Thursday, 31 December 2015

Throwback Thursday #2 (Not the Work Version)

Back to the times where I said that speech about Learn, Create, Share at the Manaiakalani Ambassador presentations..

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To read my speech, you can click here, reader.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

That Happy Moment… | A Special Day/Event

The bride’s father gives the bride to the groom, and the guests with chairs sit down. The guests standing just...stayed standing...gosh, it was a pain standing straight for and extremely long time. But the whole moment was so touching, even with the pain. 

They exchanged vows to each other, and they were blessed. We all prayed-well, not me...I was holding a camera recording it all. Besides, I could’ve missed a moment! Give me a moment to say that I am strict on capturing events on camera. And I try to keep it steady, too.

Moving on, I always distract myself. Dang it...after a few prayers in English, Samoan, and Tongan, they both stood up, and looked at each other. My uncle raised the veil.
“Is this her?” the celebrant asked in a joking fashion. A few laughs from the guests, before they sealed the start of their marriage with a kiss.

Mind you, I am thirteen years old. Capturing a kiss by the husband and wife for the first time is quite new to me, not that I’m going to be doing this in a while.

They walked down the, wait, now that I remember, they stopped a bit to hug Nana and my uncle’s WIFE’s parents and while that happened, the celebrant was saying stuff like:

“Please let the bride and groom walk by, you can congratulate them later.”

“They’re trying to get through the aisle, please wait…”

“Please wait…”

They walked to the back of the aisle, with everyone still standing, and walked back slowly to the front. I don’t know how to explain it, but there were now people taking pictures of them and hugging them more, and doing some stuff with them, and they were all posing, and I was trying to get a picture of them with my mum and dad, I failed to get a good picture...

I would talk about what happened after, it was the reception, filled with lots of performances, songs, yelling (in a good way), food (SURPRISING choices, I might say), and lots of sitting. It was a great day, indeed, and my uncle and now aunty are going on their honeymoon next month.

The End...

A Special Day - At the Venue, Where It Begins

It took a while and a bit to get to the parking spot at the wedding venue. We had just passed a man who asked if we were going to the wedding. Mum answered yes, and he said that we would have to drive to the “bottom”, like, waaayyy at the “bottom” and then turn left. We didn’t understand the whole message relaying. Well, I couldn’t. I’m just saying “we” because Mum was turning in different places.

She turned here, she turned there. She turned into dead ends, and into cars. And before you know it, we ended up at the same guy! Skip a few minutes later, and you get us parking in the parking lot, space, thing. I forgot what it’s called. Oh, nevermind, nevermind, on with the story.

Below are two pictures I took while walking into the building. I’m not a good cameraman, but I try! Oh, how I try hard...reaaalllllyyyy haarrrrd. It’s a tough job having everyone call you a camera boy. Or cameraperson. I don’t really kno-moving on, we were inside. Mum and Dad got the programme on three sheets of paper. Stapled together. “Whoa, this is looonng!!” my mum said aloud, looking a bit shocked, then looking at dad.

Knowing that this was the first ever wedding I’ve ever been to, I sort of agree with that statement. It said 7:30 on there I think. That was going to be a bit long.

Nana went over to the seats where the actual ceremony was going to be held. Abbie went over with a girl who was a flowergirl. I forgot to mention, my sister was a flowergirl! I was sitting down, with my parents, as they were talking about things about the wedding and stuff like that. A few minutes passed, and the MC (Master of Ceremonies) came walking past the guests, giving an early notice to sit down for the wedding.

Minute forward. I was now standing up, camera in hand, ready to snap a picture and shoot a video. Next to my mum, I whispered a question like,
“Are we going to sit down after standing up?”
“No…” my mum whispered back.

Dang. I was going to stand for the whole first programme. But that’s alright, if I could stand through my first wedding as a guest, then I could be proud, to see my uncle get married while standing up, with a camera. That was a pretty long sentence. Abby and the other flowergirl she was following walked forward first. Then a few more flowergirls.

Now, forgive me, reader, I don’t know the names of the people that walked by. But, in my was my first wedding I’ve ever attended. Maybe that was a good defense. Some music in the background. After the bridesmaids walk past, the bride walks down the aisle with her father. They walk down the aisle.

Everyone was standing, by the way.

Friday, 25 December 2015

A Special Day - Introduction

The following posts recollect my Labour Day...a wedding...
Hi, reader!

Labour Day was a great day! All sunny, some clouds in some places, but you could still see the blue sky! The reason why I sound pretty excited (if you notice the exclamation marks), is because my uncle, and it is the same uncle that I mention sometimes on this blog, had his wedding on this day! Here links to some of the posts that mention my uncle:

My Uncle’s 21st - Part One - Part Two (I don’t know why I did the post like this)  - Part Three
Found Footage Of The Party

And yes, after many self-corrections and mistakes and corrections from others, I can now say that he is married to his WIFE. Yes, not girlfriend anymore, not fiancee anymore, not...girlfriend-slash-fiancee anymore, WIFE. His wife. Yay! I’m not confused anymore! 

So, there we were, my family. My mum, my dad, Abby (and I’ve used this name before so don’t question it, reader), and my Nana. Walking to this place I forgot the name of.

Maybe it was Alexandra? Alexander? Let me Google that...Alexandra, I think, I don’t know. It was in Greenlane or Ellerslie. But, one thing I know for sure...I could still see Mount Wellington. At least I knew that. And the place was a bit hot. I can’t say why, though, I mean, it was a bit after noon. Twenty minutes after noon, to be exact. I’m so glad I remember that time.


