Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Holiday Description.

Dear Taylor,

On the holidays, things happened to me and it was amazing. The things I did in the holidays was watch television, celebrate my Nanas 62nd birthday, and get a new haircut.

Now, I want to talk about the shows I have watched. First, on the Good Friday I watched ENIGMA. It’s in capital letters because it stands for, Egg, Needle, Ice-Cream, Goose, Moose, and Apple Juice. Another thing I watched was the Kiwis vs Kangaroos game. I watched some of it but I don’t know who won the game.

After and before those days, it was my Nana's birthday. On that day, we ate donuts with sprinkles, had a BBQ, and ate a lot of food. Also, we sang the birthday song for my Nana.

Next, a few days after my Nana’s birthday, I decided to have a haircut. I had to wait until my mum finished her shopping. After, when my mum was home, we went to the barber shop in Glen Innes. While we were there, the Barber asked me if I wanted it short or a little short. I said yes and the Barber started cutting my hair. After, she showed my the back of my hair and the front and it looked great.

By Willy