Monday, 30 June 2014

Thinkboard T2W9

Here is the Thinkboard for this week, which, by the way, is the last week of Term 2! I did most of the work, to be truthful. I worked with Alison and Taylor (but I did most of the work, to be truthful).

Sunday, 29 June 2014

That Thursday

It was a Thursday night.

My mum was out shopping, and my dad was cooking. My brother was sitting down, looking into space, my sister was running around in layers of clothing. I was on the computer, chatting to a friend while working.

08:26 PM.

Suddenly the alarm goes off. I turn around on my computer chair. What I saw had me gasping. Smoke was everywhere, but still, my brother and sister were acting normal. "Open the door!" I yell to my sister while trying to grab something. Sorry, Abby... I say in my mind, as I get one of her favourite drawings. Waving it frantically at the alarm, I see my Dad trying to take on the fire in the oven. More smoke comes out. I see the fire, crawling out of the oven. For the first time, I breathe in smoke. I feel dizzy. Abby shows off at the worst time ever. She says words I don't understand, while opening and closing the front door.

"Abby!" I yell at her.

The smoke alarm stops yelling, and I run back to my computer...

Willy? Are you there?
I can't talk right now, I'm in...
Internet connection cuts off...
Willy? Hello? You're eatz Willy...
Willy? Helloooooo? HELLO? Willy...

Suddenly the internet goes down low, lower than usual. "Trying to connect" it said. The smoke alarm goes off again. Running to the alarm, standing on the chairs, I see Dad sprinkling salt in the oven, on the fire. What the? I think to myself. Abby starts crying, opening the door. I see car lights. It's Mum. Smoke is still spreading in the house. I can't believe there's only one going off. Mum comes into the home. "Oh, my..." she says, glaring at the smoke around us. Alarm's off now. The big fire's out. All this happened in just over 6 minutes.

Internet's back on after a moment...

I'm back...I just experienced a fire.
OMGoodness, is Abby alright?
Yeah, just crying a little...
To be honest, if Dad hadn't stopped the burning, I wouldn't be here...
Are you okay?
Yeah. Just breathed into some smoke...
Please don't tell anyone this happened, please?
Okay then...
Thank you...

6 minutes changed everything.

2 Weekly Blogpost

It's that time! Again!

Wow, I can't believe I am still doing this "thing". I actually thought I'd give up on, like, the second post. There is a reason why this is called, "2 Weekly Blogpost", not, "1 Weekly Blogpost". See? Now, moving on...

Last week was great. Bad luck has been coming its way towards me. Me and a certain best friend experience bad things whenever we talk to each other. Sure, it may not happen all the time, but it happens most of the time. Last week, on a Tuesday, our P.E day, we did basketball skills. We went into groups, and guess who I was with? 3 friends, one of them the "certain friend", and that friend accidently threw a basketball at another person's back, and since I am standing at the worst spot, the "obvious" place to throw a ball at someone's head, I get the blame.

After a small, short, UNFAIR chase, I'm caught. I try to explain what went wrong, but it's too late. He is breathing into my face, and then HIS friend joins in, and what do I end up with? Smelly breath in my mouth. Thanks a lot Je I mean, "certain friend". Then, right about this Thursday, this week, I experienced a small fire that came out of the oven at home. I suffered a small amount of smoke inhalation, but, what happened before that? Well, my dad wasn't looking at the oven, but to me, what happened first, is that I was talking to "said friend". Don't worry, it was small (a little bit big, but still, small enough to take out).

Also this week, the two disco fundraisers were on. The Junior Syndicate Disco Fundraiser was great, everyone dancing, and I encouraged a boy to dance with everyone, and guess what? He got a lollipop at the end, meaning he was one of the best boy dancers! Yeah, I said he'd be lucky if he went and danced, and it actually happened! Ahh, I spread my luck to everyone...wait, maybe that's why I keep getting unlucky...ohhh...

Then the next day, it was the Senior Syndicate Disco Fundraiser. It was tough at the start, the first song was on, and hardly anyone was there. Then I came in. I can't remember how I was dancing, but I can tell I did dance. All by myself. Then the next song came up, and some more people came up, and more people joined in as more songs came on. I got a lollipop for starting the dance! Altogether, the money raised from both fundraisers were in a total of...well, somewhere in the 300's, but I forgot the actual price.