Santa's Going Back Now...

A Full Moon! On Christmas!

Hi, hi, hi, reader!

I'm just doing a little update on this Christmas Day (with a full stomach), and I found out something really amazing!

There's a full moon out tonight!

Excuse the weird look I'm giving...
BUT! What's special about this full moon is that it is the first full moon in THIRTY EIGHT YEARS!! How amazing is that, reader?! That's amazing! And what a flashback to seeing the last eclipse for three years! This is truly amazing....

This is rare! It's been reported that another one is years to come! How lucky am I to notice this? Pretty lucky!

Hopefully Mehi will notice...get it, because she said she missed the looked like a banana, by the way!


YES! After COUNTLESS TIMES and a YEAR, I have finally beat the Gumball Tilt game!!!! I made it straight to the end watching the time! I can't describe the feeling but here's the pictures!

If you didn't know, this game is ADDICTIVE to some people, it just drives you nuts when the gumballs drop! So it felt SOOOOOO great once I finished the whole game!

What a Christmas Miracle!

The Google Santa Tracker!

Hi, hi, HIII!!

Another post related to Christmas - focusing on Santa! Ever dreamed of tracking Santa's journey, giving gifts and presents to children LIVE around the world, while also exploring different surprises revealed each day of December before Christmas? Well, this is one of them, and it's called the Google Santa Tracker! It's this website filled with everything Santa and Christmas related, includes lessons and games for the viewer to read and interact!

I found this website back about two to three years ago, and am still enriched by all its fun stuff! And when Santa arrives in New Zealand...I mean, WOW! Sure, we all know the truth about Santa - and I found out years ago as a little boy (not really little, a bit tall), but it sure is creative and exciting to see Santa's progress around the world!

New Zealand is part of the lessons on "Traditions Around the World",
and he visited us just before midnight!
Santa's live tracking, going up South America!

The Google Santa Tracker Calendar - each day from December 1 to December 24
there's a new pop up, either a video, game, or lesson, released to the viewer.
The first level of the addictive game, Gumball Tilt

The Gumball Tilt "thumbnail"...
Click here to see the calendar and Santa's Village, and click HERE to see his tracks and journey around the world! But remember, there is a limited time so once Christmas Day passes New Zealand, the website goes offline! Because, you know, Santa comes once a year, and the site is based on Santa! Do you see what I mean?

Christmas Padlet!

Hi, hi, HI reader!

Merry Christmas! Here is a Padlet based on the Season of Giving - Christmas! It includes some facts and some "superstitions" about Christmas which you will find, below! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas...

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Throwback Thursday

It's nearly the "Christmas Season" for some so I might as well post this...

Back to the time when KiwiCan brought the Mascot (forgot his name), 
and Christmas to Tamaki Primary.

After these pictures was taken, though, I suffered from severe misfortune. 

Because I was wearing a Santa Cap. <-- Read the bottom of the picture, if you can.
And Chasity got misfortune from me, and was tripping behind me. 
And I had food fall on me from the shared lunch taking place after KiwiCan.
And spill a drink at the shared lunch. The drink went everywhere, but no one knew until now, shhhh...
And I got shin-kicked in the leg by Caprice. 
And I tripped a girl while trying to get Caprice for kicking my shin.
And slipped in a bathtub at home. 
And accidentally kil-you know, the list goes on and on...

Wow this was a throwback, alright...

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Spot the Difference - Smiling through Adversity ANSWERS

Today is the day that I release the answers for the Smiling through Adversity Spot the Difference pictures. There were ten differences in total, just one more than the last two pictures! Click the picture to enlarge, so you can also see the differences in both Picture #1 and Picture #2...

Oh, yeah...I forgot to put #10 on there. See that mini blind in the background? In Picture #2 it's been opened a the way, changes in smoke, fire, or position or "choreography" did not count.

Earth and Beyond: The Night Sky - Word Cloud!

Hi, there!

With inspiration from a blogpost that was posted last year that I stumbled upon yesterday, I went and made a word cloud of the words related to "Earth and Beyond". Earth and Beyond: The Night Sky was the topic for Room 10, for the whole of Term Four.

It took a bit of thinking to figure out how to use the website. But I got there in the end! There was a list and I had to click "Import Words" and put the words down....then do some editing and change the shape and text and size and stuff like that...

I didn't brainstorm the words...well, I did some of the words, but I got a lot of help from this vocabulary list that I found on the site. I didn't want those words to go to waste! So, here it is! The Earth and Beyond word cloud! By the way, if you notice the way its shaped, it really is a word cloud!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Thinker's Keys - Alphabetical Key - Earth and Beyond!

Hi, there.

This is a Thinker's Key. The Alphabetical Key. It's where I gather words that relate to the current (or what used to be the) inquiry topic, and put them in alphabetical order. This is usually done in a presentation, which I've chosen for this task. Gosh, this is quite awkward doing work from school when I'm not actually at school anymore. This is probably the first actual learning post for this month, actually.

But here it is. Don't forget to comment, feedback and feedforward...

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Year Eight Leavers Movie

This is the Year Eight movie that was edited and done by Ms Kyla, with some images taken by me. She gets the full credit, and I wish all my Year Eight colleagues and friends the best in their upcoming learning journey in college next year, and I hope to see at least most of them, later on.

