Thursday, 16 November 2017

Rua Kenana: Prominent 20th Century Maori Leader

Once more, another school-related piece. Earlier in the year for my History class I completed an assignment that included research into a prominent 20th Century maori leader. This research was to then be put into a presentation to show our understanding of our research. Out of the choices of Maori leaders, I picked Rua Kenana, a maori prophet who lived from the 1860s until the mid-1930s, was for separatism and established a community in the Te Urewera region.

Below is the presentation showing the information I gathered through the research process. I've gotta say this before you read on, I read this NZ Herald article a month ago or so about how Rua Kenana's arrest was "unjustified" and that he would be pardoned by the Crown a century on from the arrest that left two maori men shot dead and a couple of officers injured.

That's just a heads up before reading the presentation - I would think that Rua Kenana did what he could, even if it was illegal, for his people. To view my speaker notes press S when viewing the presentation. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Social Studies - Jim Keady ✓s Nike

I made the 'v' a tick sign. Clever, huh? No? Well it was worth a try.

Here's another Social Studies piece from earlier in the year when 10E (my core class) focused on a documentary showing Jim Keady exposing Nike's treatment of workers in Indonesia...

In 2011, well-known shoe company Nike was exposed by Jim Keady about how they conducted and carried out child labour - illegally employing children to make their shoe brands, and making them work in terrible conditions, and paying them well below the minimum wage. Jim Keady set out with a camera crew to Tangerang, Indonesia to visit a Nike factory where young children and other people worked making Nike brand shoes for a low wage.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Reading Response - Dear Jo

Hi. This is one of my better reading responses that I completed earlier in the year for English. This is the first of a few posts that are school-related. I'm not gonna jinx myself again (about whether or not I'll blog consistently) and will only focus on the now.

Title: Dear Jo
Author: Christina Kilbourne
Text type: Novel

Summary: This story is set in America and is based around a teenage girl named Max. She and her best friend Leah used to chat with this guy online. Leah meets this guy in person, and she disappears. Her body is found a few months later. Max along with many other people are saddened by the news. Under police supervision, Max chats with the boy that is suspected in Leah’s death, and plans to meet up with him. During the setup, the police intervene and arrest the guy (who turns out to be a grown man). Finally, Max is relieved.

Monday, 13 November 2017

English - Research Report: What is NZ's Teen Suicide Trigger?

Hello, again! This is my research report I handed in for English earlier in the year. I've used that phrase a bit, haven't I? Earlier in the year...

I should just point out that the

Hypothesis: New Zealand’s high teen suicide rate is mainly due to family problems in the home.

Key Questions:
  • What are the causes of teen suicide inside the home?
  • What are the causes of teen suicide outside the home?

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Tricks and Treats of Halloween

Forgot to post this on Halloween. I was busy. This is a piece from 2013.

On the day of Halloween, I came back from school. Skies were filled with blue, not a cloud in view. I was looking outside, no one on the roads. The wind was blowing nicely, like it was hitting me in the face. Realizing my mistake, we had no lollies, it was a little bad, because now trick or treaters now walk on the land. I’ve eaten all the lollies, that was a mistake, so we had to go out, the little hearts we could break.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Exams Week

Hi, blog.

This week was exams week so I wasn't able to post much. You know, studying and getting ready. The Year 10 exams are done, there's a Science external next Wednesday and History external the Friday after next week. From tomorrow I'll start posting some schoolwork from earlier this year, plus some Today I Learned posts I didn't post in time from last week.