What else...oh yeah! 500 BLOGPOSTS!! Yeah, it was all worth it, until I actually wrote the 500th blogpost, I was all calm, all relaxed. Thanks a lot other certain best friend, now I wasn't hyper. Hmm. |:-| .

There was a chance of a storm on Friday this week. I was right. You see, I do a weekly weather report for Tamaki Primary School News. It's now more detailed than it used to be.

Also, last week, I wrote a letter, to the Rotary Club, about Duffy books. I wasn't alone (THANK GOODNESS!!), Mavis also wrote one. My one, well, was started by a couple of simple ideas, then it rolled into a perfect letter, the first one I actually wrote personally, actually. Duffy books. They carry such great knowledge, one page at a time. Which reminds me, do you get it? On page at a time? Fine then, don't tell me, it's best if I just keep writing...

Inquiry Presentations were show to the class on Friday. If I think about it, we had only a week and 4 days (it's a guess, don't know when we started) to research as much as we can to get the questions answered, and for one question in my group, Dinosaurs, for one question, we did a project! Amazing in just one week we put SO much effort into it!

So, what to look for in next week, which, by the way, is the last week of Term 2, is:

  • The Room 8 Shared Lunch, which, I only know, is on Tuesday
  • A Special Assembly, which I don't know what it is about
  • Tamaki Primary's first ever Science Fair! Which my group, the Dinosaurs group, is involved in!
  • Monday
Time flies when you're having fun, aye? I mean, it's winter already.

Friday, 27 June 2014

William Shakespearean Language

Here is a follow up task for reading. It is to do with William Shakespeare's language compared to modern language.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Volume Homework

Here is one of the tasks for homework that will be on the homework. I'm just posting this as itself. This was done by me and Chasity, but for the homework, which will be posted sometime this week, is done by me, Chasity, Taylor, Mehi, and Jennifer.

Spelling Task

Here is one spelling task I did just now. It is to do with syllabification.

Spelling Word | 'Syllabified' Version:
Question   |    ques-tion
Curious      |    cur-i-ous
Experiment |   ex-pe-ri-ment
Explain     |     ex-plain
Thirds      |      thirds
Observe   |     ob-serve
Process    |      pro-cess
Evolve      |     e-volve
Adapt      |     a-dapt
Height     |    height

Miss Kyla Goes Shopping

Here is a follow up task for my group, the Cubes. I did this with my friend, Taylor. He was kind enough to share it with me since my internet is really slow.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Cyber Media Task

Here is the Cybersmarts work for the week. This week we had to design a poster (or anything) that gives the message: What to do when looking for information online! Most of the work was done by my buddy Simon! Thanks Simon!

General Knowledge T2W8: Iraq

Here is the General Knowledge presentation this week. The country (as said in title) is Iraq! I did this with Simon, Stanley, Iziah, and Sau. Thanks guys!

IKAN Task: How many tenths and hundreds are there?

Here is the IKAN Task for this week. I finished this task with my buddy, Taylor.

Monday, 23 June 2014

500 Blogpost....


This is my 500 blogpost. Well, I do not how to explain this, but, I do know one thing...

I got 500 blogposts! Yay!

I know I should be excited, jumping around the room, acting all "Yay! Ahh!", then my parents would give the look they always gave when I acted like that, that "what the?" look. But instead, I am just acting normal, as always when doing a blogpost. Okay, okay, not THAT normal, I feel a little hot inside of me, with my ears almost burning, you know, those cartoons where they have smoke blowing out of their ears, suddenly my ears feel like that.

Anyway, if you just skipped the start, I have 500 blogposts! 500 blogspots. Wow, I wonder what will the next hundred be...

Yeah, i'm probably gonna have a hard time. Starting again from 500, moving all the way to 600. But, i'll get there, trust me. 600, here I come?

Oh, and also, Taylor, if you're reading this, I give you credit for cheering me up throughout these months, just thanks a lot on that Friday. |:-|.

Anyway, i'll finish this blogpost right.....any moment..........waiting for that

Oh yeah, about the time I have posted this I have walked out of the front door (look at time posted).

Okay, NOW it's finished.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

What would you do?

12:51PM. Two men are talking, then suddenly, their lives are changed. Their lives are in your hands. What would happen next? They are already outside, which is a bad sign. What would you want/need them to do?

Peer Pressuring

Here is a Goanimate video about what to do when you are being peer pressured.