Please enjoy the video. It was a walk down memory lane...kind of reminds me of the day before the end of school this year, where Teina, Fa'amanu, and I were standing in the hallway near the library, reminiscing about our years at Tamaki Primary. It was truly distracting (in a good way) and radical. 30 minutes were spent just looking at the pictures. So cool :')

By the way, to break the formality...check out that thumbnail...pretty...pretty cool, am I riiight...notice that there was no question mark, for effect...

Prizegiving Speech...

This is the speech that I shared at this year's Prizegiving ceremony. I worked hard on this speech, as I tried to include some important moments from my journey in Tamaki Primary over the past five years.


Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Bula Vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Kia Orana, Kia Ora, and warm greetings to you all. My name is Willy and I would like for you all to dedicate the next few minutes to be with me. Look around you. See the smiles of everyone's faces? We are truly delighted to welcome and see you here today. On the count of three, turn to your neighbor and say 'hello'. There are no strangers here, only friends we are soon yet to meet. One, two, three!

(then just wait and make something up) <-- This was basically an attempt to make the audience interact with each other. I thought this would take at least two seconds to say "Hello" to someone next to them, but took about five.

Thank you for participating in what could’ve been the same experience us Year Eights had when we first met other students, who then became to be our friends we know today. Our first years….or year, for some of us we may not have came to Tamaki Primary in our first years of primary, nor had Tamaki Primary as our first school. But even with that in mind, we have this one day to celebrate and honour our peers, colleagues, associates, friends, besties, so called “cousins”, brothers, sisters, patrons, members, classmates, workmates, mates, collaborators, fellow-travelers, nurses, teachers, affiliates, visitors, citizens, cohorts, and other configurations of being and personality.

As I say this speech, memories come by me like gusts of winds, on a cool and summer’s day. My first year at Tamaki Primary, the unfamiliar blue buildings that I confused for a house, the school that soon came to be the home of my second family, I was a confused boy who had long hair and was tall for his age. I am still a bit tall for my age, but that’s not the point. Technically, the first class I was ever in for Tamaki Primary was Room 3 with Ms Aireen. But that didn’t last long, and so I ended up in Room 4 with a teacher, who I apologize so sincerely for forgetting her name. Before you know it, I was moved to another class, once again.

It was Room 8. The class I stayed in for the rest of my first year at T.P.S. I was a Year Three, and I enjoyed my first year by going to different places like the Tip Top Factory, going down to the Panmure Wharf, and other places!

And so, in the years that came by, in 2011, I was in Room 6 with, first off, Mr Lintott, then Mrs Anderson, then Ms Carroll. The teacher kept changing. 2012, I was in Room 7, with Ms Aireen, receiving my first netbook, beginning my blogging and digital learning journey. 2013, Mrs Manuyag, in Room 5, developing the faith and confidence that I have today, then in 2014 I had Miss Kyla and Mr Wong as my teachers in Room 8. And after 2014, of course, was 2015, this year, being with first Ms Aireen, Whaea Petra, and Mrs Komor, now with Ms Aireen and Mrs Komor.

Year Eight. Being a Year Eight has been the most pressuring yet fun and busy years that I’ve had in Tamaki Primary. Being in a brand new building with a brand new classroom, being in a new syndicate that was true to its name, MAKING A FILM about the syndicate, and having it be shown to schools around the Tamaki area. Maintaining friends through my last year, staying as social as I can. Not only that, I can’t forget about trying my hardest in my learning, striving for success in learning inside the classroom, and outside the classroom.

I had a lot of memories, as mentioned before. But to put it into perspective, I’ll talk about my memories from this year, just so it’s easier. Representing my school at presentations, talking about the learning at Tamaki Primary. I also got that rare chance to bond with the other ambassadors, who were from the different schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster, as we showed tolerance, peace, and the caring nature between each other.

Also, blogging, too. Reaching over 1000 posts for that! Wow! And I hope to continue with blogging as college comes by.

Another memory that will stay with me, will have to be making a movie for this year’s Manaiakalani Film Festival. I have never experienced so much emotion in my school years: courage, excitement, frustration, fear, pressure, and don’t forget happiness while making a movie that was 2 minutes and 51 seconds long.

In a few days, I will leave this school with a bunch of memories and will depart from my friends, and even if I don’t know if I’ll see some of them again, I know that in the years ahead, with all the talents that we have and the abilities we share, that us Year Eights are going to achieve many great feats. Some of us aspire to be singers and songwriters. Some of us aspire to be sporting legends and be like their sporting hero. Some of us may not even know what we aspire to be!

But that’s okay, we’ll get there soon. I want to say something to my fellow Year Eight friends and acquaintances, that will either motivate them to keep going with a growth mindset in college, or not. Today you’ll be readers, tomorrow you’ll be leaders. Don’t let anyone’s opinion become your reality. You can DO IT! Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Mistakes are just proof that you are trying. Don’t say you can’t do it, say you can’t do it YET.

Thank you for listening to that. But also, thank you, teachers, teacher aids, the principal, thanks for a great journey through primary and intermediate, preparing us for college and the adolescent years. Thank you to the people who have helped us Year Eights to get through the years, thank you for putting us back up when we were put down, thank you for the confidence, encouragement, and just all the help that you have all given us for the years ahead.

Thank you.

Fa’afetai Tamaki Primary

Manuia le malaga - all the best with your learning journey in college to all the Year 8 students who graduate with me today.


