Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fried Rice!

Here is the technology presentation me and Loni did. This may be the last presentation for food technology since it is the last week...

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Reading Learning Log

This is my Reading Log for Term Three. At the end of this presentation is my next goal for next term, which is Term Four. I hope I achieve it by the end of the term, which also means, by the end of the year!

Writing Learning Log Term 3

Here is my Writing Log for this term. At the end of the slide I have my goal for next term. Enjoy!

CyberSmarts Reflection

This term for cybersmarts, I did achieve my goal of becoming more aware in the cyberspace. One thing I found difficult was figuring out ways to be cybersmart on sharing images when doing the explanation about cybersmarts with the whole class. Next term, I will try to be more aware on being cybersmarts especially cyberbullying.

My Maths Learning Log Term Three

Here is my Learning Log that includes my Maths Learning goal for Term Four.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Market Day (or Friday 19th) + 2 Weekly Post Conclusion

It was morning.

I was in the hall. With other students.

It was an hour before the moment it started. 11:00 a.m.

I was a photographer, along with Tanisslous and Quitah, and we were in charge of taking photos and videos of the Market Day. And interviewing some people, of course.

An hour later. Parents have already arrived, and have started buying and drinking and eating and all that sort of stuff.

With Quitah in the Kapa Haka group, she gave me her camera. It was so advanced. It was like the silver camera I used to film a part in T.P.S News once, but it was black, and more...advanced. It was like it was in HD. HD, I like. So I filmed the whole performance, and that made me worried. Lucky, I still had 9 minutes and 41 seconds left. Like before I filmed the performance. 9 minutes, and 41 seconds left. Weird timing. Get it? Timing? Time? You'll get it...

Anyway, I saw some people that used to be at Tamaki Primary. like Romeo, Khylie, Fili, all the rest. I interviewed them, and it was quite funny.

The Samoan Group were up next, and this time, I had two things recording at the same time! It was great! Up to the part where it got frustrating. All worth it though, I got it at the end. Yes!

Interviewing some more people, and then interviewing Mary-Jane, I then made the biggest mistake of the day. When trying to delete that footage, the setting said this:


And from that, I thought the 'frames' was the frames in that single video, but instead, it was all the footage on the camera deleted. Gone. Poof. Forever.

Dang. Because of that I blamed Mary-Jane, as she was the closest person to me, and also, I DELETED ALL THE FOOTAGE ON THE CAMERA.

But you know what they say, nothing's gonna slow you down. So I moved on and took pictures and videos. I took a lot at the end, and maybe forgot about the deletion. I took a video of Loni who won a dancing competition, and as they say, it was on tape, just to mention again. Everyone screaming, which obviously meant he won. Good for you, Loni.

That was then the market was finished. We finished off with a prayer and cleaned up. Well, the Year 7 and 8's. Me and Mary-Jane went to take the camera equipment to Room 7. Then we saw Mary, who asked for us to open the classroom door to put Miss Kyla's stuff there. Turns out she brought Quitah's 3D Art piece.

By then, Mr Wong came to open the class door. Then the bell rang. The class was a mess. Oh yeah, I helped out with some of the tables to be put in the elevator, then to be taken into Room 7, because Room 8 was already done. I brought a table with Kini up the stairs, then a table up the elevator guessed it, Mary-Jane.

Now, back to when the bell rang. I volunteered to help with cleaning up the classroom. I was so close to throwing an umbrella out the window. But Mr Wong caught me. It would be quicker, since Ma'asi was outside, down there. But it ended in Ma'asi running up the stairs, grabbing them off me, then running down the stairs.

After a while I went downstairs to the office, after Mr Wong said it was all good in the classroom, finally. I saw Mary-Jane on a phone, and I got it so wrong...

Mary-Jane: ......I love you...
I look at her...
Mary-Jane: I'll see you later...
Hangs up phone...
Me: So...who was that? Hmm?
Looks smart
Mary-Jane: My nan...
Smart look goes away
Me: Oh...