Peer Pressure by willy8hjkhph on GoAnimate

Friday, 20 June 2014

General Knowledge T2 W7

Here is the General Knowledge for this week! This week's country is...BRAZIL! Worked with: Taylor, Chasity, Mehi, and Jennifer, but, I did do more than half the work, just being honest if I need to...

Equivalent Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Here is a presentation about turning decimals into percentages and vice versa. I worked with Taylor, and we finished it!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Homework T2 W7

Here is the Homework for this week. This would not have been finished if it wasn't for:
  • Taylor
  • Chasity
  • Mehi
  • Jennifer
There, I gave credit to them. Now let's see if they did for me, and the others....

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Before and After a Number

Here is a maths task all to do about numbers before and after. The next task after this one was to use Vocaroo to record ourselves saying the numbers before and after the numbers on the right. You can view it below this post.

Vocaroo Maths Task

Here is the Vocaroo about the numbers before and after. I could not have made this without the help of Starr.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Spelling Activity: Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical Order

Put your spelling words into alphabetical order.

These are my spelling words:

question curious experiment explain thirds                   observe process evolve adapt height

Put these words  in order:










Sunday, 15 June 2014

Friday 13th June 2014

Friday the 13th. Bad luck day. Black Friday. There's many names for this bad day. It does impact most people in this world, including me, but, sometimes, it's the most luckiest day of all.

There is a GOOD example of luck on Friday 13th...
Friday 13th, September 2013:
We made mini cakes, and they were AWESOME. The classes were jealous. Briant's one was so delicious, whereas for mine, it was just a piece of cake with random things on it. Room 5 were making mini houses for our movie "You Are Special", which included me, for you information. While they were filming, we were all having FREE TIME!! Back then, I was in love with Tremulous, until I found out you can die (in the game, of course), and Marcus, who had his netbook taken away, and also Stanley, came to me to play on my netbook. After 5 minutes of explaining and persuading, he finally played as a human, not an alien (big, scary spiders). It was so funny, he kept on dying (probably because the life transporters were at the worst places. Ever.). There were flying tyrants, and when he said, "Be quiet. They can't see you if you shush.", ANOTHER ONE FLEW FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! Argh! We were both laughing and screaming, and also, sorta got in trouble, and no, it was not worth it, as aliens won...

By the way, it was raining.

Then there is a BAD example of luck on Friday 13th...
Friday 13th, December 2013:
We had just came out of my dad's friend's house (or, Dave's house), and I was asking so many times if we could buy some of those round, balls that I usually call "Pancake". Dad says no. I feel bummed. I was hungry the whole day, and I don't get this (probably because I didn't tell Dad I was actually hungry). Just when I thought we could just go back home and eat, we pass by a police car (and that was not a good sign). After a few minutes, we were stopped by the police officer. After telling the officer everything, because he is always honest, he was disqualified from driving. Talk about luck, we walked the rest of the way, waiting for Mum to drive the car back home.

This time, it was sunny.

Now this year...
Friday 13th, June 2014:
It was a great/bad day. First off, my bag broke while on the way to school. Thanks a lot, Pate, for touching my bag. THANK YOU! Then there was Chasity, Taylor, and a "Lollipop" sign. It looked sort of like this:
With the long black and white striped stick.

Anyway I was walking and talking to them while they were taking the signs away. They stopped walking, but I didn't. It was that moment I stood too close to Chasity. Taylor dropped the sign, and so the other end of the stick hit It was a pain, such a pain. I haven't felt like that since...ever! We walked back up, and I quickly regained my strength.

Later that day...
The class was out for Kiwisport! But me, Chasity, Taylor and Jennifer weren't with them. We were trying to figure out how to record. We did it many times, but always failed. Same as for lunchtime, and also, a window was smashed! I am NOT saying that our singing was so bad we cracked a window, but we did experience an Room 7. A ball was thrown through the window, smashing it, obviously. Everyone was looking up for once. We were the closest to the window. The sound of it shook us, SMASH!

At least something good happened after that. We recorded with Miss Kyla, and it was a success many times later. We showed it to Miss Fepuleai, and she was happy. Ba de ah! Hooray!

At night, at home, I saw the full moon, and that is completely rare, with the last Full Moon on Friday 13th happening back in Friday 13th, October 2000. I took a photo of it while my Mum was sleeping...

Full Moon on Friday 13th June 2014

So, there you have it, my experiences with Friday 13th. What was yours?