This was followed by applause, and I sat down. My last speech at Tamaki Primary was about my time at Tamaki Primary. Wow...

Prizegiving - Part Two

The Prizegiving ceremony began with the kapa haka group (excluding the Year Eight members) calling us in. We sat down, and were signalled to stand up again for the national anthem.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Thursday 10th - Prizegiving...Part One...

Class of two pictures...

Just Dance! Gonna be okay...da-doo-doo-doo | Dine and Dance 2015

Smiling through Adversity | Spot the Difference!

Hi, there, reader.

Continuing on with the Spot the Difference game. I now have a storyline. Now, every Christmas, there's always going to be some sort of family dinner, am I right? So in this sort of "universe", this shows some truth into what's happening. I am not good at cooking. Backstory time: I tried to make toast in an oven....didn't go so well.

So what could possibly happen when I try doing a Christmas meal in the oven??

I do not condone the act shown in the picture, by the way. Just showing an exaggeration of bad cooking. Because I really am bad at cooking in the kitchen. Especially with an oven, just to mention that.

Comment if you know, the answers will be at least five days!!
Because I forgot what the differences were...

Teachers Only Day - December 4th

On Teachers Only Day, I came to school.

Again. Whoops. But for good reason. I was going to this little presentation to show my perspective of digital learning. I had to explain, using a presentation with pictures, digital learning and how I'm what people say, a star blogger. By the way, reader, even with a presentation with images representing what I was going to talk about, I actually made up the "speech" as I would call it, as I went on, using the pictures to guide me.

Thanks for the tip, teachers. Mostly Ms Aireen and Ms Kyla, if I could mention them.

Me and Ms Kyla (Ms Aireen wanted to come but you know, paperwork, reports, end of year stuff....and paperwork) went to the place of where the presentations were taking place, which was May Road School in Mount Roskill. Over there, there were a few adults with laptops and chromebooks and other devices, and two other guys who I saw before.

Mr Winter and Mr Hopkins, I think their names were. Anyway, Ms Kyla and I came in just as Mr Hopkins was talking about something, and just as I thought I would sit down and get prepared for what might be half an hour of his talk, he just ended his presentation!! Just like that! Thanks to the internet!

Thanks, internet! Now I had to present my presentation without any proper preparation.

I went up....stood up, actually.......went near this screen that had the first slide to my presentation....and talked....

I talked about my inspirations for blogging, how I came to be the blogger I am now, the class site, and some other learning stuff, OH! And Learn, Create, Share! And my film for the Film Festival this year. The video below doesn't show ALL of what I said, but what I said towards the end, with some questions!

Can you watch the whole 11 minutes?

Thanks to Mr Winter and Mr Hopkins for sending the actual video in so I can access it!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Feast! | Dine and Dance 2015

Hi, again.

So the first meal was going to come out, and..well...before I continue, another backstory...

The week before, the whole of Room 10 were deciding on which meal they would want on the night. For the first meal there were two choices. I think one was chicken with mashed potatoes, and two was lasagna and a salad. That is what I remember. The desert (or the second meal) had two choices as well. One was ice cream, and two was a mousse. Again, that's how I remember it. I picked two and two (the second choice for the first meal and the second choice for the second meal).

Now fast forward to now...or the evening...and the chicken was confusing! I didn't know how to eat a chicken with a fork and knife. Neither did Brandon (he ordered the same thing). Neither did Christopher. Neither did-okay I'm going to stop right there. All I knew was that Christopher was using his hands, Brandon was still confused, and I was figuring out how to use the fork and knife. The chicken was nice, it was...

But the way to eat it was awkward. By the time I wanted to stop eating with the fork and knife, I was already feasting away! In the worst way possible! And I have underbite, so I obviously wasn't going to eat the chicken in a "proper way". After the first meal, there was the second meal. I ordered the second choice, which was the mousse. It was chocolate. I can't resist chocolate flavoured mousse. It was my first time, to be honest, and I finished it as someone started!

A few more drinks of orange juice, and some waiting, it was time for the Year Eights to get ready for the dance part. You know the drill, reader. Dine, then dance! That's why it's called Dine and Dance, right!

I'll save it for another post, though...

Getting Ready...and a "toast"... | Dine and Dance 2015

This Is EXTREMELY Important...

Hi, there, reader.

This is an important post. Now that I am out of Tamaki Primary, and am reaching college, there are going to be some changes to this blog. I'm going to Edgewater College, not Tamaki College. It was my personal choice, so sorry, but it was my personal decision. There's a BIG chance that Edgewater College is not part of the Manaiakalani Cluster.

But I don't want to stop blogging. I've come all this way, and just to leave my blog like this? No! I need to keep going. I need to not stop. But posts will not be as regular as it was back in 2014 and this year.

Another thing that is changing is the title of this blog. Willy @ Tamaki Primary. In 2016, I'm not going to be in Tamaki Primary anymore. Sure, there's occasional visits, but other than that...I'm not going to be a student in Tamaki Primary anymore. So, the title of the blog will be changed to simply...uhh...what's a good blog name that's about me..."Willy". Willy will be the new name.

You'll see some more changes as the summer holidays goes by.

In the meantime, I'll be posting some posts I never posted in time. And posts that were supposed to be posted a week ago. And almost a week ago.

More updates as the days go by.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Last Day As A Student At Tamaki Primary...