And then we said our goodbyes...literally...

Mary-Jane: Well....see ya
Me: Bye...
I walk away...
Mary-Jane: Bye...
I turn around...
Me: Bye, Mary-Jane
She comes back to me...
Mary-Jane: Bye, Willy.
She walks away, then I sneak back to her
Me (whispers): Bye....
I run to hide, but she finds me...
Mary-Jane: Bye, Willy!

She got the last "Bye..."


Now, moving on from Friday. On Saturday, the NZ General Election was broadcasted live on television. I know by fact that National won the election, and that John Key is now on his third term (I think) as Prime Minister.

Then today, Sunday, came. I went to my second practise for White Sunday earlier this evening, taking place in Otara, in a hall near a marae. We did a play rehearsal, and then a dance, and then a song, and then ended with having cocoa rice, with bread. Loved it.

That was it for this week. I hope you had a great fortnight, as well.

2 Weekly Post - Week 2 (Mon 15 - Thur 18 September)

Hello, Blog.

This week was just so out of line.

The student council had a meeting in the morning block. It was about the Market Day which I will be later on be talking about. We were making signs on Google Drawing, and then printed them out, and then glued them, or laminated them. Then did some little extra work, then we were done!

Practises for the groups performing on the day of the Market were on full alert. The groups were the Samoan group, the Tongan group, the Technology Band, the School Band, the Kapa Haka group, and the...I think that was it, really.

Then in the afternoon, I went to the staffroom to Miss Kyla for this thing I was going to do. It was...

My Blog Log.

Pretty cool name, isn't it? It was something I wanted to do after an e-mail was forwarded to me by Miss Kyla about Mrs Burt showcasing me in something which I somehow forgot. It sounded cool. And it was being held in Melbourne, Australia, so I was going to be showcased to many people in Australia!


Anyway, I did a practise run, thought about what I was gonna say, and then....failed in my first try at home.

I was SO distracted. There was homework, then the Inquiry research, then there was an internet failure for about 20 minutes, and I couldn't do anything by then, and then it was about 9 o'clock and my charger kept playing up, and so my netbook wasn't charged by then, and so later on I had to plug it in for the next morning.

There, my distraction. My own netbook. Weird, if you ask me.

Tuesday came.

Practises for the groups were still going. I was almost by myself in lunchtime. No wait, I probably was all by myself...

The morning block was busy. I was doing my recording for my Blog Log. And that meant I didn't join in on my group, Group One. They were doing 3D Art. I was in Room 8, which, involved the Loom Bands Group. Amazing. After I said I wouldn't come in again because it was just for a day.

The recording result was good, and I got to blog it! Again, it was called, "Blog Log", where I share my thoughts on blogging. A big first for me...


Wednesday was so fuzzy. I know the Student Council was a bit low on the Councillors. Why? Kapa Haka practise. Mm-hmm. Besides from talking about something random, we talked about the date for the Loud Shirt Day Fundraiser. Can't really give the details now.


For technology, the food technology group prepared scones. It was yum at first, but then the cream just went FLOP! on the table when I was bending over. The scone was in my mouth. And I didn't even save it. That's how good it was. Yum...

For Arts and Crafts....I don't know what I did, because I was doing something with some other people. Lots of visitors from Wellington were coming. I needed to prepare myself. At lunch most of the people went to their practises (see what I mean), leaving just me and Ma'asi (sure Ma'asi is not a councillor, but she does know a lot about a netbook) in the library, whispering to each other (because the visitors were in the other room).

After lunch, we did it. Although more Student Councillors came than before. Me and Chasity took a lady, and we introduced ourselves to her. Well, let's say I introduced myself to her, and shook her hand. We showed her around the classrooms that use netbooks for e-learning. Then to Room 2, where technology is also used in learning, then after a long mistake, we were back at the library.