2 Weekly Blogpost (Long)

Oh. My. Blog. These past two weeks have been A-MAZ-ING.
Last week, it was SUCH a great week, though I did forget. But, THIS week, it was mostly rainy, but it was also the best one yet. Monday was my reading test (YES! 13-14 Years!), then Tuesday was the day of a new song I wrote, entirely inspired. It all started with a spelling activity, which then ended up as a singing sensation, and also, a birth of a new group, called The Tamaki Quartet. I searched up the word, "Quartet" and it said:

A group of four people playing music or singing together.

I got it by the time I read "four". Pretty cool, honestly. It's like everything's Tamaki today:

- Tamaki Tornadoes
- Tamaki Quartet
- Tamaki Health Centre (kidding about that one, it's EAST Tamaki)
- East Tamaki (kidding AGAIN, but really, East Tamaki does have "Tamaki" in it, am I right?)
- Tamaki Primary School (to be fair, it DOES have Tamaki in it, though it has been here in Tamaki for a very long time)
- Tamaki Intermediate (closed down couple of years back due to falling rolls)
- TAMAKI! (amazing that Tamaki Primary IS IN Tamaki! I'm living in it too! Or am i??? Don't want to reveal where I live now, do I? Or do I? Nah, I won't...or will I? Okay, i'll move on...)

The song, as I sort of kept mentioning earlier this week, was called, "Remember". I was inspired by an advertisement from television and decided to something about it. After a few changes and some practice, I shared it with my friend, Chasity, which we worked 14 minutes to make the first part of the song up. When we both shared it to Taylor though, he didn't think it wasn't "alive" enough, UNTIL, me and Chasity both actually sang it to him, having him change his mind. But! (Wow, this story's long) Before that happened...

Me and Chasity showed Miss Kyla our song, well, I sang the song to her, then Miss Aireen, and Miss Fepuleai came in, and I had to sing it AGAIN. Then Mrs Manuyag came in! Thank goodness I didn't have to sing it AGAIN. You know, sometimes you have to do something you don't really do, like for example, singing. I don't usually sing, but this week, I did. To many people. Anyway, the song was great, and to be honest, I thought everyone was singing that song. I'm not kidding, it was almost like a group of girls started singing with us, then a couple of boys, then before you know it, BAM! Everyone!

Then there was Jennifer. Sorry if this story is long, it's just SO true! She was part of our homework group, and she was surprised (I think) to be told she would be singing as WELL, with me, and I was also shocked to hear I could sing that song! Anyway, the next day, which was probably Friday the 13th (ooooh,, really, I had a bad case of bad luck), we tried recording the song, but had encountered many mistakes.

So, after lunch, Miss Kyla took us to that small (not that small, it was bigger with the renovation) room beside the elevator (yes, the school has an elevator, for people to transport heavy and hard items, tables, computers, etc.), and recorded. It was funny the first time, then the second time, and then came the third time (I really don't know how many times we did it, but hey, it was Friday 13th, ANYTHING would've happen), and we got it right. We showed it to Miss Fepuleai, and she was amazed with our song, "Remember". Then a day later (yesterday) I got an e-mail saying out song was finished! A karaoke was made, now you can sing along! Now I'm thinking of how we could make a movie. Maybe in one shot, right? Just imagine...

Tamaki Primary's FIRST ever movie......wait for it.....made in ONE SHOT.....

One shot. Yes, indeed. It would be SO cool to make it in one-shot, besides, the editing would be faster, since we could make like 8 takes and we pick the best one, then add the audio in and BA-BAM! Our movie.

Hey, just something random...if I had one dollar for each and every time I said, "Tamaki", you know, I would be SUPER rich! No, seriously, press CTRL + F and write, Tamaki, you would be amazed at how many times I said, "Tamaki" in this blogpost.

I have no space to write down my Friday 13th, so, I will have to make another blogpost about it. See you in like, what, an hour or so??

Saturday, 14 June 2014

General Knowledge T2 W6

Here is the General Knowledge for this week. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of Taylor and Chasity. Thanks again guys! This weeks country is Thailand!

Homework Term Two, Week Six

Here is the homework that me, Chasity, Taylor and Jennifer worked together on. This is where our song, "Remember", came about, though it is the short version.

The Tamaki Quartet - Remember

Here is the song I was talking about! Now you can sing along to the lyrics on the screen! Enjoy!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Remember (Full Version)

Here is the full version of our The Tamaki Quartet's song, "Remember...", in the tune of "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Do you remember,
How to examine a picture?
Describe how we pestered
About that day that would occur...