Oh, wait...

Something relatable from my thoughts on Tuesday...

No explanation here. It's literally what I was thinking. I mean, school...ending on a Tuesday!


Monday, 14 December 2015

Quote #6

A quote and a promotional picture for an upcoming post coming sooner than thought...

Quote #5...

Wow, a great picture, isn't it?

This quote was made up by me, and even if it's already taken (I don't know), this is a good comeback to, well, you know, those statements with attitude and when...wait, I'll start's a comeback quote that might be honest for when someone says to you:

"Happy now?"

Now, come on, we're not really happy with attitude like that, and we would have to say something that is truthful to answer that "question". So here's my "quote". And do you think the use of the picture's good? Such a good angle.

Quote #4...

Here's another quote, by Stanley, who is one of my good friends (GOOD friends, not bad....why did I just say that?) that said this quote below in the image below. There was a time where everything was just going everywhere...moving to the new classroom, seeing the new bike track, being told that milk was going to be in school (quick note, me and Simon had a bet about milks in schools and he said it would never happen...look where we are now! I deserve five dollars from that!)...

With all that happening, there was this strange "quote" that Stanley said, and I still remember it to this day...

Quote #3...

Hi, again, reader.

This quote for now is from my good friend, Tiere. There was a moment during that Tamaki College Open Day, where Year Eights from near Tamaki College would visit the college to see what it was like to do college things in a day.

It was confusing, by the way, but eventually it went well. While sitting down having some lunch (which I never mentioned in the In A Day of the Life of a Year Nine blogpost series, because of this moment), I heard Tiere make some noises that I confused for (at first) choking, then some weird laughter. Later on, it would be a running gag between me and Tiere, whenever we found something funny together.

Never got old...

Quote #2...

Another quote by another person.

Quick story, Mehi and I would talk online, well, I would be doing some work, and she'd be online, and we would chat a bit about some stuff around here and around there, and although I didn't get so distracted, we did chat for a while. And sometimes I would crack a pretty "smart" joke or pun, like, uhh...

I'm so good at making puns of Shortland Street! I must be Punia!

Ohhhhhh, did you get that? Moving on, Mehi would get sick of those puns because I was quite literally cracking one every. Single. Minute. And I would be so happy! Because wordplay is important in vocabulary humor! Then Mehi sent me an email, and it began a short phenomenon of saying:

By the way, here's what the email would be if I cracked a joke...

Mehi did this frequently if I did a deep joke that was...okay she got "angry" with all the puns :)

Talk about a visual pun! The drought picture, not the..the, uhh, poo emoticons...

Quote #1...

Friends can say some things that will eventually stay with you for a long time. Today starts the remembering of Tamaki Primary, by showcasing some of its many unuseful but memorable quotes...

Inspired by this post. The picture might not be there so, the quote was "Use your initiative!".

This is all for humor (hopefully it works out), and is not intended to take seriously. It's nearly the end of school anyway, so I might as well commemorate that with "quotes"...

Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Great...Second...Part! The Great Second Part! Sleepover At Tamaki Primary (Part Two)

Dinner was on! Yay! Although I forgot to bring something for dinner....

Whoops......that was awkward....

We all (Khorus, Teina, Mehi, Mele, Chardonnay, Deandra, Shantai, Brandon, TJ, myself, Brodie, Viliamu, and some other people I forgot, sorry) dig in after a prayer and a blessing, and gosh, dang, Brandon was taking almost ALL the oranges!! TJ was taking some, and so was I, but, if only I had a picture of the many oranges he had.

It was just so much, reader....sooo muuuch...

I was a bit full after the dinner, so why not just walk out of the hall and pretend to play with everyone else?? That would actually help me digest a lot of food! Now, due to some malfunctioning with the importing with the iPad i used to film some moments of the sleepover being deleted, I can only describe what happened.

We kicked some rugby balls, soccer balls, basketballs, and it was a good time. Me and Quitah had turns kicking some balls around (get your head out of the gutter, reader, if you're thinking about that), and throwing them around, and...well, losing them...well, this sounds awfully wrong to me for some reason. A minute later I see that everyone's playing tag with one of the sports balls.

Teina's in, and as I was filming, I repeatedly shouted "DON'T HIT ME I'M FILMING!!". Amazingly, I didn't get hit. Although I had a number of times where I ALMOST got hit. But luckily I just jumped. Jumped in the air. Jump around....da da da...jump around...cue the bagpipes, pleeeease...

Stanley came. I ran for a hug (for no reason) and got rejected. Skip a few minutes of recognizing songs and singing them wrong, it was...well...I don't know how to put it was sunset time. I don't know how to call it, but I knew that sometime later we were going to watch a movie. Going right ahead to the movie, it was first Everest. But so many people got bored at that, we then watched Inside Out. I like that movie...actually, I liked both movies. I like any movie that gets me distracted from doing nothing.

Lauren also comes mid-way through the movie. Just a heads-up.

I get a drink outside, and I encounter Danisha (who hadn't come to school in a LONG time) and some random guy, yelling my name and whatsoever. Kelly (cool teacher aide, like really) takes me back inside, and I am not lying at all. Now we couldn't play spotlight. Dang it, Danisha. No, nevermind, just dang it.

After the movie, everyone said their goodnights and went to their tents. Literally. except for me (I stayed in the music room, not lying), everyone was outside in a tent. And I had a weird dream which, if I remember correctly, was at an airport!