Me, Chasity, and Simon (because he was mostly helping us with making conversation) did it perfectly.

At the end of the day, I thought I lost my netbook. Why? When I was called to the showing around, I left my netbook in Room 6, where my group was at doing some art.

Friday will be in a separate post due to the quantity of events that happened. Why? Two words...

Market Day.

2 Weekly Post - Week One (8th - 14th Sep)

Hello, Blog!

On this week, it was partly normal. Normal routine. School. Kiwican. Student Council Workshop Meeting on Wednesday. Technology on Thursday.

Now I got something!
Some people in the school in the Arts Technology group did some amazing and fabulous art designs around the school. There was a Spongebob, an angler-fish, a waterfall I think, an angry fish, and lots of other creations.

For Arts and Crafts, my group, Group One, was supposed to be in 3D Art. Unfortunately, Whaea Petra wasn't there. So, the group was split. Amazingly, I was the only person from Group One to go back to the Loom Bands group.

But this time I was better than the last time I was in the group. But there was another twist.

I wanted to do something else.

This one time, a week ago or two, I was to do a job where I took photos of children that were on a list. It was for a variety thing or something, but now that I think about it, I shouldn't spoil it. Hmm...

Anyway, I did the job right this time, and after a few minutes of almost chasing someone for a photo, and finding out someone didn't want to take a photo in front of people, I was done.


But I forgot Maopa. Oops.

But anyway I did most of the children in under 30 minutes. Most.

Then on Friday it was quite great.

We had a Duffy Assembly. I may have done a post about it. Maybe, maybe not, I still remember being there. One of the guests there were Joshua, and he is well known for his speech, Brown Brother, which when he said on the first time, was uploaded to YouTube, and became a hit. His speech was inspirational, and he said that said speech at the Duffy Assembly.

Amazing. Beautiful.

Right before the assembly, I met him, recognized him but couldn't figure it out. Shook his hand and introduced myself, and he introduced himself. "Nice name" I said.

First impressions count. And that was a bad one.

You see, whenever I meet someone new, or an adult, or a visitor, sometimes they know me, but don't know my name. The greatest guess they do is "Joshua". I quite like that name. But my name is Willy.

Overall, the Duffy Assembly was great.

Last Sunday, I went to my first practise for White Sunday this year.

It went quite well. I didn't actually know I was going to be a part of this for this year, because I don't really go to church that much. Don't worry, I have a reason. My brother. Don't worry, he's autistic. And we really don't want to get the family name down with him doing something random while we're praying.

I came back home from Otara, at about 8:00 p.m. The curtains were still open, and not to forget the windows. Brilliant. Then I found out that the people still at the house (Dad, Abbie, and Martin) were upstairs all this time! Besides dinner, they were downstairs, obviously.

Then after a while I went to sleep early for Monday, which was this Monday (the 15th September).

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fishing Methods

The sea is full of sea creatures, especially fish. Some people usually use techniques to fish out sea creatures, but some of those techniques could damage part of the sea. Here is some of those fishing practices.

Dredging is sometimes bad for the deep seafloor. With the equipment use a steel cage, and the purpose of catching shellfish such as crabs, oysters, scallops, and clams, it also has the ability to damage the seafloor, and anything that inhabits it. Another problem this also brings is...bycatch, catching anything unwanted in the oceans.

Another practice that sometimes damages the seafloor is trawling. With the equipment using a net and a boat, not only that it can also method could possibly be catching the same sea creatures as the dredging method. It also takes different creatures, which are not the creatures it’s supposed to catch, without no judgement., and could also damage the seafloor. We can all fix this and reduce this problem by finding a more efficient way to catch many creatures, that won’t damage the seafloor, and will also not catch any unwanted creatures.

One last example of a fishing practice that sometimes damages the seafloor or the sea is gillnetting. With the ability to catch fish and other sorts of sea creatures with a big net connected to a boat, it can also cause problems for anything that is not a fish, or is anything that won’t be used at all. In a way, we can help reduce this problem from all the time to sometimes, by checking the ocean area for any unwanted species of sea creatures, and then dropping the nets in, or even, encourage others to end overfishing. It’s as simple as that.