E-val-u-ate (evaluate)
On the objects that were heavy by weight (by weight)
Never justified its way,(it’s way)
How everything changed that day...

Hey, hey, hey,

Ba de ah! You still have the knowledge!
Ba de ah! On that day you went to college!
Ba de ah! That day was really the best...

Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, - compared your evidence,
Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, - estimating the item’s lengths,
Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, - it was the sunniest day!

Sharing my work with you.
Our answers could never be so true,
But still, we weren't so blue,
How we were all still hap-pay...

Duh, duh, duh,

If you remember,
How the work was better together!
Being partners and such,
The partnership we share today...

Hey, hey, hey,

Ba de ah - You should have the knowledge,
Ba de ah - Before you go to college,
Ba de ah - Everyone was on the edge...

We were like...

Ba de ah - Do you still remember?
Ba de ah - Dancing on September...
Ba de ah - Never was a cloudy day!

ba-de-ya.. de-ya-de-ya
ba-de-ya.. de-ya-de-ya
ba-de-ya.. de-ya-de-ya...

Spelling: Alphabetical Order

C - compare
D - describe
E - evaluate, evidence, examine
J - justify
K - knowledge
L - length
O - occur
W - weight

Spelling Task: Remember

Here is a spelling activity I have done, with the help of Chasity, Taylor and Jennifer. We had to put our spelling words into a song, and here is the result...

Spelling words are underlined.

"Remember" in the tune of "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Do you remember,
How to examine a picture?
Describe how we pestered
About that day that would occur...

On the objects that were heavy by weight
You wouldn't justify its way,
How everything changed that day...

Hey, hey, hey,

Ba de ah! You still have the knowledge!
Ba de ah! On that day you went to college!
Ba de ah! That day was really the best...

Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, compared your evidence,
Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, guessed the item's length,
Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, it was the sunniest day!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

80 Questions!

Here is 80, not 100, Questions for Maths. The internet was down the whole class did it by the whiteboard.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Spelling Activity: Syllabification


Saturday, 7 June 2014

Natural Disasters Quiz

Here is a Natural Disasters Quiz I made this week. Enjoy!

If you want to see your answers after submitting, click here!

General Knowledge T2 W5

Here is my General Knowledge for T2 W5. This was made with Taylor and Chasity. Thanks guys! This week's country is America.

Friday, 6 June 2014


Here is one of the homework tasks for this week. I didn't know what to name it, but the first thing that came to life was, "Quote".

Facts about the Waterfall Effect

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Monday, 2 June 2014

Homework Term Two, Week Four

Here is the homework I helped with...last week.

the Queen's Birthday

The Queen's Birthday is always on the first Monday of June, which is today!

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth the Second, or, if I may not be rude:

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

May this be a glorious day for you and the Royal Family.

Okay, let's spill it. This isn't really the Majesty the Queen's birthday, it's a holiday (her actual birthday was on April 21st, i've heard), but at least we get a day off from school, work, the morning news, the noon news, the other news people seem not to be watching on the day, school again, and many more.

It is quite a good day today. The sun's shining (finally) after a cloudy and wet morning. At least it is a good day, better than a rainy day.

Last year, I made a small biography on Queen Elizabeth II, and you can find it by clicking here!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Fifa World Cup Facts

This is with another Powtoon video about Facts, but with this one, it is about the Fifa World Cup.

Cyber Smarts Tweet (Actual One)

Welcome back,

On an add to my previous post about a Cybersmarts Tweet earlier this week, I have also made an ACTUAL tweet about Cyber Smarts.

Yes, that is a tweet. My 94th, actually. You'll never guess what was my first tweet...


And yes, I do have a Twitter Account. Just to make that tweet...

Post-Weekly Blogpost

Oh yeah, almost forgot...

Tamaki Primary's talented musicians were featured in the TV3 Breakfast News earlier this week! The talented musicians were:

- Ma'asi
- Cypress
- Jayden
- Darwin
- Brodie
- Alison
- Brandon

Visit the news site here: Kiwi Kids show off musical chops

It's always great to see some students from the school on the news! 

More on the news, well, newspaper, the East and Bays Courier mentioned Tamaki Primary in a newspaper story (which is below)

Free sport offer for pre-teens

Starting out (Left): Tamaki Primary 7-year-old Edith Smith with Bruce Samu, Matthew Funaki, Simon Tanoai, Sifa Uiloula and Raena Smith who have joined the Tamaki Tornadoes.
A bunch of Tamaki youngsters are shooting their way to the top of a new sport. 