If you were an adult that was at the sleepover, you know what I'm doing. Hopefully.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Nothing Much... | 2 Weekly Post (Part Two - Week Four)

Hi, there.

It was testing week. SO, I don’t know if I should talk about the rest of the testing things and stuff like that. I might as well not talk about it.

There was a touch tournament. And there was swimming. I went to neither. Editing stuff...

On this week there was the last Attitude session (if I never mentioned this before...we had an Attitude programme at school!) and it was about puberty. Am I allowed to talk about what we talked about on my blog? Probably not. Am I allowed to talk about some of the things we talked about on my blog? Probably not, or possibly.

But I’m allowed to write down what I asked, right?

“Are we allowed to write down the uhh….the, uhmm, uhhh...the, you know...doowwwnnn….there….dow-ARE WE ALLOWED TO WRITE DOWN PEN-*beeeeeeep*

Okay, scrap that, that was a bad idea.

The Speech... | The 2 Weekly Post (Part One - Week 3)

Okay, so, Labour Day was on Monday, so I should skip that. For now...hehe…

Tuesday. I volunteered to get out of the classroom (because I didn’t know what was happening for a few minutes) along with Cypress, Deandra, and Ma’asi to welcome visitors who were coming to the school for something I forgot about. Whoops. But I know that it was going to be in the boardroom, and in the boardroom, there were sweets and treats in those little bowls. Gosh, I wanted some! But unfortunately, since it was during school, and I am a student, I couldn’t be bothered later on. So, dang it.

Only, probably, one or three people came by, because there was probably a lot of people in the boardroom already, I believed. We then went back to class, and guess what? I missed my Spelling and IKAN test! Yay! Now I’ve put myself into the section of catching up, and you know it’s not good when you have to do a catch up test when you miss out of the initial test day. You miss out on the good stuff and have to go to another room and you’re not in the comfortable atmosphere that is the classroom. Dang it.

Wednesday, I’m moving onto Wednesday, the middle of the week. There was a Cluster Rugby tournament, and most of the class was gone. It was a lot of people, but thankfully, with the amount of people gone, it was quiet in class. The Year Sevens was not with us, because, you know, the Year Sevens are in Room 10, since a majority of their class is gone too.

You know what I mean, right, reader?

Right? Nevermind, I got confused halfway through making that sentence. Gosh, I’m not making sense any more. But it will get better, I promise, reader…

Now, I can move onto Thursday. Thursday was a usual day, except for one thing. There were a few Tamaki College students (or ex-Tamaki Primary now Tamaki College students) that visited Room 10 after they came from KiwiSport. I’ll make a separate post about this later on, because I was the cameraperson (surprise, surprise). I filmed the probably whole session of them talking about their first year/s at college (specifically Tamaki College, but this reflects college in general with being a Year 9).

The whole session was split into three parts, because it was pretty long, as you wouldn’t have known, because OF COURSE this was vital information to use for the Year Eights. If you didn’t know, or didn’t realise, this is the Year Eight’s last year at Tamaki Primary, and next year they’ll be at college.

Makes sense, huh? I’ll make a post about this later on, with the videos.

Now onto the speeches. We started speeches this week, and, in another separate post that I’ll do later on, I can say that most of Room 10 had finished and had practised their speech. I had finished my speech, but...I hadn’t practised it much prior to presenting. SOO, when I was picked to go after Khorus, I was a BIT nervous, but other than that, I was alright.

I mean, I’ve done this all before, haven’t I?? Right?? You’ve followed my speeches at those Manaiakalani Ambassadors meetings, right? Oh, well.

I did my speech, and I got good marks. Probably. Possibly. Maybe I got good marks. My presenting skills are preeettttyyy good, wouldn’t you agree, reader? W..would you agree? Oh, well, can’t be bothered to ask you that when you’re on the other side of the screen.

That’s all I remember.

Monday, 7 December 2015

The Great Starter! - Sleepover At Tamaki Primary (Part One)

So, hi, there, again, reader!

After Waiwera, everyone was pretty tired. I was a bit tired. And wet. On the way back to school, I didn't realize that the togs I was holding was actually wetting my pants. It left a stain that even convinced ME that I wet my pants! Wow, doesn't this remind me of something else...

"Uhh, can't really, say anything at the moment...I wet my pants...with...with the water, didn't pee my pants, that's not right."

If you don't recognize that...that, uhh, dialogue, it's from that Speech Post from the Manaiakalani Hui from this year. I suppose I'd tell a quick story. I was drinking water and some of it spilled on my pants, I think. It was a bit of an accident. So I went to the bathroom to fix my pants, and-wow, this went downhill quickly. Accident...went to the bathroom...fix my pants...moving on, my pants dried up when we came back...

And to skip two hours, I went back to school for the sleepover! There weren't as many people as I thought there would be, probably enough to fit into three tents (as in, two big tents and one relatively small one). When I came in, there two tables set up, and I was greeted by some of my friends, as I looked around to see what to do.

I had to help set up Viliamu's tent. Not the most best way to start the evening, because I never knew how to set up a tent, but oh, well! I helped put it up, and even with the condemnation from the other guys and girls setting up their tent, Viliamu started giving up hope. It was mostly this person who I will not name under any circumstance, because that's just too private, but HE was mocking the tent.