So there you go. This information report has included some facts about some of the many fishing practices that occur on a daily basis, although there are some practices that could harm or even damage the ocean. Altogether, if we stand up for the ocean and protect it by thinking of a way to solve it, our oceans will be protected for a long period of time. With this information report comes the main message: Many fishing practices has a purpose, catching fish, but with this purpose comes a disadvantage (overfishing, bycatch, commercial fishing, etc.).

Thank you for reading.

Us, the Analysers

Hello, Blog! Today for this task i decided to do the article about copyright infringements. And music

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My Blog Log

Hello, Blog!

This is my first Movenote presentation I ever made. It shares my feelings and thoughts towards blogging. The video and the presentation are separated into different parts, so try to keep up with the presentation with the video. I hope that made sense.

Friday, 12 September 2014

10 Fast Fingers Record (for me)

Goodness me! I am fast as typing!


Spelling Hangman

I did a spelling activity today and it was with a buddy, Danisha. She won the first time...

Yeah, she cheated. But the second time was when I won...

We both cheated...

Spelling Words T3W8

Here are the spelling words for this week.

  1. coral
  2. long line
  3. trawling
  4. plankton
  5. school (of fish)
  6. netting
  7. surf casting
  8. interdependence
  9. taniwha
  10. leviathan

Duffy Assembly

Today, the whole school had a Duffy assembly. There were guests three guests in that assembly, one being a representative for the Remuera Rotary Club, and two guys, who were brothers, from AUT (Auckland University of Technology). Their names were Kory and Joshua, and for Joshua, he looked familiar.

Then he said that speech.

It was the best speech I heard in possibly 2011. Or 2012.

It was a long time ago.

I then realised it was him. That guy who did the speech at Mt Roskill.

Amazing. And to think I said this to him.

"Nice name...".

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tuakana Teina Photos

On this day Room 8 and Room 1 had a Tuakana Teina session together. It included a piece of writing about a fictional monster fish sea creature in the ocean.

Here is a photo slideshow showing the fun we had writing!

After, we all did a song called "Kaimoana E" with actions to go with the melody. I think that's the title name of the song. It's a really fun song!

I was by myself, didn't have a buddy. I still had fun!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

2 Weekly Post - Week 2

Hello, again.

This week. A busy week for the school, and me. But let me tell you a story before I move on:

Earlier this year, my reading group, the Royal Pages, entered a film competition. The theme was 'How is the Treaty of Waitangi still relevant today?'. We made it, and by the end of Term One, we finished.

The next term. The results arrived. We came...second, but still, we still got to go to Waitangi.

Unfortunately, I couldn't come. I had my reasons. Well, sort of. Moving on...

The Student Council got to come as well.

They went on Monday...

So they went in the morning, because it would be a 4-hour drive. I said my farewells, as they would be gone for 3 days. Almost cried, but sadly, and amazingly, I didn't. Just had the feeling. But Quitah cried. Sad. I just hope the end of the year won't be as bad as this.

Good thing from that was, I would be the only Student Councillor for three days! Yaay.....

All by myself, don't wanna be
All by myself, anymore.....anymore....

In class, our teacher was...Mr Lintott! Forgot how to spell his name, but you'll get it. It felt like 2011, because, well, I was in his class in 2011. I had long hair...anyway, there were some people that were good, and some were bad, I think. We all had a good day. I knew we'd bond without the 'ones' gone.

Don't tell them I said that.

Also, while they were gone, I was in charge of T.P.S News. Yep, sir, or madam, I had T.P.S News all to myself. With trust, of course, Miss Fepuleai did trust me to get out of class to film, only parts of learning, not the whole block...hmm....