A free basketball club, Tamaki Tornadoes, has been set up at the Tamaki Recreation Centre for under-13s living in Glen Innes, Panmure and Pt England. 

And there is more room on the courts. 

The idea is to foster the sport from the ground up and make basketball more accessible to children, Panmure mother Salena Kahika says. 

There are about 10 children from Tamaki Primary School taking part but more should get involved, she says. 

‘‘This is a decile 1 school. A lot of these children miss out on opportunities based on money. 

‘‘This is being offered for free – it’s just amazing. 

‘‘A lot of the parents know how the game works but we wouldn’t be able to break it down and teach them like the coaches can.’’ Her daughter, Edith Smith, is the youngest Tamaki Primary student involved. 

She says basketball is a fun game to learn. 

‘‘Bouncing the balls was my favourite part,’’ Edith says. 

Budding player Sifa Uiloula agrees: ‘‘I just like it because I get to play sports.’’ Simon Tanoai says he loves the skills they are learning. 

‘‘I love how you do lay-ups and I like back-boarding or rebounding into the hoop. 

‘‘I just love the swish sound.’’ The club was set up by Auckland Basketball and is sponsored by the Tamaki Redevelopment Company. 

Auckland Basketball development manager Tim Dennis says Tamaki is one of 15 new basketball clubs the organisation has set up in Auckland. 

‘‘We’re really just providing somewhere for kids to come and play,’’ he says. 

‘‘We wanted to build skills and techniques around fun. 

‘‘We’ve targeted lower socioeconomic groups so that there’s something for them to latch on to and be a part of. Our main thing is giving them something to try.’’ The Tamaki Tornadoes will compete in the ABSL Run and Gun Tournament at the ASB Stadium in Kohimarama on July 13. 

‘‘The big picture is if we grow the clubs, then we can grow the sport.’’ Head along to the Tamaki Recreation Centre at 5.30pm on Tuesdays to get involved or go to for more information. 

Go to eastandbays to see a video of the Glendowie College v Fraser High School game in the 3x3 Auckland Basketball tournament. 

Information provided from online version of East and Bays Courier.

Wow, the school in the papers, and the news. Amazing!

More in the next update...(news music)

2 Weekly Blogpost

Ahh, great to be back....again...

What a week! I am talking about this week, not last week, why? Because it was test week! So many tests! Writing, Maths, Reading, Spelling, they were extremely hard. Trust me. Just take my word for it.

Also this week, there was another fundraiser for the Year 7 & 8 Camp. Rockstar Dress Up Day. I remember the last time that happened...I looked like a scarecrow, but this time, I looked great, and I think it was the shoes.

Yes, the shoes.

The week before this week, I went to the Church Fundraiser Car Wash, again. This time, I was extremely tired, and hardly did anything, besides from washing cars, eating, drinking, that sort of stuff. Back home I was less "tired and dizzy" than last time, probably because I wasn't near that "car wash smell", and instead, doing the signs. You know what I mean, holding the sign up to cars, yelling, I mean, informing people about the Car Wash (and that it was on their left), and that was easy, easier than the tests.

Love was in the air at s no, no, no, better not make this blog post go in a difficult turn (oh well), but anyway, I know something I really know will happen, the building project. 5 new classes for the school in 2015! Though it is sad, since the Year 8's this year won't be able to be in the classes next year (though they can still visit, easy as that), but it will be worth it. Just imagine, the school changing...

One small problem for next week:

Sunday (today) - Weekend
Monday - Queen's Birthday holiday (NZ)
Tuesday - Teacher's Only Day
Wednesday - Back to School

You see no problem yet, right? Well, here's the thing:

Wednesday morning is our (Malia, Chasity, Alison and myself) shift for Breakfast Club (Mon-Thur), and we are going back to school on Wednesday, so...we are going to the Breakfast Club on the day back to school in Week 5.

You know what I mean?

Oh yeah, the first day of Winter. This week, I have had the coldest nights in the entire year (yet), and only Wednesday was the best sleep because I slept properly at the right time, I covered myself properly, but only one problem ruined dad. He was knocking on the door for about an hour, and only at 1:05AM, I finally noticed.

Well, those are my weeks, what was yours?