I realized that it was HE that was putting down Viliamu and his tent, and I sprung into guilt mode. "Great start to the evening, mate..." I say, shaking my head. Before you know it, a few minutes later on convincing and encouragement, we finally set the tent up! Well, not according to Cavhyon's mum. She helped, and took a picture of us!! She was really nice!

Moving on, I walked around to see the other tents. Yep, there were now three big tents and two RELATIVELY small tents, one of them (Cavhyon's as he just set up) was proposed to actually go into one of the big tents (which was Brodie's). That was weird.

But moving on, dinner! In the NEXT post!!

Spot the Difference!

Hi, reader.

It's Spot the Difference! To be simple and straightforward, all you need to do is find the NINE differences (or ten, I don't know how many differences there were because I was busy editing the picture). It's been a while since the last Spot the Difference, so this was cool to make!

I hope this was worth it....

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Service To School End Of Year Rainbow's End Trip!! Wow!!

Hi. I'm going to make this quick.

Almost a week ago, on Monday, Student Councillors, Fruit Monitors, Milk Monitors, Road Patrollers, and other students who did their service to Tamaki Primary went along with teachers and adult helpers and other adults who were....coming, to Rainbow's End! Wow what great fun and I had a great time saying weird stuff while also going on rides everywhere. Someone spewed up on the Pirate Ship, and that was a bit of a bummer. Boo, but hey, things happen!

Uhhhh, what else can I say....uhhhh....OH YEAH! The STRATOSFEAR was the first ride I went on, surprisingly, I usually go on it later in the day but, oh, well, gotta go with the people who are in my group! Sort of, Maopa wasn't in my group, so wasn't Paris, and Marcus t-nevermind, moving on, James was swearing next to a teacher on the ride (in a funny way, don't get too hyped up, reader), I was saying good things at the right time like:

*when ride goes upside down*

Me: AAAHHH! AAAHHH, so guys, uhhh, nice, uhh.....
*cue the laughter*

And the roller-coaster was cool, too! Mehi was a LOUD screamer! And, uhhhhh, I had a great time! And, uhhhh, I laughed and singed a lot, too! JUST DON'T TELL THE EMPLOYEES I HAVE A SMALL HEART CONDITION THAT WOULD'VE RUINED MY DAY......But other than that, AN AMAZING DAY!!!!!!

Sorry, I was rushing this post...

Thursday 26th - At Waiwera! Part Two...

My representation of a splash at the pools...

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wednesday 25th - The Laser Session...

Thirty minutes of pressure, strategy, running, staring, squinting, screaming, yelling, charging....and striking...

Don't forget striking...

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


...14 MORE DAYS...

...2 MORE WEEKS...


Monday, 30 November 2015

Longways Isn't Always Best...

Hi, reader,

This is my opinion. Just a little post about the importance of recording on an iPad...properly...well, it depends on what proper way you want to film something, it depends on how you face the iPad that can get cheers or a bit of a jeer.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

For the Moment...

Hi, reader!

Remember that In the Meantime post earlier? Well, since it seemed cool to do it again, here's another edition talking about ANGLES! The pictures were taken, once again, at Hoyts Cinemas AFTER the evening session of films shown to the community, and there was an opportunity to take a picture in front of our stand.

But which angle is better?

Making A Movie... | My NEW Speech!

Hi, reader!

Wow, I'm posting another speech. And may be doing another one pretty soon. This one is about making my film for this year's Manaiakalani Film Festival, which took eight weeks to "plan", film, and edit.

Slide One:
Talofa Lava, my name is Willy and I am a Year Eight Student. I attend Tamaki Primary School which is a full primary school located in Alamein Road. A great way to meet you all with an exciting speech to tell you.

Slide Two:
Last term, which was between July and September, I created a film for the Manaiakalani Film Festival, parodying the well-known song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson...featuring Bruno Mars. My song had to be about my syndicate, which is called Kia Manawanui, meaning Be Big Hearted. So, I had to learn what it meant big hearted! I learnt that it was hard working, a generous and striving personality. So, I incorporated those meanings for being big hearted into my song.

Slide Three:
After finishing the song, and with the help of my school’s musical specialist named Caleb, to change the lyrics of the song to make it better, record the song with some of my classmates, I had my song finished and done! Now all I needed to do was to film the music video for my song. I used Google Drawings and Documents to storyboard and plan the video, but, since it wasn’t so detailed…

I, along with the backup dancers/friends I had to film the video, improvise and do anything we could to...make the video! We had fun planning ideas and choreographing the different scenes included in the music video. But even with fun and laughter going around, we did get frustrated at some times of the filming, as there was a habit of having to re-film parts in which I thought was wrong. So, concentration became important, as we all focused on trying our best.

Onto the editing, I edited all the footage together, and added some pretty random effects in the film. The main one was a heart I found on the internet. After editing it and syncing the music in with the footage, I was finished! I had finished my film probably two weeks before the end of the term. And it felt great!

Slide Four:
My film was shown to my class, Room 10, and soon it was going to be shown in the Manaiakalani FIlm Festival 2015. This is an annual event where schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster present their films that they have worked on for the term, or terms. The film festival takes place at Hoyts, Sylvia Park. My film was shown to a few schools, including my school, Tamaki Primary, and it was cool to see my film on the big screen, even if I was nervous about other schools seeing it.

But not only that, my film was posted onto my class blog, just like any other of the Manaiakalani films from the other schools, and it was so cool to see the comments underneath my film about people enjoying the song and the dance moves me and my group made up. As a well known blogger in my school, besides creating DLOs for my blog, I like sharing my creations with others, so it was a great pleasure to see students from other schools comment on my film.