Another day,

Okay, yesterday's interview didn't go so well, with the camera dying, and then die. So, me and Stanley went out to try again. After the interview, which turned out great, it was Morning Tea. Little kiddies running around the hall, with no supervision. I have a problem with little kids making noise and mess, do I? First there's the doctor's, now the hall. Then girls, who are from the Senior Syndicate, walking around the hall, and the weirdest thing was, they were there for no apparent reason.

Thanks a lot, open door...

And so, another day of filming was finished.


More people were gone. For a tournament. Which I went. For a short time. To take photos, and possibly a video. I just hope the footage isn't deleted.

Ooh. Dang.

Thanks a lot, sunshine.

Back at school, where the lighting was a bit darker, Room 7 were in our class for the day. There were some people in Room 7 that really surprised me, with their attitude. I should talk about it. Better get to the good side of the day.

After lunchtime, or, to be specific, editing time, I was about 10 minutes late for Staffroom Duty. Thanks a lot, iMovie. Ma'asi was furious, as she was the only one working. I said the same thing I did in Morning Tea, where I was also late...

'Ooh, there you are. Sorry, I was doing something.'

And she was in the same position, kneeling down, holding something in her hand (luckily, not a knife), with the dishwasher open. She was mad.

While walking around the school to get any cups from the teachers. I got a plate and 3 cups. Yay. I saw the teams that were at the tournament. Coincidence? I don't know.

Back in the staffroom, Ma'asi is complaining about me taking too much time. Too much time, 10 minutes doesn't sound long to me. I mean, 30 minutes felt like 10 minutes. Anyway, we finished.


In technology, we made mussel fillets. Amazing! They looked and tasted familiar. Dang, forgot.

Editing time! This was the day the people who went to Waitangi were coming back, and it was also the last day of being the 'lone wolf' in the three days. Never forget those times. After morning tea, the small but working group were doing the last origami lesson. It was cool, I made a...what was it called? Hmm...

Seriously, I forgot. I can't believe it.

Goodness! I forgot what it's called! Dang!


As always, something happens on Friday that always stays with me during the weekend. This time, it was about friends, but I shouldn't talk about it. Let's move on.

It was normal for the Student Council and the Royal Pages, who did a movie, and some extra work, if you know what I mean. I did my part of the filming, and that was just my part. Benny Hill, you saved my life. And time, to continue on. Anyway, the movie they made was about their trip to Waitangi. Amazing, if you ask me.

If only I went. But I couldn't.

Don't blame me, I had my reasons.

No you didn't!

Oh, shush, random person, no one knows you!

Now, anyway, a friend of mine, who, now, is my best friend (I don't know how this happened, she just asked, I said yes, then the 'friend-to-best-friend' hugged me), was bothering me, or, I was bothering the friend. This seriously reminded me of 2011, man. Dealing with friends, starting netbooks, other stuff.


Right now, as I am writing, it is Father's Day. A day to honor our father's with celebrations, gifts, gift cards, cards, flowers, lollies, ice cream, sugar, etc.

Dad, Mum, and Abbie went to church for the celebration, while I was left here, with my brother. They came back with food, but sadly, I ate a lot of food at the wrong time, and wasn't able to eat for 2 hours. Then the lollies and ice cream came in. Right now, at about 8:17 p.m, I have a minor stomach-ache. Eating too much chocolate ice-cream, and eating too much Moro mini-bars.

At least Dad's happy. Except for the fact that I let him do the dishes. On Father's Day.

Ha! I remember last year's Father's Day, I was writing in my diary, in big letters...

Today is Fat!

I was supposed to write, "Today is Father's Day!" but instead I stepped out of the world for a second, and then realized the mistake. Especially when I said it in a happy voice. Ha!

Anyway, that was my fortnight.

2 Weekly Post - Week 1

Good week a week ago.

It's a bit fuzzy, but I remember Thursday, it was a night to remember. Sort of.

