbalises some directions to get a matching pair of cards, which have teachers on them.

My group did well. Sorta. This is turning a bit too honest. There was one person sitting out, and while everyone was clearly told that ONE person should be verbalising instructions to the blindee, everyone was saying different things. At least we found a few matching pieces. That was great, we had some teamwork. And some sanity left. After we ran to our final activity. It was a caterpillar type of challenge. Where the whole group is standing in an empty hoola-hoop, which are placed like a caterpillar.

I couldn't say too much...and I can almost tell at least one person reading this is feeling a bit surprised at all the honesty I'm showing. I should get an award! Anyway, the group got along with the activity just under fine, we suddenly started chucking the hoola-hoop to the front, which we weren't supposed to, SOME of us didn't get the chance to actually see the instructions, nor the images, and more honesty, hardly any encouragement used.

From that moment it was probably deserved to not get a green flag for the activity. But that shouldn't get our hopes down, at least we knew what we could work on. Encouragement. And words. Words, definitely. Thankfully, all the other parts, such as T.R.U.M.P and teamwork, were good. Sure, one person was out, but we strived through to have everyone join in. Inside the hall we go, and sitting quietly.

We were applauding Mrs Manuyag for her great planning for the Amazing Race, but only that, but the activities too, which were not only challenging, but fun too. Tonnes of fun! And an applaud to the teachers who helped "put the puzzle together", if you know what it means. Overall, the Amazing Race for this part of the term was, AMAZING!

I hope to do another one next time! Let's just hope we won't have to wait too long...sshh...

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