Here are some images of the evening session, where parents and the community come to watch chosen films from each school. My film was one of them, and it was the first film of the evening!  Here’s my film that will play over here.

Thank you for reading. Reading, as in, reading this speech. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tuesday 24th - In Point England...Part Two...

People eating crabs, a leaf tornado....

Let's just start off with saying that McKoy (and some other people, but McKoy was the main person) saved one of the gazebos during the boot camp session, and we clapped for him. I forgot to mention that, probably because I never imagined McKoy saving something. If you're a close friend of mine or is in Tamaki Primary and know what McKoy is like, you know what I mean. In a jokingly way.

So after seeing the remains of Cavhyon's house, I decided to walk around a bit to see what else was going on. Yep, some people had walked to the water. A bit far away, but that was alright. Cavhyon then lead me to this warm pond. Chardonnay slipped in one of them. Pretty out of the ordinary. but at least she laughed it off. Right, Chardonnay?

Riiiiiiight, Chardonaayy?? Nevermind. Now, I can't remember what happened next, but I remember people starting to get sea creatures, right before Lunchtime. I couldn't believe that it was LUNCHTIME! Already! For Lunchtime we all had fish and chips to eat, along with the choice of tomato or barbecue sauce. Although there was one person whose I won't mention (it was Mana, by the way), who asked:

"What is this?"

It was the fish. I couldn't believe the question. But that wasn't the main thought, the main thought was that everybody was having a great time! We all talked and chatted about pretty random stuff and listened to music that I don't normally listen to - almost everyone knew what the songs were! I felt so lost. Lost in the heat of it all. Like, really, heat. It was really hot, so the one chance I walk onto the playground without shoes and socks on? Unlucky. And SO HOT!

While having lunch, we all saw something that was in a way spectacular. A tornado-like swirling thing that was spinning with leaves was starting, and everyone ran towards it. I ran towards it, also, and took some shots of it. Pictures. I decided to take pictures. Not video. Pictures. Gosh, dang it, me. *facepalms*

Back to the beach, I start to walk to the tide that was still out. Gosh, it was so hurtful. Some shells are sharp, did you know that? And mud is REALLY slippery, did you know that? And people can eat crabs raw, did you know that? And also, cramps hurt a lot! SO MANY THINGS that I didn't know about!

I took pictures this time. I tried to get a group shot of some of the students near the water, but instead got engulfed by selfies and whatnot. I don't do selfies, by the way. I mean, have you SEEN that Manaiakalani Film Festival picture with Stanley? Anyway, the memory ran out on the iPad I was taking pictures on. Giving it to Ms Aireen, I walk back to the tide, and see that the tide is starting to come in. But it's not that quick. I bet by the time the tide's back in, we're gone.

Now, I don't know why or how this happened, but some of the boys gathered some clay, like, BIG clay, took it to the ponds, and...well...they...threw them in, where has our minds gone to these days, am I right! They were literally throwing them in the water, watching the big splash........and then getting some more!!

And it was just in time for the sand sculpture building competition. Guess what some people brought?

Clay. Although some clay looked like rocks. Here, read the line below and imagine if it was a rock...

"Wait, guys...I think this is a's hard..."

I laughed out loud, knowing that if it was a rock, well...haha, I'm still finding this funny right now as I type this. It was just funnier back then at the heat of the moment. Speaking of heat, it was still hot, and I was still wearing no shoes due to walking to the water to fetch some water for my group's sculpture. By the way, I didn't really feel like participating, only because of the fact that I was getting tired. Really tired. And hot, as well!

But I couldn't find my shoes. They were somewhere sometime somewhere some time ago. After a quick search, I realised that I left them on the grassy field above the beach. After I found them, I completely ditched my group, because what would I do? I couldn't help, because what would I help WITH? Nothing, that was the answer. So I followed Stanley and after a bit of a good talk, I went to the playground one last time.

William, if I didn't mention, was stuck in the playground. He wasn't really stuck, but he just stayed in the place he was for a bit of time. Throughout the time he...well, he stayed where he was for a long time, that's all I can say. I push Amelia on a was cool, because I purposely kept pushing her. It was all good fun, she went off, and I went on. It was that little kiddie swing, while TJ (who was waiting with me to get on a swing) was on the big swing.

Oh! I forgot to mention, it was his birthday, so he deserved that swing. For a while we talked about random stuff and stayed on the swings until someone came along. It was Patosina, who was apparently waiting for a long time. I didn't notice. And Mele, too, she was waiting. So we gave the swings to them, was time to go, back to school. "AWW!! I JUST GOT ON!!" Mele protested in a happy way.

At Tamaki Primary, we take adversity as a joke.

After a bit of a talk, everyone started to walk back to school. I walked as well, because Brandon and Lolo took the seats. Dang it. But I didn't lose hope. Powerwalking to the front of everyone with TJ (well he was going his own pace, which was fast), and it was cool, just going past and then reaching the front.

Until I realised me and a few other people were walking so fast that we needed to stop so everyone else could catch up. Theeeenn I was put at the back of some people again. It just felt good to be at the front. Then I was. Then people pushed to the front. Then some more people came. Then some mor-and we arrived at school!!

That was the whole day, said in these two parts. Gosh, I hope I catch up with these posts...