On Thursday, August 28th, it was Miss Kyla's birthday. Great day. We made pizza for technology, then gave it to Miss Kyla (obviously!), the birthday girl. Then there was a syndicate assembly, and one part of the assembly was us singing 'Happy Birthday' to her and Paris (or was it Francis?), and Brodie, but he was in band practise.

Before 3:00 p.m, I did a rap song for her. Didn't realize I could rap a bit.

Now, into the night.

I went to the doctors. Not for me, Abby. She was quite sick for a few days, and her health was getting worse. Although she didn't spew at doctors, thank goodness. This is a lesson...

Don't eat that much carrots.

I remember the time. So close to 6 o'clock. Probably 2 minutes to the hour. Walking through the pathway, it soon got darker. Glen Innes is different when it's dark. Working lights are on, not warm white lights. Most buildings are dark, closed. I saw an apartment on the top of the pharmacy, warm lights on. The doctor's looked different, WAY different. Last time I saw it, it was smaller, and didn't really have that much greetings.

6:00 - 6:05 p.m

Inside. I open the door for Mum and Abby, and then kept the door open for a lady and child. Didn't say thank you. Obviously.

Mum's at the reception, while I am at the back of her, leaning on the rail. I didn't know why they put the rail there, nor why they made the floor in front of the reception tilted. Nevermind. After a minute and a half, and I knew because I was looking at the clock in the reception desk, we finally walked away. To sit down.


So we sat down. As I said a couple seconds ago, but little did I know, it would be the longest wait yet. First off, let me ask you this, and no offence, but do you get in that situation where you follow the person you're with, then that person says, "No. Stay there." then you sit down, and then suddenly, a little kid comes to you and says to your face, "Ha, ha, you stay here.", and you just want to be sarcastic and say, "Oh, ha, ha, ha, so funny of you to say that.", and have the most straightest face ever, while trying to keep your mouth shut because their mother is a couple metres away? That was me.

They kept saying that how many times. I was pretty annoyed. Although, I could just look away, and amazingly, they walked away! In my mind I was so happy, but still, where's the fun?

Mum and Abby came back from somewhere, and sat down. The lady receptionist walked by, and opened the back door. Behind the back door was a container-like door. Closing both doors, she went off. I started to daydream, on what I could be missing out at home, or, on television.

What's the weather tomorrow? Or, in this story case, the next day, which would be Friday?

We're still here. At the doctor's. With me sitting down. Bored. The ankle biters playing around. Nurses talking. Abby standing on the 'stand on this and see what the weight is' scale. She weighed a lot. Must be because she ATE A LOT OF FOOD!

7:00 p.m. Or probably close to that.

I should've been at home right now. Watching Shortland Street, but oh well, I'll just have to wait until I watch it on demand. Or will I?

An hour in and we're still waiting.

I start to watch what's on the television. Something weird. Then someone else starts to watch it. Then amazingly we all watch, as the egg ran away from its mother. Then flew onto a tree. Weird.

7:50 p.m

I feel tired. I want to sleep. I don't know why. Must be the illusion of the environment. Outside, it is as dark as midnight. At midnight, most of us would sleep, right? That's what's happened to me. Dang you, night illusion.

8:00 p.m

Finally we're up! For that, I was in the shortest appointment in my life. I had waited an hour, or two, and at the end was just 2 minutes of appointment. Talk about a 'dis-appointment'! Ah, get it? Disappointment, with the word 'appointment' on it? I bet you do.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Technology T3W6

Here is the Technology presentation that me and Loni, a friend of mine, made. For technology, which was last week, we made pizza! It was delicious at the end! Enjoy!

Me, the Analyser

Here is the "Me, the Analyser" task for reading this week. I chose to do a KiwiKids News article

Equivalent Fractions Task

Here is the follow up task for my maths group, the Cubes. Since I was too busy doing something else for something important, I forgot what to do in this task. Hopefully I did it right!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Current Events T3W7

Here is the Current Events for this week! Enjoy reading!